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Tips for Edible Trade Show Giveaways


Finding the perfect trade show giveaway items are tough. You want them to be unique, memorable, properly branded and you want them at an affordable cost. Have you ever considered edible as a trait you’d like your giveaways to be?

We don’t mean giving away food, but actually edible giveaway items.

Some companies have tied to make their advertisements edible.

Volkswagen ran a magazine ad they said you could eat. It was made of glutinous rice flour, water, salt, propylene glycol, FD&C color and glycerine.  JetBlue used an edible paper ad by trying to make a paper page that tastes like a potato chip to help promote their all you can eat snacks on flights.

Those don’t sound extremely appetizing but the Videri Chocolate Factory used chocolate posters which seems like a much better idea because sticks to their brand pretty well and that’s an important point.

Edible trade show giveaways can be a good idea but, you probably want to steer clear of paper ads like the previous two that aren’t really edible. If you’re going to do a trade show food giveaway, might sure it’s truly edible and is going to taste good. Giving away something like flavored paper will leave a bad taste in attendee’s mouth about your company, literally and figuratively.

Don’t turn business cards into something edible and beware of custom branded wrapped food. Plastic water bottles or wrapped candy or snacks with your company’s logo all over it can be pretty interesting, but remember that those eventually get thrown away and the shelf life of their impact may be short.

Putting your logo on M&Ms or Skittles might be a little smarter, but so is giving them away in a tin or reusable container that has your logo on it.

There are some interesting ways you can go with personalized edible items as giveaways. For a hardware or home improvement company exciting at a trade show, there’s a company that makes molded chocolate in the shape of tools.

It’s important to follow some general key practices with edible trade show giveaways.

  1. Stay on Brand: Like the molded chocolate in the shape of tools, if you go this route, make sure it fits in with your company and industry or who you are trying to sell your product to.
  2. Food Allergies: Be mindful of edible’s that might contain products that people with food allergies might be sensitive too, therefore limiting potential interested attendees.
  3. Know Your Audience: This goes with staying on brand, but keep in mind the kind of attendees at a show you’re looking to attract to your booth and consider foods or items that will likely appeal to them.
  4. Make it Travel Friendly: Attendees are likely on the go and in a hurry at trade shows, so anything you give away that’s food related should be able to consume on the run.