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Affordable Banners for Graduation Parties

Between May and June, college graduates will have earned their degrees and high school graduates are walking across the stage to take that next step. That also means it’s time to celebrate these accomplishments before they move onto their full-time career or head off to college.

Planning graduation parties can be quite stressful between deciding on a venue or preparing your own house to be one, estimating guests and how much food will be enough. You want it to be special, which means decorating is important.  There are many creative, easy and affordable ways to decorate for a graduation party and make it unique.

Showcase who you are celebrating

Whether it’s indoors, outdoors, at a public venue or in your yard, you can identify where it’s at and who it’s for with a vinyl banner that includes a personalized graduation message and their graduating year. They’re easy to hang from pavilions, fences, posts and tents thanks to aluminum grommets that are added to each banner.  Hopefully it doesn’t rain during your graduation party if it’s an outdoor venue, but if it does, vinyl banners are made and printed to hold up in mild outdoor weather.

Cover yourself and your party

If the party is outdoors, weather is a factor in some form. Whether it rains or is hot, you’ll want to put the food or tables under some sort of cover. Canopy tents can give coverage to your food and keep your drinks in the shade. The canopy can even be custom printed if you want a special message on it.

Where’s the party at?

Family from all over the area and maybe even out of state might be in for your graduate’s party. At a public park, rec center, indoors or outdoors or even at your house, make it easy for guests to find where they’re supposed to be. Yard signs are extremely affordable and can be placed in the yard outside of the indoor venue, at the top of the street of your house, outdoor venue or right in your front yard with your grads name saying the party is here.

The main attraction

Graduation parties are often a time of reflection. People reminisce about memories and how fast time has gone now that your graduate is ready for the world or college. This usually includes showing off old pictures and portraits of your grad with a collage at a table. Decorate this table with a table throw. You can also have them custom printed to commemorate the occasion.

A unique way to display nostalgic pictures and professional portraits of your graduate is with table top displays on the table with the custom throw. It’s a special table that’s a customized celebration point at the party.

Photo op

Grandparents, out of town relatives and friends are all going to want pictures with the graduate. Instead of a boring wall, your house or other attendees in the backgrounds of these photos, you can create memorable graduation party photos by using retractable backdrops that have adjustable framing, can feature the graduate’s name, year and a special saying or message to commemorate the occasion.

Take the moment with you

Creative banner decorations to celebrate a graduation don’t have to be relegated to just the party. If you have a great senior portrait or photo from graduation day that you want to remember and show off in a special way, do it with removable custom wall decor. It’s unique way to display those photos. They’re different (possibly larger and cheaper) than a normal framed photo. You can hang them on your wall at home or even at work, if you don’t have room on your desk because you don’t want to take all of the other pictures of them off of it. They’re completely removable without peeling, ripping or damaging the walls they are attached too.

Make your graduate’s party a special one without the stress of how you’re going to decorate. Order from TRT Banners and can focus on guests, food and other arrangements as much as you need because TRT Banners has a 48-buisness hour turnaround after customer proof approval on products. Contact our helpful account executives today!

RNC Cleveland: Advertising for Beachfront and Waterpark Resorts

When the Republican National Convention comes to Cleveland in July, many people from all over the country will be packing into hotels and entertainment venues around the city. While a major influx of potential business from out of town visitors is an exciting prospect, it does make for very crowded venues.

Visitors coming in for the RNC or anyone visiting a city for a national event are unlikely to be able to avoid such large crowds throughout the business day. After the work is done and it’s time to unwind, getting away from the stress and high volume of people may be a priority for those in from out of town for the convention or any event. Suburbs and other cities not directly within the limits of host cities of the RNC and other major events have plenty to offer to these travelers in the way of entertainment and serenity.

The RNC is right in the middle of July in Cleveland and the Lake Erie Shores and Islands have been focusing on these visitors for over a year. What’s a better way to de-stress after working at a big event and more perfect for the month of July than fun in the water and on the beach?

Larry Fletcher, the executive director of Lake Erie Shores and Islands told NBC24 in Port Clinton, Ohio that the California delegation in for the RNC is staying at Kalahari, a water park resort and hotel. Lake Erie Shores & Islands lodging and other leisure stops including Kalahari are all well away from Cleveland yet close enough to make the short drive in before, during and after the convention.

How can venues like water parks, beaches and relaxing resorts that aren’t directly involved with or right in the cities where major events are being held, draw in some of those visitors looking to find entertainment away from the crowd near the convention? Here are a few tips that might help.

Give them a visual:  They say a picture is worth a thousand words, right? You can describe over and over again how great your resort or beach is to visit. Enticing visuals will say more than one word ever can.  No matter where you are, it’s going to be hot in July and relaxing in or near the water after a long day or week at a convention sounds great. Pictures of an ice cold drink on the beach or people enjoying a swim or water activity on a high quality banner can paint a relaxing picture. These visuals can be printed and showcased perfectly on an Outdoor Retractable Banner Stand with two full color custom printed vinyl banners.

Selling points: In addition to giving potential visitors a visual that suggests relaxation, why should people choose your venue for after convention or business entertainment? Highlight your selling points like drink and dinner specials, meeting or conference room space to conduct business at your resort instead of the crowded convention area. Highlight beach access, beach equipment rentals and other excursions. Deluxe A-Frame Sidewalk Signs feature two PVC posters printed using UV printing technologies that can effectively promote all the major selling points that come with visiting your resort.

Direct them: Where is the best spot on the beach? Where can they dine and drink with a great view of the waterfront? Where can they rent a jet ski or lounge chairs? Banner Flags are large displays made for the outdoors and can easily be used as directional markers to places people are looking for at your resort.

Special offers: If you know a large event is being held that’s going to bring in a lot of out of town visitors for a few days, give them a reason to visit your beach spot or waterpark. Create special offers for those in town for the convention or event. Promote it on your website and especially all over social media. Spend some time in the city where the event is being held and hand out flyers or brochures and be sure to have a Brochure Holder with you. Hang Vinyl Banners from your building front and in your lobbies welcoming any guests in town for the big event or convention and promote your special offer on those as well.

Whether you’re looking to promote your business during the RNC or events and conventions of any size, be sure to order from TRT Banners for affordable advertising signage options as well as high quality products and a 48-hour turnaround after customer proof approval on orders.


RNC Expects to Party in Cleveland


Contested or uncontested, as this Bloomberg article notes, those attending the Republican National Convention in Cleveland July 18-21, are planning to have a good time.

Some historical party examples listed in the article at past RNC’s:

  • In San Diego in 1996, the RNC features a “warehouse party” and a party at the famous San Diego Zoo that went late into the night, even with the animals. Delegates also enjoyed a cruise on the San Diego bay.
  • In 2000 at Philadelphia, there was a corporate sponsored martini and cigar night. Representative David Dreier arrived to the convention public in a cigar box.
  • The 2008 convention in Minnesota had an ice sculptured adorned martini bar and a cornstalk-lined red carpet which included a live concert put on by Styx. There was a vintage train car ride as well.
  • The Florida Aquarium was rented out at Tampa during the 2012 convention that featured a tequila station atop ice sculptures. Mike Huckabee also entertained by playing the bass guitar.

Ohio has also extended last call at bars and restaurants around the convention until 4 a.m. to encourage more local dining and partying.

If you’re temporarily changing your hours or offering special deals during the convention, you’re going to want to promote those to gain attention to those who are out and about during the week.


Chances are you’re only going to have these hours during the convention (especially the 4 a.m. last call). A simple and affordable way to promote the special business hours can be done by hanging Vinyl Banners or even more cleverly from window fronts with Window Clings.

Sidewalk sign600x600-Lunch-Menu-Outdoor-Poster-Stands can also feature special promotions, menus and other information to the public as they walk around your establishment.





Cleveland has plenty to offer near and on the water as well, from bars to cruises
on the river. Placing Poster Stands around the docks featuring special brunches, deals, cruise times and more, can get people interested as they walk around the area.

Feather and Teardrop Banners can more prominently display new hours, deals or to flag people down to visit during the convention.

Once place in Cleveland that should be promoting revised hours for the RNC is the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame, which will feature free admission during select hours that week.

“Thanks to the generous support of AT&T, admission to the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame will be free-of-charge to all guests 600X600-8-Backdrop-RNC-CLE-POLITICAL10AM – 3PM July 17, 2016 through July 21, 2016”

Hosting a major event during the convention that you’re already expecting a good crowd for?

Retractable Backdrops are affordable and easy to setup. If any media is on hand to photograph party officials at the event, using the Step and Repeat design on the backdrop provides you the perfect branding opportunity.

If convention goers are looking to party, take the party to them on the streets or sidewalk while they are out and about with a custom printed Promotional Canopy Tent.

The San Diego Zoo was ranked 10th by USA Today’s 10 Best and while the Cleveland Metropark Zoo didn’t make the list, it was nominated. Toledo’s took home the top honor and Columbus as well as Cincinnati received top 10 rankings.  Zoos and other outdoor attractions are going to want some of the out of town dollars to be spent as well. Outdoor Banner Flags are a good way to try to draw in visitors looking for outdoor entertainment options.

If you’re looking to promote your business that’s a few miles outside of the area of the convention, try setting up a table on a busy block with a custom printed Table Throw and bring along a Brochure Holder to help giveaway any flyers featuring deals during the convention, hours or directions to your business.


TRT Banners features great services such as a 48 business hour turnaround on production after customer proof approval, so you can take more time to plan what deals you want to promote. TRT Banners also offers affordable graphic design services to help make sure your banners attract the attention you’re looking for. You can also purchase replacement banners for many of TRT Banners products so if you already use one of the impressive and affordable displays, updating information on banners is even cheaper.

7 Tips For Customer Engagement During National Small Business Week


This week is National Small Business Week. You can check out all the happenings this week in celebration and recognition of small business week at the Small Business Administration’s page.

The SBA defines any business less than 500 employees as a small business. There were almost 28 million small businesses in the US as of 2013.

In honor of Small Business Week here are some great ways to reward your customers for supporting your business.

  • Use a business card collector raffle to give away a free item or special discount
  • Run a social media contest to reward followers and boost your presence
  • Get involved with a community cause
  • Host a community night for a local group such as boy or girl scouts or a youth recreational sports team
  • Start a customer rewards program or offer additional incentives to sign up during Small Business Week
  • Run a charity drive such as canned or non-perishable food donation in exchange for free or discounted items
  • Reward your employees with a team building event or a pizza or doughnut day at work

Small businesses thrive when the communities they are built in support them. Connecting with your community and your customers is important. National Small Business Week is technically just one week but it’s something you can celebrate all month long and use it to help better build your business year round. TRT Banners has a long list of affordable vinyl banner and banner stand options to help with any promotions you run all year long. With a 48-hour turnaround on customer proof approval, there’s still time to order affordable signage to display during National Small Business Week!