How Graphics Can Help With Attendee Engagement at Your Next Trade Show


The purpose of exhibiting at a trade show is to improve your company’s brand recognition and hopefully turn some attendees into future clients. Whatever your trade show goals may be, you must always have a success strategy that details how you are going to achieve them.

You cannot accomplish those goals without being able to effectively engage with attendees. The hardest part is often attracting that interest before you miss your short window to capture their attention and your trade show displays play a huge role in capturing their attention.

There are a few, simple trade show booth design tips that can enhance your engagement with attendees.

Make It Easy
Your window to grab an attendee’s attention is short, especially if it’s a particularly crowded, loud floor. There’s a lot for attendees to see and do and if there are conference sessions going on outside of the trade show floor, your time is even more limited. Make it easy for attendees to figure out what your company does and what it’s about. Design graphics to be clear and easy to see or read with a concise message and a balanced amount of white space on your displays to keep the focus on the text and color of the graphics on your displays. Attendees walking around your booth should be able to look at your booth and have a good idea of what the company does just by looking at your displays. This is also extremely helpful if your staff is busy with other attendees, others are not just standing around wondering what the company does if they are waiting to talk to someone.


Play the Matching Game
The message that your trade show signage promotes should be consistent. There are always specific reasons and goals your business should have for exhibiting at a trade show. Your trade show display graphics should reflect a message that is going to help you reach your goals for the show. Any text, images or graphics on your displays should be centered on the idea of how it best reflects your company’s message and how it will help reach those goals. All graphics for any trade show displays should be designed with your message and goals in mind from the start.

Give Them What They Want
Any good and smart company does a fair amount of research and data collection before exhibiting at a trade show. A lot should go into your company’s decision to exhibit at a trade show and making sure you are exhibiting at the right shows. When designing your trade show graphics, you should already have an idea for what kind of audience you will have at a trade show and what they want from you. If you are exhibiting at trade shows that are attended by your target market, you should already have data and research on that target market and then tailor your trade show graphics and message to that market so that you give your company the best chance to effectively reach them and engage with them.