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How Effective Are Your POP Displays?


Point-of-purchase, or POP displays are a popular go-to marketing setup for all kinds of retail stores. They’re utilized for a variety of different reasons and when they are well planned and executed they can be a huge boost for businesses. So that begs the question: What makes a good POP display?

Target audience: Generally, point-of-purchase displays have a target demographic in mind. So whatever audience you are trying to tap into, the display should be created with their buying thought process and interests in mind. Eye level, wording on signs and colors all should be geared specifically with the demographic your POP display is supposed to appeal to.

Bold graphics: You want to stop traffic at your POP display? Bold graphics is probably the best way to do that. A lot of shopper’s attention is all over the place, they might be on their phone or listening to music while walking around. Bold graphics gives you a good chance to grab their attention. A lot of POP displays are centered on high margin items that make a big difference in a company’s bottom line, so you want these items to be seen and sold. Whatever graphics you choose to go with on your POP display, let someone who has designed them before do it or use a professional.

Height matters: Your target audience has a standard height. The height of your POP display and the words/graphics in relation to your target demographics line of sight is a big key to the display’s success. It’s a simple concept many grocery stores and other retailers use with examples like sugary cereals and snacks being placed where children are more likely to see it so they can get their parents to take notice. High margin foods or items to fast expiration dates are also in direct sight lines because stores want them sold. Consider what the average height of your target demographic and make sure the key points of your POP display are going to be extremely visible to them.

Endcaps and power aisles are your also good bets: Point-of-purchase displays are often thought of as near the cash register or checkout areas. But they can be expanded into areas like end caps and main aisles. They don’t have to be large displays, just effectively promoted ones in ares that receive a high volume of foot traffic. You can even use data for this if you’re a retail store. You generally know where the most traffic is in your stores. Putting a high quality POP display in those areas gives them the visibility you desire.

Invest in POP displays wisely: POP retail displays are put together to sell product and make money. Like any marketing display, you weigh the cost against sales projects and your probable ROI. Buying cheap or low quality displays aren’t likely to improve your bottom line and ROI when creating point-of-purchase displays. This doesn’t mean you have to order expensive point of purchase displays but if you want maximum effectiveness, great graphics look better and attract more attention on good quality displays. Signage is easy and affordable enough to order and replace for when your sales and message change. It’s much easier than replacing hardware for a POP display.

Call to action: POP display items are usually impulse buys for most consumers. It’s not something they came to a store intending to buy. Strong calls to action with the right colors and message can make the difference in the success of your POP display.