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Six Ways to Effectively Network at Trade Shows

600x600-iStock_000070854523_FullA lot goes into planning for a trade show. What should be included in your display? How much product should you bring? What should you feature? What should your staff be focusing on? One thing that factors heavily into your trade show plans is making time for networking and how to do it successfully. In a 2014 article for the Globe and Mail, guest writer Colleen Francis wrote about a seller attending an event for hospital workers and how he approached networking. Francis also offered plenty of ways to make sure that you’re making the worst of your networking opportunities.

  1. Optimize your time – If you have to travel, use that time for planning. Map out your time at the show and where you want to be and who you want to interact with. Take care of housekeeping business items from the office while traveling if you are able. If you can avoid it, don’t drive yourself to give yourself that time to take care of such things and eliminate the stress of dealing with traffic.
  2. Be seen and heard – Don’t be afraid to speak up. If there are slots to speak at a lecture or a workshop, sign up. Make people take notice of who you are and why you’re there. Give them a reason to visit your booth when you’re done speaking.
  3. Branch out – You may know a lot of industry people who are attending the show, some whom you’ve even traveled with before. While it’s good to keep up with colleagues and the competition, you’re there to create new prospects. Try engaging with attendees you don’t recognize from other trade shows and events. You might even find out they know who you are and since you’re there to network, expand it with new people.
  4. Maximize your schedule – Ever feel guilty about getting in a round of golf while traveling for events? It could actually end up being a great business decision. Extracurricular activities in down time at conventions provide plenty of time to network in a more relaxed environment. You may enjoy golf, but maybe schedule something out of your comfort zone. Try a new restaurant or check out an art museum or wherever other prospective clients at the show might be.
  5. Don’t rush to leave – Whenever the event is scheduled to wrap up, you might be on a tight time schedule to catch a flight right after. Not only are you stressed about making your flight, you’re checking the time and thinking ahead about packing and travel time instead of being focused on how to wrap up your pitch successfully. Francis suggested that flying out in the morning allowed to her to attend closing activities at conferences. Also, flights are less likely to be delayed in the morning as opposed to early evenings.
  6. Finish the trip – Use travel time on the way home to once again catch up on things you missed from your business. Get emails and other tasks out of the way so once you are home from the event, you have more time to unwind before preparing for the next trip. can help you maximize your trade show displays and your budget. TRT Banners has everything from high quality signage, top of the line displays and a quick turnaround on shipping all at the best prices you can find.

Advertising Opportunities at Baseball Fields

As most of the country thaws out from the winter, outdoor activities are going to start drawing more and more interest. Nothing says warmer weather like the return of baseball season. College and pro teams are already playing in warm weather states. Soon it will be baseball season all over the country from big league parks to local youth leagues. Whether it’s a few thousand attending a game at a minor league stadium or parents at their kids little league games, it’s a great time and opportunity to start advertising outdoors.Little League Evironment

An affordable way to give your business a summer boost is by sponsoring a little league team, which can give you the benefit of having an outdoor vinyl banner hung from outfield fences. Having your company affiliated with a local little league and prominently displayed at games is sure to create good sentiment about your brand. Your company could profit from the small investment because little league families might be more likely to patronize league sponsors businesses.  There’s plenty of space on outfield fences all over youth league fields for banners of any size.

The official Little League World Series in Williamsport, Pennsylvania attracts over 400,000 people each year. Statistics from this 2013 Sports Business Journal piece show that there’s an important audience to reach by advertising within youth baseball.

Does your team or league have an official park or field? A great way to make it feel like home is displaying the league’s or team logo on an outdoor poster stand. This is also a great way to thank any sponsors by including their logos on the poster stand.

Weather is always a factor when advertising outdoors. A mesh banner that’s made to help cut down the impact of wind is a good fit for a minor league team looking to drum up interest for the next big promotional night.

One great way to raise money for baseball leagues and teams, whether it’s to keep equipment costs down or help with travel, is selling concessions and team merchandise. You can put your team or league logo on a custom printed canopy tent and give yourself some cover when selling food and gear from unpredictable spring or summer weather.

If spring is coming, that also means finals for college students. A sidewalk sign promoting your college team’s next home game might convince students to take a well-deserved study break while taking advantage of some warm weather at the game.

TRT Banners has affordable options on all kinds of indoor and outdoor advertising displays.