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Different Ways to Engage Attendees at Trade Shows


Brand awareness is always a top goal to think about and work towards as well as making a short term and long term impact. Even if there are certain things you can’t tangibly measure, here are a few easy and unique ways to make an impact even long after the show is over and it doesn’t result in a lead right away.

Video or Informational Demo for Busy Moments
At some point during the show, your booth and all of your staff will (hopefully) be busy and completely occupied with more attendees than they can handle. When your booth draws that sort of crowd, there’s a good chance more will follow to see what the buzz is about. Utilizing technology with an informational video about your company or products or a demo can help you reach attendees or keep them interested while there might be a line.

Know the Show
You should know what kind of attendees are coming to the show, what their industry is and what they’re likely to be looking for. You will likely always keep track of what competitors will be exhibiting at the show, but don’t stop at competitors. Learn about the other companies at the show that aren’t your competitors. There’s a chance that you may be speaking with an attendee who is looking for a specific service or product that you may not offer. You might just find that sending an attendee in a direction of a company who does offer the service or product that you don’t and that isn’t a competitor, pays off down the road. That same attendee might decide one day down the road they need your company’s services and they might remember their interaction with you and recommending them to what they were looking for at a trade show.

Make It Memorable
Another way to help entertain guests while your booth and staffers are busy is to keep them engaged at your booth. Make sure your sell sheets and other literature is organized and visible. Additionally, always have your giveaways and branded swag well stocked and visible.  If you have room in your booth, a good way to keep attendees attention during busier times is to include a game. Come up with trade show booth activity idea or use trade show booth games to attract customers. It could be a prize wheel for your swag or a free demo or get more creative to try to fit a game in with the theme of your company or that fits the message you’re trying to share with attendees. If the game is fun and interesting, it may wind up attracting even more attendees.

Engage With Attendees
Your company automatically has plenty in common with every attendee at a trade show if you’re exhibiting there. That alone should give you plenty of trade show conversation starters. Obviously you want to speak with many attendees and talk about your company and what it offers, but if your staff has the time, engaging attendees in conversation about the show and their company has several benefits. You also obviously want to determine if they have a need for what your company provides, but even if it doesn’t, that doesn’t mean they won’t in the future. Chances are, someone attending a trade show your company is exhibiting at, that there is some industry crossover. So there’s always the possibility they could wind up needing something your company provides at some point down the road. A conversation with them about their company, the show or the industry as a whole may resonate as you’re looking to engage with them without pushing product or looking to sell something. They may need your company’s services down the road and there’s always the chance they’ll remember your company from that interaction.

There are several ways to make a long lasting impact at trade shows and it’s possible all of them aren’t measureable. So always consider the long term when discussing your goals and plans for exhibiting at a trade show.