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7 Reasons to Buy Trade Show Packages


Buying trade show displays in bulk, like almost anything, can help you save money. While saving money is never a bad thing, you also want to make sure there are plenty of benefits to what you’re buying and not just saving money and taking a lesser return. So, in honor of the New Year, here are 7 reasons to invest in a new trade show package in 2017.

#1 – Takes out guesswork: When you buy trade shows as a package, it keeps you from having to do too much searching around to find out pieces to fit your booth, layout and finding what looks best with what.  Your core displays and layout is determined for you and all you need to worry about now are graphics for them and deciding if you need anything to accent your core displays. This really frees you up to focus on other important aspects of your exhibit.

#2 – Cost effective: Why not mention possibly the key reason. This pertains to buying in bulk. While you’re likely only getting one of each item, by buying packaged together, you save money on each individual item because you would probably spend more on each piece alone than as part of a set package. Keeping your display costs down really helps your trade show budget and gives you a better chance at a positive ROI for your trade show!

#3 – New marketing message: If things have changed with your company’s information, particularly your marketing message, you’ll need to have all of your trade show displays re-printed with this new information. Getting new printed graphics for all of these display materials can be a hassle. But when you buy a new package, you can guarantee replacing the message on each essential display.

#4 – You are at more shows than one exhibit can handle: If you’re a company that exhibits at a lot of trade shows and have just one display, it’s possible you could run into logistics issues or are going to run into inevitable wear-and-tear of your current display. Buying in a package saves you money and gives you an insurance “backup” display for when you might need to have two displays out at shows at once or the other one is in need of repairs. Then you have a whole display package ready to go at your disposal.

#5 – Need for a more portable setup: Nothing will save you more time and energy at trade shows than an easy to set up booth. If you’re off to another show or conference after one ends, having one that is easy to pack-up and transport is very important. Trade show packages come with individual pieces and carrying cases that are very user friendly.

#6 – Bigger/smaller booth: Maybe changes in your budget or approach have you renting a smaller or bigger booth space. You’ll either need to condense or add pieces to your booth. Trade show packages already measured and set for traditional sized trade show booths.

#7 – One stop, hassle free printing option: Buying trade show display materials as a package makes the printing and production of them much less of a hassle for you to track and get the right artwork and graphics to. By working with one company on an entire package, there’s less to keep up with and less chance of miscommunication or errors.

8 Tips to Drive Back to School Sales

school supplies

One of the biggest shopping periods outside of the holidays is almost upon us – back to school shopping. From parents with kids just starting kindergarten to college students getting ready for their last semester, people will be tracking down back to school supplies and looking to save money while doing so. Here are 8 ways any business can help sales during this busy shopping season.

  1. Build versatile clothing displays – Back-to-school clothes tastes and needs might vary from region-to-region and different age groups. The weather from late summer to early fall can change fast, so having different displays of clothing for the warmer days of fall and the colder ones. Hoodies and other lounge wear are popular for college kids, so don’t overlook a full display for those.
  2. 2. Offer incentives – The list of items kids need for school grows each year and the price climbs. Technology is becoming a necessity for kids of all ages for learning and parents or students shopping for colleges already have tons of debt coming as well, so offering deals, discounts or other rewards like incentives to shop with you could pay off.
  3. Don’t stop sales when school starts – Students need supplies all year long. Different projects pop up throughout the year and things they buy get used and they need new supplies. Don’t forget winter clothes as well. Students and parents will be getting things for school all year long.
  4. Update signage/graphics – A new sales season is a great time for new sales signs, especially point-of-purchase areas for smaller items like headphones, gift cards, calculators, pencils, socks, etc. Update your graphics and message to push your back to school sales campaigns.
  5. Hit the ecommerce market – From 2011 to 2015, back-to-school season retail ecommerce sales rose from $31.03 million to $50.17 million. Make sure your website is user friendly, up to date and start finding ways to push customers to it for the convenience factor and the sales.
  6. Leverage social media – One way to help push people to your website is to use social media. Most back to school shoppers are on some platform. College kids are all over social media (Snapchat, Instagram, and Twitter) and it’s a great visual way to promote your products.
  7. Think outside the box – Find ways to promote products that you might not think are back to school essentials. Sure, everyone needs pencils and notebooks. But think of classroom (or dorm) cleaning products, other hygiene items and of course lunchbox foods. They’re all necessities but people don’t generally associate them with “back to school shopping.” Making them a part of your sales campaign could boost sales in those items.

Affordable Banners for Graduation Parties

Between May and June, college graduates will have earned their degrees and high school graduates are walking across the stage to take that next step. That also means it’s time to celebrate these accomplishments before they move onto their full-time career or head off to college.

Planning graduation parties can be quite stressful between deciding on a venue or preparing your own house to be one, estimating guests and how much food will be enough. You want it to be special, which means decorating is important.  There are many creative, easy and affordable ways to decorate for a graduation party and make it unique.

Showcase who you are celebrating

Whether it’s indoors, outdoors, at a public venue or in your yard, you can identify where it’s at and who it’s for with a vinyl banner that includes a personalized graduation message and their graduating year. They’re easy to hang from pavilions, fences, posts and tents thanks to aluminum grommets that are added to each banner.  Hopefully it doesn’t rain during your graduation party if it’s an outdoor venue, but if it does, vinyl banners are made and printed to hold up in mild outdoor weather.

Cover yourself and your party

If the party is outdoors, weather is a factor in some form. Whether it rains or is hot, you’ll want to put the food or tables under some sort of cover. Canopy tents can give coverage to your food and keep your drinks in the shade. The canopy can even be custom printed if you want a special message on it.

Where’s the party at?

Family from all over the area and maybe even out of state might be in for your graduate’s party. At a public park, rec center, indoors or outdoors or even at your house, make it easy for guests to find where they’re supposed to be. Yard signs are extremely affordable and can be placed in the yard outside of the indoor venue, at the top of the street of your house, outdoor venue or right in your front yard with your grads name saying the party is here.

The main attraction

Graduation parties are often a time of reflection. People reminisce about memories and how fast time has gone now that your graduate is ready for the world or college. This usually includes showing off old pictures and portraits of your grad with a collage at a table. Decorate this table with a table throw. You can also have them custom printed to commemorate the occasion.

A unique way to display nostalgic pictures and professional portraits of your graduate is with table top displays on the table with the custom throw. It’s a special table that’s a customized celebration point at the party.

Photo op

Grandparents, out of town relatives and friends are all going to want pictures with the graduate. Instead of a boring wall, your house or other attendees in the backgrounds of these photos, you can create memorable graduation party photos by using retractable backdrops that have adjustable framing, can feature the graduate’s name, year and a special saying or message to commemorate the occasion.

Take the moment with you

Creative banner decorations to celebrate a graduation don’t have to be relegated to just the party. If you have a great senior portrait or photo from graduation day that you want to remember and show off in a special way, do it with removable custom wall decor. It’s unique way to display those photos. They’re different (possibly larger and cheaper) than a normal framed photo. You can hang them on your wall at home or even at work, if you don’t have room on your desk because you don’t want to take all of the other pictures of them off of it. They’re completely removable without peeling, ripping or damaging the walls they are attached too.

Make your graduate’s party a special one without the stress of how you’re going to decorate. Order from TRT Banners and can focus on guests, food and other arrangements as much as you need because TRT Banners has a 48-buisness hour turnaround after customer proof approval on products. Contact our helpful account executives today!

Tips for a Successful Farmers Market Stand


Grocery shopping tends to be a bustling and boring activity, especially if you are like most and head to the stores on Saturday and Sunday mornings. Luckily with summer coming, there’s no better alternative to make getting groceries less of a chore and maybe help you save money than shopping at a local outdoor farmer’s market.

It’s outdoors and thus easier to navigate than crowded aisles indoors. The food is locally grown, sold and is likely fresher. These are just a few benefits to shopping at local farmers markets. There are plenty of reasons to shop at outdoor markets and here are a few tips to help make sure shoppers are stopping by your stand.

Know your audience – Know why people shop at the farmer’s markets and know about the areas you’re going to be selling to. A direct mailer with your information and what you are selling is a cheap way to get your name out here.

Connect with the communities – Another benefit of using the direct mailer is to try to connect with those in the community that might visit the farmers market. Whether it’s where you grow or where you sell, make your name known around the community.

Be social – Being social should be more than just offering free samples at your stand. Having a social media presence can help you draw more potential customers. People love to take picture of their food and some of the most viewed and liked photos on Instagram and Twitter are of food. Food with rich color is visually appealing. Whether you post photos or create a cool video about your offerings or where you’ll be, it’s an area of free advertising that you can’t afford to miss out on.

Design is key – Creating an open, visually appealing and inviting set up for your stand could be the difference in how much traffic you bring in.  The more visible your600x600-Italian-Grocery-Supply-Canopy-Tent-MOCK business and what you’re selling are, the better chance you have to draw them in.

Drawing attention to your booth from the flow of traffic can be as simple as hanging an affordable vinyl banner that’s easy to display from almost anywhere and is made for outdoor use.

Creating an inviting
outdoor store is as easy as setting up a customized canopy tent. It’s easy promotion for your business can offer you and your customers a break from the hot sun or rain as well.Alescis-Produce-Outdoor-Poster-Stand

A simple, well placed Sidewalk Sign can easily display important information about who you are, wh
at you’re selling to get people interested in finding your stand.

If you have the space or are selling at your own market, capturing attention from a distance is important. Teardrop and Feather Banners are large and visually appealing in heavy traffic.

What’s on your banners is more important than what banner you use to gain attention to your stand.

You want your company’s name on it obviously. People shopping at a farmer’s market might also want to know where you’re growing your products. It also might encourage them to come visit your home store if you have one. That also means your contact information needs to be visible. You should also include the benefits of buying at your stand and buying at local farmer’s markets that are listed above. Remind them why buying local and buying with you is better.

The biggest piece to make sure your banners are gaining attention for your stand is the visual on them. Remember that photos of food are extremely popular on twitter and Instagram? Farmer’s market displays can be extremely visually appealing with rich colored foods such as fruits and vegetables. Photos and artwork of brilliant colors of your stand or products are a huge piece of your banner.

TRT Banners custom prints all banners in-house in full color. TRT Banners uses the latest printing technologies like dye sublimation, digital and UV printing processes to create vivid color of your submitted artwork and graphics on banners. In addition to high-quality printing, TRT Banners also has an in-house graphic design team that you can utilize for a low cost to help make sure your banners feature high quality artwork and graphics.

You will also find the lowest prices on banners and all products at TRT Banners to help you advertise your market affordably.

Order from TRT Banners to help make your outdoor market or stand a success this year!

Creative Advertising On A Budget for Landscapers


Owning or working independently in the landscaping industry has become a more profitable option over the last few years. According to Forbes, profitability in the landscaping industry was up 50% in 2013.

Whether you own a business or are providing services as a secondary job to make extra money, the landscaping industry offers you a good chance to turn a profit right now.

With the increased profitability, how can you break through and create demand to take advantage of potential profits?

If you are working independently or own a small business, keeping those profits up while trying to create demand or increase visibility for your services means you will need to be creative in how you advertise and with your budget.

Word of mouth is the most affordable option and a great way to build c
ontacts and trust, if you know enough of the right people. If you have satisfied friends and clients, ask if they’ll allow you to place an affordable H-Stake Yard Sign in their yard that you worked on.  Whoever passes their yard or visits will see your business there and if they like how the work looks, you have a great opportunity to increase your demand.


Hauling your equipment in a flat, nondescript trailer won’t attract any attention to your business and you’re missing out on an easy advertising opportunity. Hanging a vinyl banner from your trailer is cheap and easy. It also covers up your boring trailer and helps your visibility.

While you’re driving from job site to job site, your truck can be used as an advertising vehicle. Custom printed magnets attach easily to cars and are made for outdoor use.  Everybody you drive past becomes a potential customer.


An additional way to leave a signature on your work for a client is with retractable banner pens. Banner pens are a unique way to keep your name and information in mind when the client needs additional work. It’s a unique freebie and is a talking point when someone sees your client using that pen and asks about it because of the distinctive design.



With all this signage you’re using to promote your work, the message on that signage is important.

Whether it’s on yard signs, vinyl banners, car magnets or retractable banner pans, you should have a logo, business name, contact information, and services offered on every sign.

TRT Banners custom prints logos and graphics in full color on all of those products and has a 48-hour turnaround after customer proof approval on your artwork and submitted information.

Don’t let your budget affect the reach of your business. Order from TRT Banners for extremely affordable marketing options to get your name out there and to help your landscaping business stand out!

Advertising Opportunities at Baseball Fields

As most of the country thaws out from the winter, outdoor activities are going to start drawing more and more interest. Nothing says warmer weather like the return of baseball season. College and pro teams are already playing in warm weather states. Soon it will be baseball season all over the country from big league parks to local youth leagues. Whether it’s a few thousand attending a game at a minor league stadium or parents at their kids little league games, it’s a great time and opportunity to start advertising outdoors.Little League Evironment

An affordable way to give your business a summer boost is by sponsoring a little league team, which can give you the benefit of having an outdoor vinyl banner hung from outfield fences. Having your company affiliated with a local little league and prominently displayed at games is sure to create good sentiment about your brand. Your company could profit from the small investment because little league families might be more likely to patronize league sponsors businesses.  There’s plenty of space on outfield fences all over youth league fields for banners of any size.

The official Little League World Series in Williamsport, Pennsylvania attracts over 400,000 people each year. Statistics from this 2013 Sports Business Journal piece show that there’s an important audience to reach by advertising within youth baseball.

Does your team or league have an official park or field? A great way to make it feel like home is displaying the league’s or team logo on an outdoor poster stand. This is also a great way to thank any sponsors by including their logos on the poster stand.

Weather is always a factor when advertising outdoors. A mesh banner that’s made to help cut down the impact of wind is a good fit for a minor league team looking to drum up interest for the next big promotional night.

One great way to raise money for baseball leagues and teams, whether it’s to keep equipment costs down or help with travel, is selling concessions and team merchandise. You can put your team or league logo on a custom printed canopy tent and give yourself some cover when selling food and gear from unpredictable spring or summer weather.

If spring is coming, that also means finals for college students. A sidewalk sign promoting your college team’s next home game might convince students to take a well-deserved study break while taking advantage of some warm weather at the game.

TRT Banners has affordable options on all kinds of indoor and outdoor advertising displays.

Get Ahead of the Holiday Rush with New Retail Banners

Retail_Sale_istockThe retail rush for the holiday season begins early. Soon after Labor Day, department stores and boutiques gear up for their busiest time of the year. To make the most out of the influx of customers into retail shops during the fall and winter months, effective indoor and outdoor signage is needed to attract passersby and entice them to take advantage of your store’s special limited-time offers.

Retail banners are useful tools for a wide selection of businesses, including the following:

  • Department stores
  • Boutiques
  • Jewelry stores
  • Shoe shops
  • Outdoor apparel/living brands
  • Book sellers
  • Video game and entertainment stores
  • Specialty shops
  • Art supplies stores
  • Halloween costume shops

Traffic-Stopping Outdoor Banners

Outdoor retail banners serve to attract attention from passersby in front of your store and entice them to come into your retail establishment. Announce special holiday sales or your longer hours of operation with custom printed outdoor signage. Any banners or flags that you feature outdoors should be weatherproof and printed with waterproof solvent inks to produce a durable sign that will not succumb to rain, wind or frigid temperatures.

For an easy and affordable outdoor banner to advertise your retail holiday sales, invest in custom vinyl banners for your store. The low-cost hanging banner can be easily attached directly to the front of your building or on a fence near a busy intersection by attaching rope or zip ties to the grommets or pole pockets on the sign. The versatile displays are available in custom sizes and feature a full-color printing process to make your retail message really “pop” in a busy outdoor arena.550x550-Black-Friday-Blowout-Sale-Mock-Vinyl-Banner

Free-standing fabric flags offer an eye-catching display tool to demand attention for your retail promotions. Feather flags are available with a flat-footed base, which can be placed on any flat surface and stabilized with a water bag, or an in-ground stand to secure the display in soft ground. With the option of a single or double-sided printed swooper or blade flag, you can maximize the visibility of your printed graphics at any high-traffic location. Sidewalk signs are also effective double-sided displays that can be showcased directly in front of your store to announce new holiday products or a special “Buy One, Get One Free” offer.

Indoor Displays for Stress-Free Shopping ExperienceWoman_Jewelry_istock

Once customers have been enticed to enter your retail store during the busy holiday season, it is now the duty of your indoor signage to make their shopping experience as stress-free and convenient as possible. When your retail store is the most crowded during the months of November and December, line the interior of your shop with banners and displays that direct customers towards certain products or show off discounted items in a featured holiday presentation.

Create an enticing holiday showcase with a few of your best-selling items by investing in double-sided telescopic displays. The versatile retail banner stands feature not one, but two full-color printed banners that can display a “1/2 Off” or “Buy One, Get One Free” message next to your discounted clothing items or accessories. You can also create an impressive storefront display with a sleek telescopic poster stand. To indicate where items are located throughout your store, add aisle signs by purchasing poster hangers to attach to a drop-tile ceiling. Ceiling banner hangers are effective and space-saving, making them perfect for any busy department store or boutique.550x550-Free-Ornament-11.75-x-21-Table-Top

It is important to create a point-of-sale exhibit next to the front registers at your store to encourage last-minute purchases from your customers. Table top displays, including retractable and sign holder styles, are compact enough to take up minimal space on your countertop but still pack a big marketing punch. Promote smaller items like jewelry or sunglasses directly next to the checkout area of your store so customers can quickly grab additional items in a hurry.

Once you choose the style and size of retail banner stand you desire, you can showcase any of the following popular promotional messages:

  • Limited-time discounts and sales
  • Welcome customers
  • List hours of operation
  • Introduce special holiday products
  • Directional banners
  • Show off recent accolades or recognitions
  • Create in-store product exhibits

To make the inside and outside of your retail store really shine this holiday season, add custom retail banners and display items from TRT Banners to your facility! Browse our entire selection of signage options at or contact us today for more information!

Increase Sales with Retail Banner Stands

Retail_shop_istockEffective retail signage can draw a crowd into your store and make the buying experience for your customers more enjoyable. Retail banner stands are must-have additions to any small boutique or high-end department store. Whether you need to broadcast an upcoming holiday sale or simply welcome guests into your establishment at the entranceway of your business, retractable banner stands and telescopic displays can make the most out of any retail display space.

You can use retail signage for a variety of promotions, including the following:

  • Featured in-store showcases
  • Back-to-school sales
  • End-of-the-season discounts
  • Black Friday
  • Holiday offers
  • Point-of-purchase areas
  • Welcome signage

Telescopic Poster Stands

Telescopic banner stands are often used in retail stores, from small boutiques to high-end department stores. The double-sided display stands can feature fabric or vinyl banners. The sleek telescopic stand adjusts in height to accommodate different sizes of banners, as well as the allotted display space for the banner stand. One of the reasons it is such a popular choice in the retail industry is not only its high-end visual aesthetic, but the ease in changing the printed message with a replacement banner. The printed banner either features pole pockets or is showcased by snap-shut banner holders so that a retailer can easily change up the promotional message for each new marketing initiative or sale with the purchase of a new banner.550x550-The-Spot-Telescopic-rev

Benefits of telescopic banner stands:

  • Double-sided graphic visibility
  • Easy assembly process
  • Adjustable support pole telescopes in height
  • Lightweight and portable
  • Update with purchase of replacement banners

Retractable Banner Stands

Retractable banner stands are a favorite for a variety of marketers, including retailers. The foolproof setup process is a draw for many retailers who are short on time. The pull-up design sets up instantly and stores the banner within the base when it is not assembled for careful storage and transportation. Pull up banners come in a variety of styles and sizes to make it easy for any consumer to find the perfect retractable display that is just right for his or her brand, in-store promotional space and design preference. Retractable banners can be updated with the purchase of replacement banners a couple times, but usually not on a regular basis since the leader in the base of the display can become worn or ripped by repeatedly adhering and taking off each poster.550x550-McDuffs-47x80-Mock-Economy-STAND

Benefits of retractable banner stands:

  • Single and double-sided units available
  • User-friendly pull up design
  • Sets up instantly
  • Lightweight and compact
  • Banner(s) safely stored within base
  • Great for high-traffic areas
  • Update with purchase of replacement posters

For any of your retail signage needs, look no further than TRT Banners! Our wide selection of retractable banner stands, telescopic displays and much more includes a speedy turnaround time of just 48 business hours after proof approval so you can receive your retail banners in no time. Contact TRT Banners today or visit to view our complete product offerings.

How to Choose the Best Retractable Banner Stand

550x550-24x40-WIDEBASE Bright-Smile-Dental-MockWhether you are looking to effectively promote your retail store or need a flashy advertising display to make your company stand out on the busy trade show floor, custom banner stands are must-have marketing tools to get your brand noticed. Retractable banner stands are popular among seasoned marketers and new exhibitors alike because they are lightweight, portable and are a breeze to assemble. With so many different pull up banner options to choose from, how do you decide on the ideal retractable display that is right for your organization, venue and allotted advertising budget?

550x550-Joe-Diner-on-Angle-33x80-Narrow-BaseThe first thing to take into consideration when selecting a banner stand for promotional purposes is what your display venue will be like. You may be exhibiting at a trade show, setting up a table at a college fair or creating an in-store point-of-sale display within your boutique. The size of your exhibit venue directly affects the size selection you are allotted for your custom banner stand. If you have a twenty foot booth at a business convention, a large retractable backdrop may be the perfect choice to grab attention for your showcase. A small point-of-purchase area may call for a small table top retractable display. If floor space is limited, try a compact banner stand like the Economy Retractable Banner Stand. For outdoor events like festivals, farmers’ markets and community functions, a pull up display that is designed for outdoor use, such as the Outdoor Pro Retractable Banner Stand, is needed.

Once you have determined the size of retractable banner stand that you need, you can now peruse the various pull up designs that are available. Identify what your brand or organization is all about and what style best suits your already-established advertising initiatives. Is your business on the cutting-edge of your industry? A modern retractable display, like the Silver Wing Retractable Banner Stand, may be the best fit for your showcase. Is your industry all about fun or fashion? Try adding bright end caps to the base of your Luxury Banner Stand for a splash of color on an aluminum frame.550x550-47x80-MockYou can also choose from a variety of banner materials, including the following:

  • Stay-Flat Vinyl: A sturdy vinyl material that will not curl along the edges of the banner, this is a durable material option that is printed with a large format digital printer. Vinyl banners are one of the most common substrate selections for pull up banners.
  • Bond Paper: Bond paper is thinner than vinyl but includes a laminated option of either a matte or gloss finish.
  • Dye Sublimated Fabric: Polyester fabric is used in a two-step printing process called dye sublimation. A transfer print is produced by a large format digital printer, which is then inserted into a heat press with a plain polyester material. The result is a vibrant and long-lasting printed output.

550x550-Bachman-University-24x40-NARROW MOCKBudget is an extremely important factor to take into consideration when deciding on a custom banner stand. Pinpoint what price range you are in, whether it is determined by your company or your own personal finances. Then, seek out retractable banner stands that are within your budget. Exceeding your financial means when purchasing your printed signage can force you to take away funds from other marketing initiatives, which you do not want to do. Stay within your budget to find the perfect banner stand that is just right for you and your display need!

TRT Banners’ wide range of retractable banner stands will enable you to find the ideal pull up display for your venue, taste and budget. Peruse our retractable displays at or contact us today for further details!

Football, Tailgating and Pop Up Tents

Football_istockAs the autumn breeze begins to blow in and cool down humid summer days, football season will be here before you know it! Early mornings in the parking lot of the stadium grilling bratwursts, hours of watching your team with bated breath, and then finally either dejectedly leaving the arena or walking with your head held high in triumph will become habit for many football fans. Many avid sports fans take their tailgating very seriously. Setting up camp with flags, grills, games and the like is commonplace in the world of football. To look like a pro at your first tailgating event of the season, pop up tents are a must-have addition!

Canopy tents are a dream to use at any sporting event or in Blue canopya parking lot because they are lightweight and portable. The pop up frame is constructed of lightweight aluminum, which makes it easy to transport to and from your venue. The user-friendly expandable tent design collapses to a compact size for effortless storage in your garage or vehicle. The setup process is also simple enough to be accomplished with only two people. To set up your portable tent, expand the frame outwards and upwards. Select the desired height of the tent and lock the frame into place by snapping the push pin grips on all four vertical support legs. In minutes flat, you can have a pop up tent that is worthy of any tailgating event.

Pop up tents are necessary for a great tailgating experience because they can provide welcome shelter from outdoor weather conditions. Whether you have to deal with moderate rain, direct sunlight or even dreadful snow, a canopy tent can serve as protection from these elements so you can enjoy your tailgating festivities. The canopy top is made of water-resistant fabric so the tent will not leak or become compromised no matter what the weather is like. The study aluminum frame can also stand up to moderate winds, to create a durable outdoor tent that can make sure you are tailgating to your fullest potential rain or shine!

A large group of young adult football fans in outdoor stadium seats and dressed in blue clothing yell and cheer with excitement for their team.

Canopy tents can be used for much more than early-morning hotdog grilling and cornhole. Use portable tents for the following:

  • Garage sales
  • Camping
  • Parties (graduation, birthday, anniversary)
  • Holidays (4th of July, Labor Day)
  • Trade shows
  • College fairs
  • Farmers’ markets
  • Family reunions
  • Festivals and craft fairs

Football_player_istockMake your canopy tent your own by choosing a solid-color canopy in your choice of color or submitting print-ready artwork for a custom printed fabric top. The full-color pop up tent can feature your football team’s name and logo, or your business’ information for a successful promotional tent. To customize your tent frame, add full-color sidewalls. Whether you add one or three sidewalls, you can increase the space you have for custom graphics with fabric that easily attaches to the frame with Velcro loops. Make your advertising tent or event tent your own with printed canopies and customized sidewalls.

To get ready for tailgating season, an upcoming event or professional marketing initiatives, visit to view our pop up tents, retractable banner stands, free-standing flags and more. Contact TRT Banners today for more information!