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LED Light for Trade Show and Quick Fabric Pop Up Displays

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LED Light for Trade Show and Quick Fabric Pop Up Displays

LED display light for Pop Up Trade Show Displays and Quick Fabric Pop Up Displays.12V DC, 10’ power cord with an on/off switch. Available in silver or black.

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Not sure your message or display is getting enough attention or is not being seen in the best light? TRT Banners’ LED Trade Show Display Light is a bright idea to add to your Pop Up Trade Show Displays and Quick Fabric Pop Up Banners. LED display lights are the best lighting options for trade show and often the only style of lights approved by most convention centers and other venues. This LED display light has a 20’ long neck, is a lightweight 2lbs, has an adjustable lamp head and the bracket hooks onto crossbars of the Quick Fabric and Trade Show Pop Up Display frames.  This LED trade show light has a convenient 10’ power cord length, an on/off toggle switch, and has an output of 12V DC. You can choose the aluminum hardware neck and lamp head in colors of black or silver to blend in or match your display as needed. LED run cooler and efficiently, which is why they’re the most commonly approved trade show lighting by venues and the best option for your display lighting needs. LED trade show booth and display lights give you the power to reach more trade show or event attendees and turn them into customer by making sure your message is as bright, noticeable and impactful as it can be, without any additional hassle or major costs.

Features and Benefits:

  • LED trade show light for Pop Up Trade Show Displays and Quick Fabric Pop Up Banners
  • Fits any size or model of either display
  • Bracket clips over crossbars of the frame
  • Aluminum hardware neck is 20’ long to extend over the back of displays
  • Adjustable lamp head
  • Lightweight aluminum hardware
  • Choose silver or black hardware
  • Power cord is 10’ long and includes an on/off toggle switch for convenience
  • 12V DC output
  • LED lights run cooler, last longer and are most approved trade show lighting options by venues
  • Best front lighting trade show option to enhance visibility and appeal of your display’s graphics

Benefits of Trade Show Display Lighting

So, you’re using a Pop Up Trade Show Display or Quick Fabric Pop Up Banner at your next trade show or event. Great choice! Your business is going to look great. Maybe you are the best graphic designer of all time (or somebody on your team is), so you don’t need trade show lighting because your graphics are just going to be that good. That’s awesome. How many cases do you need to store all those awards?

Let’s just assume your graphic design skills are really good, but they don’t blow everyone at the trade show away so easily that you don’t need a little extra help making your display stand out. That little bit of extra help can go a long way.

Trade show lighting gives you these benefits, at a minimum:

  • Attract new customers (this should be obvious)
  • Highlight your logo, which you want to be easily recognizable and memorable
  • Improve brand awareness and recognition
  • Brings attention and clarity to what you and your companies does
  • Focus attendee’s attention on specific areas of your display and graphics or message
  • Enhance the atmosphere, visibility and quality of your booth or event space

These are all really important goals that should be on some sort of checklist for success if you’re promoting your company at a trade show or conference. Trade show lighting can help you accomplish all those things. Attachable LED display lights like this are easy to use, not to mention affordable.

Hopefully now you understand that trade show lighting is practical, affordable and can be simple to set up. So what kind of lighting is best for trade show displays and booths?

LED lights.

Benefits of LED Trade Show Lights

The most important thing when you’re getting all your materials ordered for a trade show display is knowing what the convention center or venue does or doesn’t allow. Other types of trade show lights may be approved by a venue on a case by case basis, but almost every venue approves, or only allows LED lights. Don’t waste time and money bringing a light that you’re not even allowed to use.

There are other benefits of LED lights as well.

  • Appear brighter and clearer
  • Run at a cooler temperature when in use compared to Halogen lights
  • More energy efficient and last longer
  • Have no negative impact on your graphics or display material

Trade show lighting has a lot of benefits and can be used to accomplish several things. There are also a lot of types of trade show lighting techniques and ideas.

Front lighting: The LED Trade Show and Quick Fabric Pop Up Display Light is one example of front lighting, as the LED lights illuminate your graphics from in front of the display.

Spotlighting: This can be done using front lighting, but you pick specific spots, areas and graphics of your display or booth to highlight. You can use downward facing lighting options to do this, but upward facing lights that sit below your display are a very common and effective way to spotlight your graphics.

Hanging lights: While they don’t specifically highlight parts of any single display, they are decorative and give your booth a unique look that can be attractive.

Backlighting: Backlighting your display requires lights that sit inside of or behind your graphics and display. There are also specific materials that make this style of trading show lighting look its best, which is called backlit fabric. Backlit Lightboxes are a good example of backlit trade show graphics and displays.

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