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Different Ways to Engage Attendees at Trade Shows


Brand awareness is always a top goal to think about and work towards as well as making a short term and long term impact. Even if there are certain things you can’t tangibly measure, here are a few easy and unique ways to make an impact even long after the show is over and it doesn’t result in a lead right away.

Video or Informational Demo for Busy Moments
At some point during the show, your booth and all of your staff will (hopefully) be busy and completely occupied with more attendees than they can handle. When your booth draws that sort of crowd, there’s a good chance more will follow to see what the buzz is about. Utilizing technology with an informational video about your company or products or a demo can help you reach attendees or keep them interested while there might be a line.

Know the Show
You should know what kind of attendees are coming to the show, what their industry is and what they’re likely to be looking for. You will likely always keep track of what competitors will be exhibiting at the show, but don’t stop at competitors. Learn about the other companies at the show that aren’t your competitors. There’s a chance that you may be speaking with an attendee who is looking for a specific service or product that you may not offer. You might just find that sending an attendee in a direction of a company who does offer the service or product that you don’t and that isn’t a competitor, pays off down the road. That same attendee might decide one day down the road they need your company’s services and they might remember their interaction with you and recommending them to what they were looking for at a trade show.

Make It Memorable
Another way to help entertain guests while your booth and staffers are busy is to keep them engaged at your booth. Make sure your sell sheets and other literature is organized and visible. Additionally, always have your giveaways and branded swag well stocked and visible.  If you have room in your booth, a good way to keep attendees attention during busier times is to include a game. Come up with trade show booth activity idea or use trade show booth games to attract customers. It could be a prize wheel for your swag or a free demo or get more creative to try to fit a game in with the theme of your company or that fits the message you’re trying to share with attendees. If the game is fun and interesting, it may wind up attracting even more attendees.

Engage With Attendees
Your company automatically has plenty in common with every attendee at a trade show if you’re exhibiting there. That alone should give you plenty of trade show conversation starters. Obviously you want to speak with many attendees and talk about your company and what it offers, but if your staff has the time, engaging attendees in conversation about the show and their company has several benefits. You also obviously want to determine if they have a need for what your company provides, but even if it doesn’t, that doesn’t mean they won’t in the future. Chances are, someone attending a trade show your company is exhibiting at, that there is some industry crossover. So there’s always the possibility they could wind up needing something your company provides at some point down the road. A conversation with them about their company, the show or the industry as a whole may resonate as you’re looking to engage with them without pushing product or looking to sell something. They may need your company’s services down the road and there’s always the chance they’ll remember your company from that interaction.

There are several ways to make a long lasting impact at trade shows and it’s possible all of them aren’t measureable. So always consider the long term when discussing your goals and plans for exhibiting at a trade show.

5 Sizzling Summer Trade Shows


While some industries are taking a break for family vacations and reunions, there are still plenty of big name trade shows set for summer 2017.

E3 Expo: The Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3) is the largest videogame entertainment software show in the world. It takes place at the Los Angeles Convention Center June 13-15. There are tons of major product releases and announcements and new technologies. Software developers, buyers, retailer, programmers, industry reps and fans all attend. Major exhibitors include: Activision, Alienware, Facebook, Microsoft, Nintendo, Sony and every major gaming related company you can think of.

Comic Con International: Comic-Con is the most well-known show for fans of science fiction and pop culture and has been for years. Comic-Con International is at the San Diego Convention Center from July 20-23 and features pilot screenings, all-access programs, and exhibitors like Campcom, Cartoon Network, Disney and Mattel. Special guests are all around too like artist Arthur Adams, Jim Lee, and author RL Stine.

JCK Las Vegas: This is the jewelry industry’s leading annual trade event that brings in over 30,000 people for education and networking. Over 23,000 retailers and 2, 3000 exhibitors around the globe head to Las Vegas’ Mandalay Bay Resort June 5-8 including exhibitors like: APMEX, Le Vian, and S&A Jewelery Design.

International Woodworking Fair: July 19-22, 15,000+ attendees and exhibitors head to North America’s Largest Woodworking Show at the Las Vegas Convention Center.  New products are launched; there are seminars for every sector of the woodworking industry as well as interactive exhibits. Exhibitors on hand include Popular Machinery & Tools, Inc., Sherwin Williams, and Valspar.

IRCE: The Internet Retailer Conference and Exhibition runs June 6-9 at McCormick Place West in Chicago with featured speakers from well-known brands such as Sephora, Shark Tank and Under Armor. It’s the biggest show exploring the ever evolving E-Commerce industry with unrivaled content and solutions with industry peers. 250,000 square feet of space covered with technology and solution providers to help drive online strategies, marketing, fulfillment and other retail technologies. Exhibitors include Amazon Business, Bronto, IBM and MailChimp.


The Psychology of Successful Trade Show Booths


Are you a trade show exhibitor looking for a high-impact, low-cost way to improve your success at trade shows? Trade show booth psychology, specifically colors and booth setup are completely controllable assets that can significantly impact your trade show success, positively or negatively. It often gets overlooked and it doesn’t have to cost you extra money.

Layout: One of the easiest things any exhibitor can control. If you’ve ever watched any of the home remodeling or flipping shows that are wildly popular, the one phrase you constantly hear the interior designers repeat is “open concept.” Why? The “open concept” is inviting and gives people a reason to come in and have space to walk around and feel comfortable. That’s what you should want attendees thinking when they come to your booth. They feel welcome to come check it out and look around at what you have to offer.

Ditch the table: What better way to create an open or welcome environment at your booth than having no barriers to entry. You or your staff standing behind a table talking to an attendee puts a physical and implied barrier. If you want to come off as a company that’s accessible and customer service friendly, ditch the barrier. Even if this seems a little progressive, try it at one or two shows if you can and measure if there is any difference.

Carpet or flooring color: Believe it or not, the wrong color flooring around your booth could cause people to stay away. Harsh, negative color associations can put up a psychological barrier to your booth as well. Easy to look at, soft and inviting colors will do wonders.

Light it up: When designing trade show exhibits, don’t forget lighting accessories. This is an easy, yet overlooked idea when thinking about trade show booth psychology. Well-lit displays get noticed and are easier to read. Plus they show off the awesome graphic design work!

Send people other than sales reps: This might not directly apply to typical trade show booth psychology, but sales reps for your company usually have a different mindset. Customer service reps should know the products and service tier levels as well as your sales reps and might even be more in tune with what customers want from them. Customer service reps hear the compliments and complaints about each individual piece of your company so they can sell the positives and ease the pain points.

Graphics: As a rule of thumb your trade show exhibit design should have roughly 40% empty space. Trade show attendees see hundreds if not more booths each day at shows. Overwhelming them with too much text or too many images is not a good idea.

Font: You think your unique font will make your trade show booth stand out from others. It might, but not the way you think. Stick with simple font designs. People might be talking about your booth as they walk away but it will be in phrases like “That was hard to read.”

Consider color psychology: This is a bit trickier because when it comes to colors, you want to stay on brand as much as possible. Working in certain colors where possible can be effective.

  • Blue evokes trust (think Twitter’s verification checkmark)
  • Colors can have an industry association (white/blue make people think winter – perfect if you’re selling winter coats/apparel)
  • Yellow is a mood elevator – it can have a positive effect, just don’t overuse it
  • Black is seen as a powerful color – it’s also very easy to accent
  • Many restaurants use red and yellow to evoke excitement – just like the winter example, food industry exhibitors can tap into this color for success

Affordable Banners for Graduation Parties

Between May and June, college graduates will have earned their degrees and high school graduates are walking across the stage to take that next step. That also means it’s time to celebrate these accomplishments before they move onto their full-time career or head off to college.

Planning graduation parties can be quite stressful between deciding on a venue or preparing your own house to be one, estimating guests and how much food will be enough. You want it to be special, which means decorating is important.  There are many creative, easy and affordable ways to decorate for a graduation party and make it unique.

Showcase who you are celebrating

Whether it’s indoors, outdoors, at a public venue or in your yard, you can identify where it’s at and who it’s for with a vinyl banner that includes a personalized graduation message and their graduating year. They’re easy to hang from pavilions, fences, posts and tents thanks to aluminum grommets that are added to each banner.  Hopefully it doesn’t rain during your graduation party if it’s an outdoor venue, but if it does, vinyl banners are made and printed to hold up in mild outdoor weather.

Cover yourself and your party

If the party is outdoors, weather is a factor in some form. Whether it rains or is hot, you’ll want to put the food or tables under some sort of cover. Canopy tents can give coverage to your food and keep your drinks in the shade. The canopy can even be custom printed if you want a special message on it.

Where’s the party at?

Family from all over the area and maybe even out of state might be in for your graduate’s party. At a public park, rec center, indoors or outdoors or even at your house, make it easy for guests to find where they’re supposed to be. Yard signs are extremely affordable and can be placed in the yard outside of the indoor venue, at the top of the street of your house, outdoor venue or right in your front yard with your grads name saying the party is here.

The main attraction

Graduation parties are often a time of reflection. People reminisce about memories and how fast time has gone now that your graduate is ready for the world or college. This usually includes showing off old pictures and portraits of your grad with a collage at a table. Decorate this table with a table throw. You can also have them custom printed to commemorate the occasion.

A unique way to display nostalgic pictures and professional portraits of your graduate is with table top displays on the table with the custom throw. It’s a special table that’s a customized celebration point at the party.

Photo op

Grandparents, out of town relatives and friends are all going to want pictures with the graduate. Instead of a boring wall, your house or other attendees in the backgrounds of these photos, you can create memorable graduation party photos by using retractable backdrops that have adjustable framing, can feature the graduate’s name, year and a special saying or message to commemorate the occasion.

Take the moment with you

Creative banner decorations to celebrate a graduation don’t have to be relegated to just the party. If you have a great senior portrait or photo from graduation day that you want to remember and show off in a special way, do it with removable custom wall decor. It’s unique way to display those photos. They’re different (possibly larger and cheaper) than a normal framed photo. You can hang them on your wall at home or even at work, if you don’t have room on your desk because you don’t want to take all of the other pictures of them off of it. They’re completely removable without peeling, ripping or damaging the walls they are attached too.

Make your graduate’s party a special one without the stress of how you’re going to decorate. Order from TRT Banners and can focus on guests, food and other arrangements as much as you need because TRT Banners has a 48-buisness hour turnaround after customer proof approval on products. Contact our helpful account executives today!

RNC Cleveland: Advertising for Beachfront and Waterpark Resorts

When the Republican National Convention comes to Cleveland in July, many people from all over the country will be packing into hotels and entertainment venues around the city. While a major influx of potential business from out of town visitors is an exciting prospect, it does make for very crowded venues.

Visitors coming in for the RNC or anyone visiting a city for a national event are unlikely to be able to avoid such large crowds throughout the business day. After the work is done and it’s time to unwind, getting away from the stress and high volume of people may be a priority for those in from out of town for the convention or any event. Suburbs and other cities not directly within the limits of host cities of the RNC and other major events have plenty to offer to these travelers in the way of entertainment and serenity.

The RNC is right in the middle of July in Cleveland and the Lake Erie Shores and Islands have been focusing on these visitors for over a year. What’s a better way to de-stress after working at a big event and more perfect for the month of July than fun in the water and on the beach?

Larry Fletcher, the executive director of Lake Erie Shores and Islands told NBC24 in Port Clinton, Ohio that the California delegation in for the RNC is staying at Kalahari, a water park resort and hotel. Lake Erie Shores & Islands lodging and other leisure stops including Kalahari are all well away from Cleveland yet close enough to make the short drive in before, during and after the convention.

How can venues like water parks, beaches and relaxing resorts that aren’t directly involved with or right in the cities where major events are being held, draw in some of those visitors looking to find entertainment away from the crowd near the convention? Here are a few tips that might help.

Give them a visual:  They say a picture is worth a thousand words, right? You can describe over and over again how great your resort or beach is to visit. Enticing visuals will say more than one word ever can.  No matter where you are, it’s going to be hot in July and relaxing in or near the water after a long day or week at a convention sounds great. Pictures of an ice cold drink on the beach or people enjoying a swim or water activity on a high quality banner can paint a relaxing picture. These visuals can be printed and showcased perfectly on an Outdoor Retractable Banner Stand with two full color custom printed vinyl banners.

Selling points: In addition to giving potential visitors a visual that suggests relaxation, why should people choose your venue for after convention or business entertainment? Highlight your selling points like drink and dinner specials, meeting or conference room space to conduct business at your resort instead of the crowded convention area. Highlight beach access, beach equipment rentals and other excursions. Deluxe A-Frame Sidewalk Signs feature two PVC posters printed using UV printing technologies that can effectively promote all the major selling points that come with visiting your resort.

Direct them: Where is the best spot on the beach? Where can they dine and drink with a great view of the waterfront? Where can they rent a jet ski or lounge chairs? Banner Flags are large displays made for the outdoors and can easily be used as directional markers to places people are looking for at your resort.

Special offers: If you know a large event is being held that’s going to bring in a lot of out of town visitors for a few days, give them a reason to visit your beach spot or waterpark. Create special offers for those in town for the convention or event. Promote it on your website and especially all over social media. Spend some time in the city where the event is being held and hand out flyers or brochures and be sure to have a Brochure Holder with you. Hang Vinyl Banners from your building front and in your lobbies welcoming any guests in town for the big event or convention and promote your special offer on those as well.

Whether you’re looking to promote your business during the RNC or events and conventions of any size, be sure to order from TRT Banners for affordable advertising signage options as well as high quality products and a 48-hour turnaround after customer proof approval on orders.


Advertising Opportunities at Baseball Fields

As most of the country thaws out from the winter, outdoor activities are going to start drawing more and more interest. Nothing says warmer weather like the return of baseball season. College and pro teams are already playing in warm weather states. Soon it will be baseball season all over the country from big league parks to local youth leagues. Whether it’s a few thousand attending a game at a minor league stadium or parents at their kids little league games, it’s a great time and opportunity to start advertising outdoors.Little League Evironment

An affordable way to give your business a summer boost is by sponsoring a little league team, which can give you the benefit of having an outdoor vinyl banner hung from outfield fences. Having your company affiliated with a local little league and prominently displayed at games is sure to create good sentiment about your brand. Your company could profit from the small investment because little league families might be more likely to patronize league sponsors businesses.  There’s plenty of space on outfield fences all over youth league fields for banners of any size.

The official Little League World Series in Williamsport, Pennsylvania attracts over 400,000 people each year. Statistics from this 2013 Sports Business Journal piece show that there’s an important audience to reach by advertising within youth baseball.

Does your team or league have an official park or field? A great way to make it feel like home is displaying the league’s or team logo on an outdoor poster stand. This is also a great way to thank any sponsors by including their logos on the poster stand.

Weather is always a factor when advertising outdoors. A mesh banner that’s made to help cut down the impact of wind is a good fit for a minor league team looking to drum up interest for the next big promotional night.

One great way to raise money for baseball leagues and teams, whether it’s to keep equipment costs down or help with travel, is selling concessions and team merchandise. You can put your team or league logo on a custom printed canopy tent and give yourself some cover when selling food and gear from unpredictable spring or summer weather.

If spring is coming, that also means finals for college students. A sidewalk sign promoting your college team’s next home game might convince students to take a well-deserved study break while taking advantage of some warm weather at the game.

TRT Banners has affordable options on all kinds of indoor and outdoor advertising displays.

Branding Your Trade Show Booth Like Your Website

Technology_money_istockOne of the biggest obstacles that a marketer encounters early on in the trade show preparation process is creating a convention booth that effectively represents an exhibitor’s brand. It is pertinent for a trade show booth to be reflective of its business in order to create an effective branding device and enable an audience to instantly recognize what a company is all about on a busy expo floor. How do you create a brand-centric booth that illustrates your business’ core values when you only have a few seconds with passersby at a busy convention?

Ben Camerota, author of the article “Why You Should Think of Your Trade Show Booth Like a Website,” applies the marketing principles of a website to a trade show booth. Learn from the ways your website is able to successfully present your company to consumers and apply the same principles to your booth to create a professional display space that accurately represents your brand. Use the following tips:

Entice the Right Traffic: Online traffic is often divided into organic traffic, which is when customers find your website through an online search, and paid traffic through tools like Google Adwords. Traffic is measured in certain metrics such as keywords searched or a consumer’s location. Attracting the right traffic at trade shows is as important as online efforts. Camerota notes that researching your active customer base before the start of the convention and figuring out which shows they will be at can help you effectively plan your brand’s convention season. Whether your target audience will be at a show you are already exhibiting at or an adjacent show in a related industry, choosing the appropriate expos based on where your customers will be is necessary for attracting your desired audience at your booth.

Broadcast a Clear Message: Just like on a professional website, you have seconds at a trade show to show or tell your audience who you are, what products or services you provide, and why you are superior to other businesses in your industry. Trade shows are fast-paced and offer a hectic environment for attendees with exhibitors vying for their attention. You only have a few moments to capture your audience’s attention and effectively represent what your brand is all about. Camerota advises to think of the center of your booth as a home page and feature a branded back wall display that explains your company in only a few words.550x550-Stoney-LedgeThree-Panel-Booth-on-Angle-2

Conversion Equals Success: Websites and online marketing efforts are often measured by how successfully visitors were converted to sales. At trade shows, many exhibitors often try converting leads into actual paying customers with the lure of giveaways. However, it is important to offer promotional freebies that are related to your business so you are not left with a bunch of leads that will not actually convert to sales. Instead of simple electronic devices, provide free webinars or white papers to expo visitors. You may have a smaller collection of leads at the end of the convention, but once you follow up on these contacts they will be more likely to engage in relevant conversation about your brand. You will be left with more quality leads because your contacts were more interested in your business and not just a free iPad when they visited your booth.

Keyboard_istockTo be successful at clearly branding your trade show booth, invest in vibrant and clear printed signage. Browse to view our complete product offerings that include booth backdrops, table top displays and throws, retractable banner stands and much more!

Sidewalk Sales and Signage

The retail industry is continually one step ahead of the season, so it may come as no surprise that in a few short weeks stores will be shifting from their winter to spring gear. Though winter will not be shaken for at least a couple more months, department stores will jumpstart the change of the seasons by displaying spring clothes like shorts and t-shirts well before it is suitable to wear them outside. Winter coats and scarfs will be replaced by tank tops and flip flops soon and sidewalk sales will be held to sell the final merchandise of the winter season. Make sure your sidewalk sale is a success with effective printed signage and promotional material marketing the limited-time discounts and specials!

Displaying your marketing message outdoors requires heavy-duty signage that will not succumb to the wear and tear of outside weather conditions. Printed signage produced with waterproof solvent inks allows your graphics to be seen without running the risk of the inks running or fading when exposed to rain or direct sunlight. This enables you to promote your sidewalk sale directly in front of your business or entranceway to attract a larger crowd. Sturdy display frames made of materials like resistant plastic and aluminum can easily showcase your printed banner without falling or becoming damaged when in the path of moderate winds. Flags that are printed with a dye sublimation process, which incorporates a heat press into the printing system so the inks become a part of the fibers of the fabric, are also long-lasting outside advertising displays that your boutique or shoe store can use year after year.

550x550-clearance-Mock-Vinyl-BannerWhether you are promoting your “Buy 1, Get 1 Free” or “1/2 Off” sale to get rid of the last of the winter apparel in your retail store, printed signage is a must-have tool to effectively spread awareness about your incredible discounted offers. Outdoor mesh or vinyl banners can be hung directly on the outside of your storefront or near a busy intersection to let the public know of your massive price cuts. A vinyl banner, which is an extremely cost-effective way to market your promotion, is usually hung with rope or hooks and connected to an existing structure. Sidewalk signs and A-Frame poster stands can showcase your discounted prices directly near your wares outside of your business or at the entranceway of your store in a shopping mall. A-frame banner stands are also double-sided so you can catch the attention of traffic coming and going in both directions in front of your store.

Retail banners can also be used inside of your boutique or shoe store for an upcoming sidewalk sale. Ceiling poster hangers are ideal because they are low-cost and save valuable floor space by connecting directly to a drop tile ceiling. Window hangers also attach directly to any storefront window with suction cups to market your annual sale to passersby. Broadcast your sale, as well as direct customers to specific aisles, with poster hangers showcasing which items are in each area of your store for added convenience for your patrons. Add a compact telescopic poster stand in the entranceway of your clothing department to welcome customers to your business, as well as announce what kind of specials you are running for that particular day.550x550-The-Spot-Telescopic-rev

Most portable banner stands, poster stands and outdoor displays are reusable so you can use them year after year for your clothing store’s annual spring sale. Purchase a banner replacement for your A-frame stand or ceiling poster hanger to feature new graphics on existing display hardware. If you offer the same discounts year after year, you can simply hang the same indoor/outdoor vinyl banners around your store in order to receive the most benefit out of your promotional materials.

For all of your sidewalk sale signage needs, check out TRT Banners’ wide variety of durable and economical outdoor and indoor banners and poster stands!