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Wedding Banners and Décor for Your Big Day!

Planning a wedding can be a tedious and stressful time in the lives of you and your spouse. Coordinating the various components of a wedding celebration and reception, including the catering, limousine service, photographer, flowers and entertainment, can prove to be a heavy load for the bride and groom. Purchasing custom printed decorations—from table banners and throws to vinyl banners and wall decals—can help you customize your wedding venue and reception areas without exceeding your budget. Take some of the stress out of planning the big day with help from TRT Banners, an expert in the printed display and banner stand field with incredibly affordable pricing.

The following are some ideas on how you can customize each area of your wedding venue with unique printed banners and accessories:

Bride And Groom In Convertible Car Waving At Wedding GuestsVinyl and Mesh Banners: Immediately welcome guests to your cocktail hour or reception with bright indoor/outdoor vinyl banners. Print a special message or a simple “Mr. and Mrs.” to set the tone for the joyous occasion. Hang your vinyl or mesh banner, which features perforations to minimize wind resistance, with rope or hooks and attach to the entranceway of your venue or on the side of the building. Vinyl banners can also be used inside of your reception area to showcase your family name or even the name of the band or DJ you hired to entertain your guests into the wee hours of the morning.

Poster Stands: Durable poster stands are an easy way to direct traffic outside and inside of your wedding venue. Use double-sided A-frame poster stands with printed arrows and directions to show your guests how to get to your wedding or reception area and where to park. Adjustable poster stands can be placed throughout the interior of your facility to point your guests in the direction of the restrooms, buffet line, sign-in book or place cards.

Table Throws and Banners: Printed table throws and mini banners Beautiful table settingcan dress up any table or countertop space instantly, without costing you and your spouse a fortune. Feature an impressive printed table throw or runner with the date and your last name on the head table to make the area stand out. Utilize blank throws on your guests’ tables to spruce up a boring countertop. You can also include printed table banners, like retractable and pop up table top displays, on your sign-in table or where you have arranged the place cards. Print a cherished photo of you and your spouse or one of your family on a table top sign to personalize a lackluster area.

Pop Up and Adjustable Backdrops: Large, portable display backdrops are ideal for a variety of areas within your wedding or reception venue. Print a step-and-repeat pattern of your initials or a fun background image for a personalized or quirky photo backdrop for your guests to take pictures in front of so that they can have a photo keepsake of the special occasion. Large pop up or display booths can also promote your featured entertainer, band or DJ throughout the night. As a special “Thank You,” you can let your caterer, photographer, event planner, band or any other wedding vendor promote their own business on your big night with a backdrop display including all the professional logos and names of those who have helped make your wedding a success.

Wall Decals: Decorating the walls of your reception center has never been easier with custom printed wall decals! The full-color adhesive vinyl stickers can be attached to any smooth, hard surface and repositioned or removed without leaving a residue on the walls. Feature pictures of you and your spouse throughout the years for a memorable way to detail your love story to your guests. Wall stickers can be re-used so you can showcase the special adhesive mementos from your wedding in your home or office for years to come.Family And Guests Applauding During Wedding Reception

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Building an Interactive Trade Show Booth

Stale exhibit areas that do not entice visitors to stop at your booth can be the reason why a business or organization doesn’t have a successful trade show experience. Creating an interactive eight, ten or twenty foot professional showcase that draws visitors to your booth and then engages them for a bit while you discuss with them your company’s products and services can be feasible with a well-thought-out booth plan. Utilize interactive technological devices within your exhibit and create an interesting atmosphere at your booth to make the most out of the time and energy you and your staff put in to preparing and exhibiting at a business convention.

iPad Holder Opened 375x375There are numerous portable technological devices that you can incorporate into your convention booth layout to help engage visitors. Interactive flat screens can help navigate visitors through your business’ warehouse, order process or the uses of your products. Include an iPad holder, either one that clamps on to a countertop space or a floor-standing display, so that potential customers can browse your website or images of other projects you have done to build up your credibility. Television monitors can also draw a crowd to your booth by featuring a funny or shocking promotional advertisement, or a looped video of customers using your products.

Setting up your interactive devices in an effective booth layout takes careful planning, taking into consideration the user’s experience. To make your booth entertaining, as well as practical for your visitors, separate your devices throughout your booth to give attendees room to actually engage with the electronic devices. Place an iPad or tablet at the front corner of your booth or attached to a countertop to maximize space and the flow of traffic. Large interactive devices like monitors and television screens should be the focal point and therefore centrally located to draw the visitors eye to the middle of your exhibit. Space out your devices and route the flow of traffic you want people to take so you don’t have multiple individuals crowded in a few areas in your exhibit, clamoring to use a few token interactive items.

Properly training your staff is crucial to effectively integrating interactive Strengthening the workplace through diversityelements and technological devices into your professional showcase. Before the actual trade show you should hold training sessions, either in small groups or individually, to teach your staff how to properly use the equipment, like interactive screens and tablets, and what to do in case a device malfunctions. In order to avoid any issues with your interactive devices running out of power, be sure to pack extra chargers and charge all batteries and devices in a nearby outlet before the first day of the convention.

550x550-Orlander-University-4-Panel-Curved-Booth-with-Exposed-Framed-copyTo create a well-rounded interactive space, it is important to also include some traditional printed signage within your booth. A traditional printed banner or booth backdrop can also give the attendees’ eyes a rest from all of the digital television screens, tablets and monitors. Including a few key banner stands, like a large trade show booth display, table banners and a retractable stand, can create a balance between traditional signage and interactive technology. A sizable Tension Fabric Display or pop up fabric banner can also be left unprinted and then used as the screen for a projector, bridging the gap between free-standing displays and new interactive devices. Incorporating printed banners and displays is also a smart way to ensure your marketing message is clearly seen, even if your interactive marketing tools malfunction or fail to work the day of the expo.

Be sure to take advantage of TRT Banners’ extensive line of printed trade show displays and booth backdrops in order to create a cohesive, interactive booth that will not fail to make your company stand apart from other exhibitors at your next convention.

Virtual Trade Shows: The Future of the Convention Circuit?

Trade shows have long been a staple in traditional Think digitalmarketing campaigns for small businesses and even big corporations. The convention circuit enables exhibitors to meet prospective clientele and expand their professional network, as well as provide a chance to see what their competition is up to. With the advent of technology pervading most every aspect of our day and influencing how we interact with others, virtual trade shows have risen and gained in popularity. Over the last few decades, the software for these events has allowed the viewer to feel like he or she is in an actual exhibit hall with a life-like, mock convention space. What are virtual trade shows and will a virtual expo be able to take the place of traditional conventions?

To obtain a booth at a virtual trade show, an entrance fee is paid by the exhibitor which can range anywhere from $3,000 to $8,000 and beyond according Melanie Lindner in her article “How to Tackle a Virtual Trade Show” ( The show host then pays an event design firm such as GoExhibit or SecondLife to help exhibitors design their booth, which is usually a free-of-charge service for the exhibitor. Lindner estimates that a virtual trade show host can pay anywhere from $20,000 to $50,000 for the services of the event design company. The exhibitor is asked to send the designer any material or design instructions for the creation of the booth. In some instances, a template is provided for the exhibitor to create their own booth layout.

Once the booth is designed, there are designated days and times that the show will be in session which could be anywhere from a couple days to a week. A rotating staff is usually allocated to the booth so it is occupied at all times should a visitor have a question about a product or service the business provides. When an attendee visits a specific booth, his or her name and company information is shown to the exhibitor. The exhibitor and attendee can then communication via Instant Message. To learn more about the exhibitor, the attendee can also click on his or her professional profile.

Business travelThere are many benefits of exhibiting at a virtual trade show. The most obvious benefit is the amount of money you can save from attending a virtual trade show versus a traditional in-person convention. You can wipe costly travel charges, like hotels and airplane tickets for your whole staff, as well as freight charges to ship your displays and marketing tools to your expo site completely off of your trade show expense list.  Saving on time is a big factor as well, as Sabuhi Gard explains in the article “Virtual Trade Fairs: The Future for Small Businesses?”. Gard points out that since your staff is not out of the office, they can be accomplishing their daily tasks until a visitor comes along asking for assistance in the virtual trade show (

As far as collecting your customer’s information and analyzing data, a virtual trade show provides convenience for the exhibitor with helpful software. Oftentimes, the exhibitor can track sales and marketing data in real time because attendee information is automatically saved in the database. This also makes following up on leads after the show easier because all the contact information you need is already organized in one place. Other exhibitors’ information can also be effortlessly viewed since everything is digitized and one is not forced to sift through a stack of flyers or business cards.

One of the biggest advantages of traditional trade shows—face-to-face interaction—is missing though from virtual expos. Meeting current and potential customers, as well as other related businesses in one’s industry, is the most important benefit of a physical trade show that cannot be replicated in a virtual arena. Another issue that can arise with virtual trade shows is that the different time zones can alienate parts of the country, as well as deter some of your target audience from attending the show.

Though virtual trade shows do have many benefits, they cannot compensate for the human interaction that takes place at traditional shows. Many experts are predicting that the future of trade shows lies somewhere in between the two avenues—a hybrid expo that uses virtual elements at a live event.

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The Dos and Don’ts of Creating a Business Logo

When building your business, brand recognition and customer loyalty are vital cornerstones to a successful company. You want your customers to be able to easily identify your business from your competition, as well as feel that there is a sense of trust in the integrity of your brand and the types of products and services you provide. Creating a business logo that effectively portrays what your company is about and appears visually attractive to your customers is important when establishing brand identity. Whether you are a new company looking to create your very first logo or you want to redesign your brand’s current logo, careful planning and an attention to detail is needed in order for your logo to be the face of your company.

sign_logo_TRTCreating a logo can be a lot of pressure for anyone because it will serve as the visual representation of your company. Your logo should be a good first impression of your company to potential clientele and work to establish a sense of loyalty and trust between your brand and client base. A good logo clearly states what your company does so your audience doesn’t have to guess what your business is all about when they see your logo. Whether your logo is font-based, literally illustrates what you do or is a sort of abstract symbol of your company, it is necessary to choose the logo design that perfectly suits your image.

Before you even begin the actual design of your logo, you should focus on what message you want to convey to your target audience. Sit down and define your mission statement with a short, but concise sentence. Once you can pinpoint exactly what you want to portray to your clientele, you can then create your logo around that ideal. Focus on the most important aspect of your company that you want your audience to walk away with—whether it be your customer service, cutting-edge product development, 24/7 availability or long-standing expertise in the industry in which you are in.

Be sure to think about the following aspects of your logo when brainstorming ideas:

  1. Know what your competitors are doing: Be familiar with the logos of your competition and formulate how you want to differentiate your brand from other companies. What makes you stand apart from other businesses in your field?
  2. Be mindful of your message: Staying true to the message you outlined in the beginning of the process is crucial to designing a successful logo. What is the tone of your message? Is it lighthearted or serious? Who is your current target audience and what tone would they most relate to?
  3. Make your logo clear and practical: Logos should be able to be easily reproduced and re-sized to fit different mediums including flyers, large signs and web banners. Icons are generally better than photos because if a photo is reproduced too small, the image will become cluttered and unrecognizable. If the logo needs to be photocopied or faxed, it should be able to be clearly reproduced in black and white.
  4. Link your logo to your business name: The name of your business undoubtedly affects the type of logo you design. If your name is sophisticated and traditional, make sure your design reflects that. If your name is fun and catchy, your design can include lighthearted elements.
  5. Focus on your business’ key benefit: What aspect of your business do you specifically want to tout and make your customers remember about your brand? Is it your reliability, large inventory, outstanding customer service or decades in business as an expert in your field?
  6. Don’t get trendy: Trends come and go but you want to be able to get at least 10 to 20 years out of your logo design. If you are redesigning your logo, be sure to gradually enact changes instead of drastically changing your logo at once. Drastic logo redesigns can alienate your loyal customer base and tarnish the trust you have built up with your clients over the years.
  7. Limit the number of colors: Though building your logo with numerous colors Colorful ink in watercan make your image “pop” and result in an eye-catching finished look, it may not be the most practical logo design. Be mindful that you will have to recreate your logo in a number of different advertising mediums including catalogs, promotional signs and company literature. Most printing companies will increase the cost of the print with each color that needs to be reproduced in your graphics. Keep your logo to a maximum of three colors so that printing promotional tools doesn’t exceed your business’ budget.

For more information on how to create the most memorable and effective business logo for your company, check out the article “How to Create a Logo” by David Cotriss, Kim T. Gordon and Steve Nubie here:

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Run Photoshop in Chrome with New Adobe Release

Adobe has just recently announced in September that the trial Row of schoolchildren studying in front of a computerperiod has begun for the development of Photoshop running on a browser. The new tech advancement is called Photoshop Streaming and Adobe is allowing educational institutions to apply to test it over the next six months. Instead of being forced to purchase the software and run it on a computer that can handle the application, running the application from a browser allows the program to be run on any computer. This is especially important for teachers and students, since many in the educational field are working with low-end devices.

To use the program on Chrome for Windows or your Chromebook, you first download the application directly from the Chrome Web Store. Opening the application actually leads you to a server on one of Google’s central Compute Engine Servers. The contents of the program on your desktop are captured as a video and sent back to the browser where Javascript relays your actions back to service, essentially sending the contents of your screen over the network to a Chromebook and back again. The files are then stored on Google’s servers that can be reached through Google Drive.

Since Photoshop Streaming is managed centrally, it can automatically update the program which saves institutions like schools the valuable time and effort it takes to constantly update their systems. The Adobe Creative Cloud subscription, which costs $50 per month for a one year subscription, grants the user access to all of Adobe’s other software. The system also uses Google’s VP8 compression technology, which allows the user to load and transmit large files without a long lag time.

There are some limits to Photoshop Streaming however. Some core functions like printing or any 3D functions of Photoshop do not work and are still being developed. Currently, the program only works with files hosted on Google Drive but Adobe is looking to add other cloud storing devices to be compatible with the application. Victoria Selwyn, the Adobe Senior Program manager who is charge of the project, reiterates that the new browser-based program is not simply a replacement for the original application. In his article “Checking Out Photoshop for Chromebooks: Network-Computing Revived,” Stephen Shankland quotes Selwyn as saying, “This is not a replacement for the classic version of Photoshop” (

550x550-3Up-TRT-Luxury-StandsPhotoshop is utilized in a variety of applications, including general graphic design for promotional items and advertisements. Custom designed vinyl banners, pull up displays, booth backdrops and indoor/outdoor poster stands and flags can effectively market a restaurant, boutique, hotel or university, as well as a special event like a community fundraiser or annual holiday bake sale at a religious institution like a church. For high-quality printed signage to showcase your personal or professional message, check out TRT Banners’ wide selection of styles and sizes of displays which are available in a 48 hour turnaround time!

For more information on the ins and outs of Adobe’s new browser-based Photoshop Streaming, check out Sean O’Kane’s article “Adobe’s Got Photoshop Running in Chrome” here:

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