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6 Ways to ‘Spring Clean’ Your Signage

Spring clean

It’s never too early to think spring and try to warm yourself up. Now is a great time to do some spring cleaning of your marketing signage to get ready for the new sales season! Here are six ways to do some signage spring cleaning.

  1. Update your logo: Spring is a great time to clean things up, so why not make some changes to your logo? It gives your business a fresh look, it’s a reason to talk about the changes your making and announce them to your customers to start a conversation. A good, new look is always something to talk about and share.
  2. Evaluate outdoor signage: At some point, good weather will be coming. That means you’ll want to start using signage to advertise outdoors again. Check your current inventory of outdoor signage to see if you need to replace the signs or any hardware to make sure it’s ready to use. Make sure the signage on your outdoor displays is as vibrant and clear as always. You should also check to see if your outdoor signage that you used last year for spring still has current information on it and still matches your marketing message and goals for this year.
  3. Infuse new, bright colors into your signage: One of the best parts of spring is the colors in nature re-emerging. It brings people out of the grey, dreary doldrums of winter. A little more natural color and sunlight improves people’s moods and using them in your signage can help boost the mood of potential customers that see your signage. A customer in a bubblier mood is more likely to buy from you, so vibrant, bright colors are an easy and affordable way to help your chances.
  4. Do your own spring cleaning: Don’t give up on your old inventory just yet. You want to make room for strong performing spring items or apparel. Get ahead of the curve on spring cleaning and use signage to promote your winter or older inventory you are trying to clear out.
  5. Pick a theme: Come up with a clever theme that makes sense for your business use it throughout the entire season. Use new advertising signage to promote the themed campaign throughout your business.
  6. Renewal: Spring is the season of renewal. Renew your commitment and relationship with your customers. Update your signage to promote rewards programs and other customer benefits and give them reasons to be part of your rewards program.

7 Reasons to Buy Trade Show Packages


Buying trade show displays in bulk, like almost anything, can help you save money. While saving money is never a bad thing, you also want to make sure there are plenty of benefits to what you’re buying and not just saving money and taking a lesser return. So, in honor of the New Year, here are 7 reasons to invest in a new trade show package in 2017.

#1 – Takes out guesswork: When you buy trade shows as a package, it keeps you from having to do too much searching around to find out pieces to fit your booth, layout and finding what looks best with what.  Your core displays and layout is determined for you and all you need to worry about now are graphics for them and deciding if you need anything to accent your core displays. This really frees you up to focus on other important aspects of your exhibit.

#2 – Cost effective: Why not mention possibly the key reason. This pertains to buying in bulk. While you’re likely only getting one of each item, by buying packaged together, you save money on each individual item because you would probably spend more on each piece alone than as part of a set package. Keeping your display costs down really helps your trade show budget and gives you a better chance at a positive ROI for your trade show!

#3 – New marketing message: If things have changed with your company’s information, particularly your marketing message, you’ll need to have all of your trade show displays re-printed with this new information. Getting new printed graphics for all of these display materials can be a hassle. But when you buy a new package, you can guarantee replacing the message on each essential display.

#4 – You are at more shows than one exhibit can handle: If you’re a company that exhibits at a lot of trade shows and have just one display, it’s possible you could run into logistics issues or are going to run into inevitable wear-and-tear of your current display. Buying in a package saves you money and gives you an insurance “backup” display for when you might need to have two displays out at shows at once or the other one is in need of repairs. Then you have a whole display package ready to go at your disposal.

#5 – Need for a more portable setup: Nothing will save you more time and energy at trade shows than an easy to set up booth. If you’re off to another show or conference after one ends, having one that is easy to pack-up and transport is very important. Trade show packages come with individual pieces and carrying cases that are very user friendly.

#6 – Bigger/smaller booth: Maybe changes in your budget or approach have you renting a smaller or bigger booth space. You’ll either need to condense or add pieces to your booth. Trade show packages already measured and set for traditional sized trade show booths.

#7 – One stop, hassle free printing option: Buying trade show display materials as a package makes the printing and production of them much less of a hassle for you to track and get the right artwork and graphics to. By working with one company on an entire package, there’s less to keep up with and less chance of miscommunication or errors.