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Tips for a Successful Farmers Market Stand


Grocery shopping tends to be a bustling and boring activity, especially if you are like most and head to the stores on Saturday and Sunday mornings. Luckily with summer coming, there’s no better alternative to make getting groceries less of a chore and maybe help you save money than shopping at a local outdoor farmer’s market.

It’s outdoors and thus easier to navigate than crowded aisles indoors. The food is locally grown, sold and is likely fresher. These are just a few benefits to shopping at local farmers markets. There are plenty of reasons to shop at outdoor markets and here are a few tips to help make sure shoppers are stopping by your stand.

Know your audience – Know why people shop at the farmer’s markets and know about the areas you’re going to be selling to. A direct mailer with your information and what you are selling is a cheap way to get your name out here.

Connect with the communities – Another benefit of using the direct mailer is to try to connect with those in the community that might visit the farmers market. Whether it’s where you grow or where you sell, make your name known around the community.

Be social – Being social should be more than just offering free samples at your stand. Having a social media presence can help you draw more potential customers. People love to take picture of their food and some of the most viewed and liked photos on Instagram and Twitter are of food. Food with rich color is visually appealing. Whether you post photos or create a cool video about your offerings or where you’ll be, it’s an area of free advertising that you can’t afford to miss out on.

Design is key – Creating an open, visually appealing and inviting set up for your stand could be the difference in how much traffic you bring in.  The more visible your600x600-Italian-Grocery-Supply-Canopy-Tent-MOCK business and what you’re selling are, the better chance you have to draw them in.

Drawing attention to your booth from the flow of traffic can be as simple as hanging an affordable vinyl banner that’s easy to display from almost anywhere and is made for outdoor use.

Creating an inviting
outdoor store is as easy as setting up a customized canopy tent. It’s easy promotion for your business can offer you and your customers a break from the hot sun or rain as well.Alescis-Produce-Outdoor-Poster-Stand

A simple, well placed Sidewalk Sign can easily display important information about who you are, wh
at you’re selling to get people interested in finding your stand.

If you have the space or are selling at your own market, capturing attention from a distance is important. Teardrop and Feather Banners are large and visually appealing in heavy traffic.

What’s on your banners is more important than what banner you use to gain attention to your stand.

You want your company’s name on it obviously. People shopping at a farmer’s market might also want to know where you’re growing your products. It also might encourage them to come visit your home store if you have one. That also means your contact information needs to be visible. You should also include the benefits of buying at your stand and buying at local farmer’s markets that are listed above. Remind them why buying local and buying with you is better.

The biggest piece to make sure your banners are gaining attention for your stand is the visual on them. Remember that photos of food are extremely popular on twitter and Instagram? Farmer’s market displays can be extremely visually appealing with rich colored foods such as fruits and vegetables. Photos and artwork of brilliant colors of your stand or products are a huge piece of your banner.

TRT Banners custom prints all banners in-house in full color. TRT Banners uses the latest printing technologies like dye sublimation, digital and UV printing processes to create vivid color of your submitted artwork and graphics on banners. In addition to high-quality printing, TRT Banners also has an in-house graphic design team that you can utilize for a low cost to help make sure your banners feature high quality artwork and graphics.

You will also find the lowest prices on banners and all products at TRT Banners to help you advertise your market affordably.

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Creative Advertising On A Budget for Landscapers


Owning or working independently in the landscaping industry has become a more profitable option over the last few years. According to Forbes, profitability in the landscaping industry was up 50% in 2013.

Whether you own a business or are providing services as a secondary job to make extra money, the landscaping industry offers you a good chance to turn a profit right now.

With the increased profitability, how can you break through and create demand to take advantage of potential profits?

If you are working independently or own a small business, keeping those profits up while trying to create demand or increase visibility for your services means you will need to be creative in how you advertise and with your budget.

Word of mouth is the most affordable option and a great way to build c
ontacts and trust, if you know enough of the right people. If you have satisfied friends and clients, ask if they’ll allow you to place an affordable H-Stake Yard Sign in their yard that you worked on.  Whoever passes their yard or visits will see your business there and if they like how the work looks, you have a great opportunity to increase your demand.


Hauling your equipment in a flat, nondescript trailer won’t attract any attention to your business and you’re missing out on an easy advertising opportunity. Hanging a vinyl banner from your trailer is cheap and easy. It also covers up your boring trailer and helps your visibility.

While you’re driving from job site to job site, your truck can be used as an advertising vehicle. Custom printed magnets attach easily to cars and are made for outdoor use.  Everybody you drive past becomes a potential customer.


An additional way to leave a signature on your work for a client is with retractable banner pens. Banner pens are a unique way to keep your name and information in mind when the client needs additional work. It’s a unique freebie and is a talking point when someone sees your client using that pen and asks about it because of the distinctive design.



With all this signage you’re using to promote your work, the message on that signage is important.

Whether it’s on yard signs, vinyl banners, car magnets or retractable banner pans, you should have a logo, business name, contact information, and services offered on every sign.

TRT Banners custom prints logos and graphics in full color on all of those products and has a 48-hour turnaround after customer proof approval on your artwork and submitted information.

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How School’s Can Stand Out During College Transfer Visits and Fairs


College acceptance letters are starting to hit inboxes (and mailboxes) for high school seniors but there’s still an important college decision period remaining on student’s calendars:

Transfer deadlines

Campus Explorer puts the college visit timeline for transfers around November to January for fall entry. For spring, it’s April through June. It also lists that the date to make the final decision on a school is around May for fall entry.

Either way, these students are ready to make campus tours whether it’s one last look around or getting a feel for where they do and don’t want to go. Sure, you have maps and some wall placards that list room numbers and offices, but stepping on a new campus can be confusing and overwhelming.

So what might these potential students be looking for when they make their rounds and how can you help show them your college offers everything they’re looking for?

Students have done at least a few semesters at a previous college and want to know that their hard work and credits are going to transfer.

Finding the transfer or guidance office will be high on the checklist and should be something very visible from the minute they step on campus. An outdoor banner flag pointing out where they need to go for credit transfer questions is a great start. Getting them to the financial aid office is also likely to be a big key. Hanging a quick and affordable vinyl banner can effectively help them find that office.


Chances are most transfer students have a major in mind or are visiting a school because it offers a major of their interest. If they’re heading over to check out that department or building, highlighting the school’s top rated majors and examples of success of studying it at the college on an X-Frame Banner Stand is an affordable way to show them the benefits of choosing to study a specific major at your school.

Students transferring to a college are possibly looking for housing. Showcasing some of the best dorms and housing options with double-sided banner stands around campus will help them get an idea which spaces they’ll want to tour.

Finding where they fit in is important to any student when choosing a college and especially a transfer student. During busy visiting days, tables for clubs and other student activities will stand out a lot more with custom printed table throws and table top banner displays.


Students and parents leave college visits with tons of different promotional material, flyers, books and college branded garb. Retractable banner pens are a unique break from the norm of the kind of university clad pens included in promotional freebies.

TRT Banners has affordable banner solutions for any college visit days or fairs. Promoting any club or event on campus is affordable and quick with TRT Banners’ 48-hour turnaround on products after customer proof approval. Order with TRT Banners and save money while effectively promoting all your school has to offer!