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Custom Printed Door Hangers

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Custom Printed Door Hangers

Custom printed 3.5”W x 8.5”H PVC door hanging signs. Multiple quantities available. 48-hour turnaround after digital proof of artwork has been approved.

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Weight: 3.00LBS

Availability: 48 Hour Turnaround After Proof Approval During Business Days.

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48 Hour Turnaround, No Rush Charges!

If you don’t want to rely on email campaign open rates, response rates and high cost for a return on your investment, Custom Printed Door Hangers are a no-brainer marketing option if you’re promoting your business and managing a budget. Whether it’s a front door to a home, apartment or a business, people approach door handles to buildings and houses multiple times a day. Custom Printed Door Hangers give you the ability to put any message right in front of people opening doors, opening the door to increase your business or awareness about an event or campaign without having to spend big time dollars to do it. UV graphic are printed and cured on durable PVC door hanging signs that measure 3.5”W x 8.5”H. Submit a custom design, choose a quantity that fits your budget and needs, and let us print it for you on the door hanger. Hang them on doors to reach your audience and watch your sales, response rate and awareness improve easily! We can even get them to you quick with a 48-hour turnaround on production after you approve your digital artwork proof.

Features and Benefits:

  • Affordable, easy to use customized door hanging signs
  • UV printed graphics on durable PVC material
  • Total hanging sign measures 3.5”W x 8.5”H
  • Great for direct mail campaigns, guerilla marketing campaigns, small business marketing, weddings and hotels
  • Multiple quantity options available to fit your needs and budget
  • Easy way to get any message or advertisement directly in front of people
  • 48-hour turnaround on production after you approve the digital proof of your artwork
  • Helpful, affordable graphic design services available to perfect your design

How Custom Door Hangers Are Made

When you order from TRT Banners, you’re ordering from experts in printing, production and quality Customer Service Representatives. We handle orders both big and small and every part of your order is carried out accurately to ever last, finite detail. That order includes your graphics, to being custom cut, inspected and shipped.

Custom Door Hangers are printed on our .030 PVC direct material. What that material means isn’t important to you. What matters to you is that PVC direct is a durable and features UV printed graphics.

Special inks and UV lighting are used to cure graphics quickly onto the PVC direct material to lock the print on the material for better clarity and make it fade resistant so it will look great as it sits in sunlight outdoors or through other weather, even though the goal of Custom Door Hangers is to get picked up from door handles and responded to quickly.

Using Custom Door Hangers

An important note about Door Hangers as a marketing tool is that you should be clear of violating any ‘no solicitation’ signs at homes and on buildings. Generally, that notification includes knocking on doors and ringing door bells. To avoid this, simply leave the door hanger on the handle only.

Customized Door Hangers Are Cost Efficient

If you’re willing to roll up your sleeves and put on some comfortable walking shoes, Customized Door Hangers can be effective for your small business.

The cost of ordering multiple quantities of Custom Door Hangers can often be much more affordable than other ways to promote your business such as printed mail marketing and even email marketing campaigns. Simply submit your design, have your door hangers printed and get to work on hanging them from doors to reach your audience.

Marketing Campaign Response Rate

To keep math simple, if you place 100 Custom Door Hangers around a neighborhood and 10 people respond by calling your business or going to your website, you’ve got a 10% response rate. That is a strong response rate on an advertising campaign, especially one that didn’t cost you a lot!

Other marketing campaigns can absolutely increase the amount of people you’re going to reach. But that will also likely cost you more, which means the cost of a higher response rate and ultimately the return on your investment, will be costlier in the long run.

You’re able to choose a quantity of Custom Door Hangers that’s a fit for your business, whatever you’re marketing and that’s going to fit your budget. You also must consider how much canvassing you and your employees will be able to do by putting these on doors.

Custom Door Hangers are impossible to not be noticed because people open their everyday doors and they’re not going to let them sit on their door handles. Thanks for the lost cost of this option, you won’t require a large return on your investment to make it pay off for your business!

Custom Door Hanger Uses

The uses for Customized Door Hangers are endless. They’re effective and can promote anything and make sharing any type of message simple and memorable.

Custom Door Hangers for Business Marketing: Local restaurants with new deals, coupons, and grand openings can use Custom Door Hangers for easy and affordable promotions. Door hangers are also popular for landscaping services as well.

Local political campaigns and ballot issues: Want to let people know about your candidacy or increase awareness about a local ballot issue? Custom Door Hangers are effective at increasing awareness, especially in a local setting around neighborhoods.

Fundraisers: Youth sports teams, high school sports teams and organizations rely on fundraising to pay for equipment, trips and other things. Make it easy to spread the word about the fundraiser with a customized door hanger.

Weddings: Is your wedding party occupying a hotel for the big day or pre-wedding festivities? Custom hotel door hangers are cool, affordable and memorable gifts for your wedding party to hang on the doors of the hotel doors or event center to let everyone know where the party is at and that you’ve arrived. As a bonus, these are also easy to put into a scrapbook for preserving the memories!

Promotional Door Hangers: Custom door hangers also make great trade show giveaways because they’re decorative, eye-catching and can be useful at out of town conventions. The memorable design will stick with anyone who takes one, which is always the goal of any trade show promo.

Important Marketing Information

No matter your use for Custom Door Hangers, the most important thing that’s going to improve their effectiveness is the call to action in your graphics. If you’re planning on using a customized door hanger to grow your business, make sure you tell them to call you (and how), go to a website or have an offer, code or coupon to use.

The same goes for bringing awareness to local government candidacy or about an issue and fundraisers as well. Tell your audience what to do with your Door Hanger when they see it.

Be sure to checkout other cool, effective custom printed marketing options like Custom Printed Magnets.

Don’t see a quantity of Custom Door Hangers listed that you’re interested in? Email [email protected] to ask for more information about door hangers or any other products you’re interested in!

Additional Information

Availability Text 48 Hour Turnaround After Proof Approval During Business Days.
Package Contents Purchase Includes: Your choice of 50, 75, 100, 250, 500 quantities of custom door hangers