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Trade Show New Year’s Resolutions


While you’re setting your budget, ordering new displays and booking trade show spots, don’t forget trying new things at trade shows can also be prosperous. When you get ready to make those trade show plans for 2017, here are some New Year’s Resolutions to make when exhibiting that will hopefully help your ROI.

Produce more social content: Facebook Live, Periscope, Snapchat and Instagram Videos are easy to use and leverage. Creating social content as a trade show exhibitor is great for your brand and being able to share some parts of your exhibit, product launch, speech or other great things you have planned with followers/customers unable to attend shows. It also encourages brand engagement. With social video, you basically get a free chance to double down on your appearance and potentially double your reach.

Invest in staffing/training: One of the most controllable ways to directly affect the outcome of your trade show exhibiting success is to invest in more/better staffing and training your staff. If you haven’t already, you should also review your staffing practices and how efficient they are. A great New Year’s resolution is to invest in your staff and always improve their training as it has a huge effect on your trade show ROI.

Evaluate exhibiting schedule: While you’re reviewing staffing practices, you should also evaluate your exhibit schedule. Just because you’ve exhibited at a trade show multiple times doesn’t mean it’s always worth your time and money each year. The New Year is always a good time to review if your exhibiting schedule is as optimal as it could be.

Take more time on design: This is absolutely one thing you should resolve to do in 2017. The last thing you should ever do is rush the design of your trade show display graphics. Luckily, there are companies out there that offer quick turnarounds like 48 hours (sorry, we couldn’t resist), but resolve to give yourself more time on design in 2017. You’d be surprised with the results and potential improvement you will get at a trade show because you took the extra time.

Setup a Wi-Fi or charging station: People walk around all day on trade show floors taking pictures and interacting on social media for various events or reasons. Some venues offer free Wi-Fi, though it might not be of good quality. Some won’t offer any. Setting up charging stations and free Wi-Fi at your booth is a good attention grabber. Sure, people may not be coming to your booth solely to check out your company, but they’re there. That’s half the battle. (PS, if you’re looking to gain some press from being at a trade show, this is a pretty solid way to appeal to journalists.)

Gamify your exhibit: Resolve to try something new in your exhibiting approach. Trying to add a game to your exhibit to draw attention or to tie in with your brand can add some excitement and attract new potential visitors/customers. Take a risk where you can afford to take a risk and see if these resolutions can help improve your exhibiting success.

8 Creative Ideas to Boost Holiday Sales


During the holiday season, every retailer, store or any business is looking for a piece of the sales pie. Obviously the larger companies have a bigger marketing budget and some additional resources available to them to put themselves in front of potential consumers this time of year. But the holidays are a great time for creative ideas to help sales at your small business. These eight simple ideas can help improve sales during the holiday season, make you customers shopping experience a better one and ultimately lead to more long term customers.

  1. Gift Wrapping: Some places will offer this for free, or for tip or with proceeds going to a charity. But either way, this is a good perk to have during the holiday season and it’s easy to advertise. All you need is a window advertisement and social media posts that your store will be wrapping gifts. Holiday shopping can be such a hassle, so if people are buying items on their shopping list and can get them wrapped in one stop, you take stress off of them and that’s a good memory for a customer to have at your business.
  2. Buy a Gift, Get a Gift: Incentivize shopping with your business. Give a gift back to customers who buy a certain amount. It can be simple things or you could make the gifts better the more they spend. Giving gift cards for buying from your business to is also a good way to create a future sale.
  3. Coupon Receipts: In addition to giving gifts back for those buying them, print coupons on the back of your receipts for customers. This could even give you a chance to give them a coupon to use at your store in the future or you could team up with other local businesses and print coupons for other businesses on the back of your receipts and have them return the favor. Shoppers then have incentive to visit businesses.
  4. Use Social Media Discounts: A two fold way to increase sales and interest is putting out codes for discounts or other special offers on social media. Advertise that customers need to check your specific channels for codes. It’s a good way to gain some social media buzz and sales. If you have the resources, you could even “lock” your social media channels and only give the codes out to those who “follow” the accounts.
  5. Set Up a Kiosk: If you are able, set up a kiosk away from your store’s location. Whether you are in a mall or can find a place to set up a secondary location for your business, the increased visibility can help lead to more sales as well. Put yourself in front of foot traffic rather than have potential customers seek you out.
  6. Utilize Rewards Program: If you already have a rewards program, promote it and incentivize it during the holidays by offering more points or perks for spending more. Hallmark’s program that gives points for each purchase is a great example. Incentivize signing up for it during the holidays. Give customers something when they sign up and something they can use for after the holidays so you stand a better chance to bring them back sooner.
  7. Extend Your Target Customer Base: You should always have some sort of perk going for repeat customers but you might have infrequent shoppers, very early shoppers or last minute shoppers. Give each one of them a reason to shop with you no matter what time of year it is.
  8. Exhibit at a Holiday Show: Find a local holiday event going on at a mall, exhibition hall or community center. It shouldn’t be too hard to find these events and you can probably get away with a smaller booth setup than a larger industry specific show. If you’re looking to gain a bigger share of holiday sales, putting your business in front of people at some sort of holiday show helps you push your holiday specific sales.