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Steps to Becoming a Successful Professional

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The struggle for success is a constant uphill battle for many in the business world. Many professionals are striving to become the leaders in their fields and reach goals that were identified early on in their careers. However, it is quite common for individuals to experience at least a few successes in their long professional lives. So, what makes habitually-successful people who achieve milestones regularly different from those individuals who happen to achieve success only on a few occasions in their entire lifetime?

Minda Zetlin explores the practices of repeated successful people in her article “7 Remarkable Habits of Consistently Successful People.” Zetlin explores ideas that are solidified in Larry Weidel’s book “Serial Winner,” the latter of which characterizes consistently-successful people by their attitude and how they attack daily issues and obstacles they face.

The following are seven principles that habitually-successful people follow in order to make their accomplishments innumerable, not rare:

  1. Success is a process, not just a place to get to: After a project is accomplished or a goal is met, people who are habitually successful do take the time to stop and celebrate a little. However, after the short celebration they are soon on to the next challenge or project. Continually-successful professionals see success as a never-ending goal to be chased after and when one goal is accomplished, another one is quickly outlined.
  2. Decisiveness gets the job done: Successful people carefully weigh their options before making a decision in a timely fashion. Waiting too long or being taciturn does not breed success in the fast-paced business world. They make a well-informed decision and do not look back. There is no wasting time or effort second-guessing decisions that have already been made. All movement is constantly forward and aimed towards the future.Group of business people discussing
  3. Go beyond the bare minimum: Just finishing a task is not enough for truly successful people. Going above and beyond what is expected of them is a common trait shared by accomplished professionals. Weidel states, “The extra momentum they build by overdoing helps them break through road blocks and allows them to handle bigger challenges over time.” Making the most out of every project helps the individual overcome issues when they inevitably arise.
  4. Adjust plans, not cancel them: Constant adjustments are usually necessary to successfully finish a task or project. When issues do come up, successful professionals will analyze the path they took and then try out new routes to complete the same task. Exploring alternate solutions to an obstacle and constantly adjusting the plan of attack can help one eventually accomplish a goal, even though the path that led one to the end result wasn’t the original plan.
  5. All projects are finished, not abandoned: Each time a project is seen through from conception to completion, an individual undoubtedly gains skills, experience and additional knowledge. No matter how small the task is or if the project is not going to end up as successful as was originally planned, following through on the job is a characteristic of an individual who is habitually successful, not just one who gets lucky here and there.
  6. Seek continual improvement: Rather than merely resting on his or her laurels, a driven and successful person is constantly seeking ways to improve himself or herself. Sometimes, a big ego caused by prior success can get in the way of accomplishing future goals. It is the people who are constantly working towards a new goal that are the ones who are more likely to make success a commonplace occurrence, rather than just a sporadic happenstance.Business person drawing profit graph
  7. Priorities shift accordingly: Many say that it is important to keep a work/life balance at all times. However, it is more important to think about priorities as shifting, not stagnant, entities. At the beginning or ending of an important project, work might need to take priority over leisure time in order to effectively focus your energy on producing a successful end result. Once a goal is accomplished, then one should take some free time to spend with friends and family, which is also a good way to recharge before the next big challenge comes along.

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