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Best Trade Show Apps

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Though many people use apps on their mobile devices for gaming and other entertainment pastimes, apps can be used for business purposes as well. Apps can make it easier for expo exhibitors to collect leads, attract visitors and engage attendees with branded electronic activities like surveys. Exhibitor Online’s article “8 Essential Apps” and Wes McDaniel’s article “Trade Show Apps for Lead Capture” both point out specific apps that can make your next trade show experience as stress-free as possible. Peruse our list below to see which free apps are right for you and your company:

  1. Expensify:
  • App for keeping track of trade show expenses
  • The free app tracks expenses and then generates a spreadsheet report that can be edited by the user
  • User takes pictures of the receipts and then enters any additional information he or she wants included in the expense report
  • Link the app to a credit card in order to attach images or receipts to the matching credit card transactions with the use of the “automatic receipt scanning” featureTechnology_money_istock
  1. BlueStone Nexus:
  • App can store the user’s marketing brochures and literature, as well as translate the information in different languages
  • The app also has the ability to store lead information
  • App allows user to send digital literature to booth attendees while collecting contact data from visitors by scanning personal printed business cards
  • App tracking system can report back to user when the documents were viewed by attendees and for how long
  • User has the ability to store attendee information and additional notes
  1. CamCard:
  • App to scan hard-copy business cards and then store the contact information and add it to a searchable database that is stored within the cloud
  • The information that is stored can be synced across numerous devices and accessed anywhere the user is
  • The user has the ability to generate an e-card profile that has a photo and contact information and then swap the profile with others
  • The app can read various languages for convenience at local and global trade shows
  1. Zkipster:
  • App for checking in attendees at an expo
  • The user can choose to import his or her own contact list or enter the information into the app manually
  • App can also print nametags on a wireless printer and show the user attendance numbers in real time
  • App enables the user to add photos to contact names, as well as sync the information across numerous devices
  • The app can send a notification to the user when a designated VIP guest has arrived to the show
  1. TripIt:
  • App provides an all-inclusive itinerary for trade show trips by combining the user’s travel information
  • App can provide updates on travel information, weather forecasts or flight delays
  • App can store travel information like rental car details, hotel lodgings and reservations at restaurants
  • The app works once the user forwards confirmation emails to the email associated with the app and then the software creates an agenda that can include maps and helpful contact information
  • App can be synced with calendar tools like Apple Calendar and Google Calendar for user convenience
  • User can edit and add travel information manually as wellPhone_Driving_istock
  1. WhatsApp Messenger:
  • App that serves the purpose of a group messenger
  • The app is able to use the device’s Wi-Fi capabilities or 3G connection when available
  • The user is able to send messages, videos, photos and audio
  • Enables the user to create a custom group and invite people into the created group using the user’s own contact list
  • App allows users to exchange contacts
  1. Periscope:
  • App that can live-stream videos directly on social media
  • The app is able to store videos for replays
  • Videos are available for 24 hours
  • The user can either share videos privately through app or publicly on social media platforms
  • Videos include the option of real-time comments with text bubbles and hearts/likes
  • The amount of replayed or live-streamed videos is limitless
  1. Quick Tap Survey:
  • App used to create surveys to get visitor feedback at trade shows, collect leads and store contact information
  • App uses large buttons and easy-to-read text for added convenience
  • The user can generate questions with scored points that help to create reports and analyze data collected after the expo
  1. Evernote:
  • App allows users to take and share electronic notes, photos, checklists, etc.
  • Stored information can be synced among various devices
  • The work-chat feature allows users to make comments on projects in real time
  • App can create agendas for users, track expenses and store travel informationPhone_Text_Bubbles_istock
  1. iCapture:
  • App for conducting surveys at trade shows and adding leads
  • App enables user to customize the visual design of the app and create custom surveys
  • The app can be used to acquire visitor’s contact details
  • The user can create custom questions that are specific to his or her brand or simply use generic questions that are commonly asked and come preloaded on the app
  • The app allows the user to automatically forward captured leads to certain email services and automatically email participants in order to offer a special promotion or simply thank them

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Creating a Memorable Trade Show Booth

With all of the heavy foot traffic and exhibitors vying for attendees’ attention, how can your brand create a memorable display space at an upcoming convention? In her article “What Can You Do to Be the Most Memorable Company at a Trade Show?,” Anita Ginsburg explores what your brand can do to make sure you stand out from your competition and effectively leave a lasting impression on your target audience. Since a high percentage of trade show attendees have buying power, showcasing what your brand can do for them is important. Adhere to the following tips to ensure your brand stays in the minds of your audience long after the expo has ended:

Mail box

  1. Do Your Pre-Show Homework: Doing your research months before the expo starts enables you to get a head start on which attendees plan to be at the event. You want to contact as many leads as you can in the weeks leading up to the convention. This offers an early introduction of your business to those in your target audience, resulting in a greater probability that they will remember your brand long after the trade show is over. Send emails or direct mail to expected attendees, as well as set up appointments with them so you can have a greater chance of meeting with them at a crowded expo.
  2. Perfect Your Approach: The tone with which you and your staffers relate to visitors to your booth can either make a good impression on attendees, or leave a sour taste in their mouths. Overly-aggressive communication can rub your audience the wrong way and put too much pressure to turn their casual visit to your exhibit into a sale. Your employees should be direct and assertive, but not aggressive.People_interacting_istock
  3. Sell Your Brand: Focusing too much on your products and services in your marketing materials and sales pitch can come off as trying too hard to convert a lead into a sale. Instead, you want to focus on creating engaging, high-quality content within your booth space that focuses on the needs and desires of your target audience. If at all possible, address specific concerns or issues that your potential customers might have and show how your brand’s products and/or services can help resolve these problems. If your audience feels that you really care about their needs, you will undoubtedly create a memorable showcase that your clients will not soon forget.600x600-State-University-Retractable-Pen
  4. Giveaways!: People love free stuff and the more creative giveaway you offer them at a trade show, the more likely your brand will leave a lasting impression on them. Include a variety of different freebies like personalized pens, mugs and clothing apparel to ensure you have something that piques the curiosity of a wide range of visitors. Providing free personalized items within your booth also gives your company the opportunity to interact with your audience and further explain what your brand is all about.
  5. Create a One-of-a-Kind Atmosphere: To create a memorable convention booth, you must transform a bland exhibit space into a personalized display area that reflects your brand. Eye-catching signage and custom banners is only half of the equation for a memorable booth. Ginsburg points out that in order to create a unique atmosphere within your expo booth, your company needs to show off your products and services, as well as tell your company’s story. Music, videos and other artistic marketing materials can help take your professional showcase to the next level and stand apart from your competitors.
  6. Effectively Train Your Staff: Training your staff before a trade show is a crucial step to make a memorable display space at a special event. One-on-one or group training sessions should focus on your brand’s marketing message and how employees should answer some commonly asked questions that will come up during the course of the expo. Ginsburg advises businesses to consider hiring professional trainers, such as a motivational business speaker, to inspire your employees and improve their engagement skills.Multi-Ethnic Group Of People Holding The Word Inspire

Enacting these six steps in your company’s trade show preparation can help you create a memorable exhibit space and improve your brand’s trade show effectiveness. For impressive signage, such as retractable banner stands and trade show displays, that will present your business in a professional manner and leave a memorable first impression on your target audience, visit today or contact TRT Banners to learn more about our high-quality printed signage and top-of-the-line large format printing services!

Get Ahead of the Holiday Rush with New Retail Banners

Retail_Sale_istockThe retail rush for the holiday season begins early. Soon after Labor Day, department stores and boutiques gear up for their busiest time of the year. To make the most out of the influx of customers into retail shops during the fall and winter months, effective indoor and outdoor signage is needed to attract passersby and entice them to take advantage of your store’s special limited-time offers.

Retail banners are useful tools for a wide selection of businesses, including the following:

  • Department stores
  • Boutiques
  • Jewelry stores
  • Shoe shops
  • Outdoor apparel/living brands
  • Book sellers
  • Video game and entertainment stores
  • Specialty shops
  • Art supplies stores
  • Halloween costume shops

Traffic-Stopping Outdoor Banners

Outdoor retail banners serve to attract attention from passersby in front of your store and entice them to come into your retail establishment. Announce special holiday sales or your longer hours of operation with custom printed outdoor signage. Any banners or flags that you feature outdoors should be weatherproof and printed with waterproof solvent inks to produce a durable sign that will not succumb to rain, wind or frigid temperatures.

For an easy and affordable outdoor banner to advertise your retail holiday sales, invest in custom vinyl banners for your store. The low-cost hanging banner can be easily attached directly to the front of your building or on a fence near a busy intersection by attaching rope or zip ties to the grommets or pole pockets on the sign. The versatile displays are available in custom sizes and feature a full-color printing process to make your retail message really “pop” in a busy outdoor arena.550x550-Black-Friday-Blowout-Sale-Mock-Vinyl-Banner

Free-standing fabric flags offer an eye-catching display tool to demand attention for your retail promotions. Feather flags are available with a flat-footed base, which can be placed on any flat surface and stabilized with a water bag, or an in-ground stand to secure the display in soft ground. With the option of a single or double-sided printed swooper or blade flag, you can maximize the visibility of your printed graphics at any high-traffic location. Sidewalk signs are also effective double-sided displays that can be showcased directly in front of your store to announce new holiday products or a special “Buy One, Get One Free” offer.

Indoor Displays for Stress-Free Shopping ExperienceWoman_Jewelry_istock

Once customers have been enticed to enter your retail store during the busy holiday season, it is now the duty of your indoor signage to make their shopping experience as stress-free and convenient as possible. When your retail store is the most crowded during the months of November and December, line the interior of your shop with banners and displays that direct customers towards certain products or show off discounted items in a featured holiday presentation.

Create an enticing holiday showcase with a few of your best-selling items by investing in double-sided telescopic displays. The versatile retail banner stands feature not one, but two full-color printed banners that can display a “1/2 Off” or “Buy One, Get One Free” message next to your discounted clothing items or accessories. You can also create an impressive storefront display with a sleek telescopic poster stand. To indicate where items are located throughout your store, add aisle signs by purchasing poster hangers to attach to a drop-tile ceiling. Ceiling banner hangers are effective and space-saving, making them perfect for any busy department store or boutique.550x550-Free-Ornament-11.75-x-21-Table-Top

It is important to create a point-of-sale exhibit next to the front registers at your store to encourage last-minute purchases from your customers. Table top displays, including retractable and sign holder styles, are compact enough to take up minimal space on your countertop but still pack a big marketing punch. Promote smaller items like jewelry or sunglasses directly next to the checkout area of your store so customers can quickly grab additional items in a hurry.

Once you choose the style and size of retail banner stand you desire, you can showcase any of the following popular promotional messages:

  • Limited-time discounts and sales
  • Welcome customers
  • List hours of operation
  • Introduce special holiday products
  • Directional banners
  • Show off recent accolades or recognitions
  • Create in-store product exhibits

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Building an Effective Marketing Message for Your Brand

Creating an effective marketing message for your established or unknown brand is one of the biggest and most difficult tasks for most marketers. A promotional message should catch the attention of your brand’s target audience and make your business stand out from your competitors. A thoughtful strategy for creating your company’s marketing message requires research and a real understanding of your customer base, as well as potential clients you wish to reach.

Four diverse professional businesspeople holding a blank banner or horizontal sign for your text or advertisement isolated on white

Tripp Braden, in his article “How Do You Build a Better Marketing Message?,” makes the argument that many marketers still miss the mark today with their current promotional messages. Even today with social media communications and online advertising, Braden states that it is a commonly-held misbelief that millions of people will still see your promotional message even if it isn’t successful. What makes a successful promotional message is when marketers are constantly updating and evolving their strategy to keep up with an ever-changing global market, Braden claims. Merely showcasing your advertising initiatives on your company’s Facebook or Twitter pages isn’t enough; rather, constant movement is necessary to keep up with a changing marketplace and how consumers are looking for and viewing information.

In order for your message to gain attention from your target audience and effectively increase awareness about your brand, it is vitally important that your marketing message is on-point. When deciding on the right promotional message for your business, you often have to choose between a traditionally safe approach or one that requires more of a risk and therefore a greater reward, or loss. In his article “How to Differentiate Your Brand by Taking Calculated Risks,” Jamie Turner delves into the idea of risk-taking as it pertains to marketing and the occasions when one should, and shouldn’t, take a gamble on his or her promotional campaign. Just like the stock market, Turner claims that marketers can choose to either play it safe or take a risk to win big, or lose big as the case may be.

Concept of easy solution of a businessman

Turner explores when it is good to take a risk, and when it is best to play it safe, when identifying what the best promotional message is for your brand. The industry which your brand is in plays a big part in planning your marketing initiatives. Turner states that if your field is legal, health, finance or banking, it is best to take the traditional and safe approach to your advertising strategies since industries related to money and wellness are generally not taken too lightly. The same holds true for those in the auto, airlines and technology sectors where safety is often the top priority. However, Turner notes that sometimes if you are a newcomer in your industry, taking a strategic risk can help set your brand apart from your competition. Turner provides the example of GeekSquad, a once-unknown company that took a risk by playing up the “geekiness” of the brand’s services.

It is unfortunately fairly common for marketers to miss the boat with their promotional messages. An effective marketing message will grab the attention of your target audience by taking into consideration who your audience is, what they are looking for and the general tone of your professional industry. Then, you can make a decision on if it is right for your brand to take a leap or more of a traditional route with your marketing message.

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