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10 “Oops” Moments When Exhibiting at a Trade Show

little boy shoutingWhether you are a seasoned exhibitor with years of experience or are new to the convention circuit, it is often easy to have an “oops” moment at an expo. Don’t get caught regretting something you did, or didn’t do, at a show. Be sure you don’t fall victim to the following common trade show mistakes:

  1. Not Proofreading Promotional Material: From banner stands and display backdrops to informational brochures and catalogs, you will undoubtedly have a lot of promotional materials on display within your trade show booth. Not only should information about your company’s products and services be clearly presented, but it should also be free of misspellings and typos. Proofread all printed materials to avoid embarrassing grammatical errors.
  2. Untrained and Unprepared Staff: Properly training your staff on how to interact with visitors to your booth and answer questions about your brand is an important aspect of a successful convention experience. In the months and weeks before your show begins, hold one-on-one or group training sessions to get your staff prepared for long hours on the trade show floor.
  3. Waiting to Book Hotels and Travel Accommodations: Your expo is right around the corner but you have yet to book travel and rooming accommodations for you and your staff? Yikes! Waiting until the last minute to handle hotel reservations and plane tickets can force you to spend beyond your means or select a hotel that is a far distance from the convention center. Book early!Hotel_outside_istock
  4. Overpaying for Bulky Signage: Transporting your displays and banner stands to and from the event center can be costly, especially with bulky and unmanageable signage and display accessories. Opt instead for lightweight and portable displays like retractable banner stands and table top banners.
  5. Failing to Review Policies of the Convention Center: Every convention center has its own policies including restrictions on electricity, setup costs and what you can and cannot include in your exhibit space. Failing to review these requirements can leave you in a bind when you are already at the hotel or expo hall, leaving little room to rectify the situation at such a late time.
  6. Not Dressing the Part: Wearing casual wear to a conservative show or dressing sloppy can tarnish the image of your brand and make your business seem unprofessional. Research the specific expo and find out what the tone of the day is. When in doubt, it is always better to be overdressed in business slacks, button down shirts or suits.
  7. Forgetting to Initiate Pre-Show Promotions: Promotions and giveaways can be a great way to draw an audience to your booth. If you don’t offer any incentive, such as raffles for free iPads, vacations or your own products, for visitors to stop at your booth you will have less of a chance of attracting trade show attendees within your exhibit space.
  8. Lacking a Social Media Presence: Effective marketing campaigns before your show can make or break your convention exhibit. If you don’t let your audience know that you are going to be exhibiting at an upcoming show and include your booth number on your social media pages, you will have less of a chance to draw a crowd. Give attendees a heads up about your exhibit booth by posting on your company’s Facebook, Twitter and Google+ pages.
  9. Inadequate Trade Show Displays: There will undoubtedly be a lot of competition on the trade show floor for gaining the interest of convention attendees. Low-quality and dull printed signage can be the death knell for your exhibit. Include impressive custom printed banner stands, booth backdrops, flags, table covers and table top displays in your booth to really “wow” your audience.
  10. Not Following Up on Leads: Even if you collected a substantial number of leads at your show, it all means nothing if you don’t follow up on them! Be sure to get in touch with your leads through phone, email or direct mail in the weeks and months following your show. You don’t want all your hard work, time and money to be for nothing!

And for the most common trade show mistake, don’t purchase your custom signage anywhere other than TRT Banners! Call us at 1-877-223-6540 or visit our website to help you plan for a successful trade show experience.

Point-of-Sale Displays: Encouraging Last-Minute Purchases

Whether you are in the food industry as a restaurant, bakery or café or own a business in the competitive retail world, point-of-purchase areas provide an opportunity for an extra boost in sales by encouraging customers to purchase last-minute items at the checkout counter of your business. Enticing customers to include a small accessory like sunglasses or take-home bakery items at your eatery when checking out is simple with the proper signage. Creating an effective point-of-purchase display can be difficult because space is often limited and you don’t want your clientele to feel like they are being attacked with an aggressive marketing pitch when they are already in the process of purchasing some of your wares or items. User-friendly signage and display accessories that showcase a subtle but clear promotional message at the register of your boutique or diner will help you increase sales for your business.

retail_school-smallThe counter space next to the front registers at your store or restaurant is often limited. You don’t want to clutter this space with large point-of-sale banner stands and signs that will make the checking-out process inconvenient for your customers. Small table top displays are ideal as retail banners or promotional signage on the checkout counter of your store. Table banners range in style and size to make it possible for you to find one that best suits your available display space. Retractable table top displays can be set up instantly to promote a limited-time sale or your clothing store’s product of the week. X-frame table banners are compact, lightweight and can be quickly updated with poster replacements to make it easy for you to showcase your weekly bakery items or discounted products.

The message on your point-of-purchase banners can range from “Buy 1 Get 1 Free” to “10% Off” in order to offer extra incentive for visitors within your store to purchase additional items. It is best to not make your message too pushy however, or have your sales team push your promotions too much on your customers, since that may turn off your audience from taking advantage of the discounted or featured items. You can also set up an additional table next to the registers that showcase your bakery items or small accessories like jewelry or wallets to make it more convenient for your clients to grab the items when there is a long line behind them.

To make your point-of-sale display even more eye-catching and professional, you will have to decorate your countertop with more than just printed table banners. Adding table throws to a nearby promotional space next to the checkout counter or your point-of-sale counter can help create a cohesive display space. From full-color printed table throws and runners to solid-color table covers, you can instantly dress up your countertop with minimal hassle! Durable table throws and runners are often machine-washable in cold water and can be tumble or air-dried to keep your table cover looking good as new after weeks or months of use.

To make a lasting impression on customers at the checkout of your boutique, eatery or café, include memorable promotional giveaways on your countertop. Interesting printed freebies like retractable banner pens enable you to give your customers something useful that will also feature your company name and contact details, like phone number, website and email address! The printed banner insert pulls out directly from the barrel of the pen to conveniently showcase your business’ information for your new and long-time customers.

For retail banners, restaurant displays and point-of-sale signage, TRT Banners has it all! Peruse our available table top displays, table covers and more to encourage last-minute purchases from your loyal clientele!

Creating an Eye-Catching Outdoor Exhibit

Once the sun begins to shine and flowers start to bloom, crowds of people venture outside to attend outdoor events like festivals and farmers’ markets. When the weather breaks it is time to take your professional marketing campaign to the streets. Promote your restaurant, university, retail store or small business at any outdoor venue with durable custom printed outdoor banner stands and flags. We have identified some popular outdoor signage options that will catch the attention of the public, rain or shine!


Free-Standing Fabric Flags: Adding height to your exhibit space is important when you are within an outdoor arena and are looking to reach a wider public audience. Attract attention from a distance with free-standing fabric flags. Teardrop and Feather Banners are ideal because they feature high-quality printed graphics on a durable polyester material and include your choice of base to stabilize the swooper flag in moderately windy conditions. Select an in-ground stake to drive your custom flag into the ground at a festival or flea market. To display your flag on the sidewalk or any concrete surface, try a flat-footed base which can be secured with an additional water bag. The straight and curved flags feature an impressive dye sublimation heat press process for a long-lasting and vibrant output that will capture the gaze of an audience without the graphics fading or running from exposure to rain or sunlight.

Hanging Vinyl Banners: Versatile vinyl banners, as well as mesh banners, can be hung with rope or hooks directly on the side of a building or fence for low-cost outdoor banner options. The durable outdoor displays are often made of weatherproof vinyl and are printed with waterproof solvent inks for a sign that can stand up to Mother Nature. The versatile banners can include aluminum grommets to accommodate hanging with rope or hooks, or pole pockets to display with a flag pole. The affordable outdoor banners can also feature tiny perforations throughout the vinyl to minimize wind resistance, creating a mesh vinyl banner for any outdoor sporting event or marketing campaign. Vinyl banners are also customizable in size to help you create the ideal hanging sign for your event space and allotted budget.

Sidewalk Signs: Compact double-sided signage is a space-saver at a crowded outdoor event and increases the visibility of your marketing message. A-frame displays, like the Aluminum A-Frame Poster Stand and Large White Outdoor A-Frame Poster Stand, include two full-color printed banners and a collapsible frame for convenient storage or transportation. Ideal for displaying your restaurant’s lunch specials or broadcasting a special summer sale at your retail store, a sidewalk sign is an easy and effective way to create an outdoor exhibit for any occasion.

Canopy Tents: For a practical promotional tool at a farmers’ market or community function, add a custom printed canopy tent to your professional showcase. The pop up tent features a lightweight aluminum frame and water-resistant stretch fabric canopy for an advertising display that also provides you and your guests protection from potential rains and harsh sunlight. The advertising tent can be customized by adding printed sidewalls to one or all four sides of the gazebo. Canopy tents can also be used for personal functions like outdoor gatherings for cook-outs, birthday parties and even summer garage sales!

Outdoor Retractable Banner Stands: Retractable banner stands are a favorite of many marketers because they can be easily set up and are a breeze to travel with to and from events. The Oudoor Retractable Banner Stand offers the convenience of a pull up banner with the durability of an outdoor display. Heavy-duty, stabilizing feet are added at the base to secure the retractable display at any outdoor venue. The resilient sign is also double-sided, which increases the chances of passersby coming and going in front of your exhibit space seeing your marketing message.

For all of your outdoor marketing display needs, contact TRT Banners today! Our impressive large format printing capabilities, high-quality displays and low pricing cannot be passed up!

How to Place an Online Order with TRT Banners

Ordering a custom banner stand, table cover or free-standing flag has never been easier with TRT Banners’ online ordering process. Follow the steps below to purchase your own printed banner or display in no time at all:

  1. Decide On Your Product: TRT Banners offers a wide range of styles and sizes of banner stands and displays to suit any venue and budget. From table top banners and covers to retractable banners and pop up backdrops, you can create a cohesive exhibit space for any upcoming trade show or marketing event. Browse the online product offerings and select the product that accommodates your display space, visual aesthetic and allotted marketing funds.
  2. Add to Cart: Once you have decided on a product, choose the “Add to Cart” option on the item’s product page. This button is usually found next to the quantity selection on the individual product page. Be sure to select your desired material, size and any other preferences that can be chosen as a drop down selection in order to be able to proceed with the ordering process.
  3. Checkout: After you select the “Add to Cart” option, you proceed to a page that shows all of the items that you have placed in your online shopping cart. It is at this time that you can choose to select a printed proof, estimate your shipping costs by entering your state and zip code, or enter a promotional code you have received. Double-check that you have everything you need in your shopping cart before selecting the “Proceed to Checkout” button, which is located underneath the total cost of your order. You can decide to checkout as a guest or register an account. You will then fill out your billing and shipping addresses, as well as your credit card information.
  4. Upload Artwork: After the order process is complete, you will be prompted to upload your artwork. Locate your file and select the “Upload” button. Remember, you can upload multiple files at once. Be sure that your file was created according to the art specification sheet that is located on the product page. All files should be created at 100%, have a resolution of 150 DPI, saved in CMYK and submitted as a .jpg, .ai, .eps, .tiff, .psd or .pdf file. All files will be reviewed in-house by an Account Executive and will be digitally proofed.
  5. Promote Your Company: Following a 48 hour printing and production time after proof approval plus additional shipping time, you will receive a custom printed banner stand or display to effectively marketing your business, university, organization or upcoming event!


Feel free to call 877-223-6540 or email [email protected] to receive assistance from a friendly customer service representative!