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8 Tips to Drive Back to School Sales

school supplies

One of the biggest shopping periods outside of the holidays is almost upon us – back to school shopping. From parents with kids just starting kindergarten to college students getting ready for their last semester, people will be tracking down back to school supplies and looking to save money while doing so. Here are 8 ways any business can help sales during this busy shopping season.

  1. Build versatile clothing displays – Back-to-school clothes tastes and needs might vary from region-to-region and different age groups. The weather from late summer to early fall can change fast, so having different displays of clothing for the warmer days of fall and the colder ones. Hoodies and other lounge wear are popular for college kids, so don’t overlook a full display for those.
  2. 2. Offer incentives – The list of items kids need for school grows each year and the price climbs. Technology is becoming a necessity for kids of all ages for learning and parents or students shopping for colleges already have tons of debt coming as well, so offering deals, discounts or other rewards like incentives to shop with you could pay off.
  3. Don’t stop sales when school starts – Students need supplies all year long. Different projects pop up throughout the year and things they buy get used and they need new supplies. Don’t forget winter clothes as well. Students and parents will be getting things for school all year long.
  4. Update signage/graphics – A new sales season is a great time for new sales signs, especially point-of-purchase areas for smaller items like headphones, gift cards, calculators, pencils, socks, etc. Update your graphics and message to push your back to school sales campaigns.
  5. Hit the ecommerce market – From 2011 to 2015, back-to-school season retail ecommerce sales rose from $31.03 million to $50.17 million. Make sure your website is user friendly, up to date and start finding ways to push customers to it for the convenience factor and the sales.
  6. Leverage social media – One way to help push people to your website is to use social media. Most back to school shoppers are on some platform. College kids are all over social media (Snapchat, Instagram, and Twitter) and it’s a great visual way to promote your products.
  7. Think outside the box – Find ways to promote products that you might not think are back to school essentials. Sure, everyone needs pencils and notebooks. But think of classroom (or dorm) cleaning products, other hygiene items and of course lunchbox foods. They’re all necessities but people don’t generally associate them with “back to school shopping.” Making them a part of your sales campaign could boost sales in those items.