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Spooktacular Decorations and Signage for Your Halloween Festivities

October 31st is right around the corner and with it, the day brings all the scary tricks and yummy treats that come with Halloween. From decorating an event center or your home for a large bash to transforming your yard into a festive “welcome” space for all of the cowboys and astronauts who will be trick-or-treating at night, printed banners and signs really let you get into the spirit of the holiday! Whether you need to spruce up indoors or outdoors to portray the little kid in you for this festive event, temporary banner stands and flags are a quick and easy way to decorate for Halloween.

Extreme Halloween DecoratingIf you are hosting a party on Halloween, you want to make sure that your home reflects the fun spirit of the special occasion. Reusable indoor signage, like retractable banners and pop up displays, allows you to instantly showcase a high-resolution image of a gremlin or ghost that can be set up year after year to ensure you get your money’s worth out of the printed display. Showcase a large printed backdrop, like a 119” x 88” Pop Up Display, at your party to serve as a photo background for your guests so they will have a notable picture to remember the evening by. A vinyl banner or teardrop flag near the entranceway of your house or event facility can also let guests know where the gathering is located.

Looking to scare excited little children from the moment they see your house on Halloween? Printed outdoor signage can transform a boring, mundane yard into a creepy graveyard scene or haunted house. Large vinyl or mesh banners can be hung on the outside of your house or on a nearby fence to feature a scary image of Frankenstein or a witch. Small fabric flags can resemble ghosts and create movement with the wind throughout your yard. Free-standing poster stands, like the Aluminum A-Frame Poster Stand, can point anxious kiddos in the direction of your front door so they can receive their Halloween candy.

The options for Halloween signage are limitless and come in a variety of sizes and styles to suit any gathering or venue. Check out the following list for some ideas for your yard or party place:

  • Vinyl bannersColorful Candy Corn for Halloween
  • Teardrop/Feather flags
  • A-frame poster stands
  • Retractable banners
  • Pop up displays
  • Custom fabric flags
  • Pop up event tents
  • Table top displays

Though October 31st is less than a week away, it is not too late to receive custom printed signage that will dress up your home or party center. TRT Banners offers a quick turnaround time of 48 business hours after proof approval to enable you to receive those last-minute Halloween banners without accruing annoying rush charges or setup fees. You can also choose to expedite your shipping method from our facility in Cleveland, OH to ensure that your spooky banners arrive in time for the big day!  Contact us today to decorate your home or office for this upcoming holiday filled with fright and fun!

Street Art and Banners: Guerilla Art at Its Finest

From Los Angeles to New York City, street art can be easily found on nearby buildings, bridges and subway tunnels. The progressive art form, also known as “urban art” or “guerilla art,” takes a public approach to visual art, allowing a larger audience to view murals created with paint or graffiti, stenciled graphics, or wood or metal sculptures in what can be an otherwise lackluster city environment. These street artists can serve to beautify a landscape filled with concrete, massive buildings and usually little visually-interesting aesthetic works. Large vinyl banners and free-standing displays can also be used in urban art to help dress up a dreary city with vibrantly printed renderings of classical paintings or eye-catching graphics to point the viewer in the direction of a nearby gallery opening or art showcase.

Sreet art painting (skeleton) on the pavement, Paris, 2012. GrafThe graffiti boom of the 1980’s originally put street art in the news; yet, it is not relegated to just a spray-painting medium. Woodblocking, sticker art, scultpures  and wheatpasting, which includes a gel adhesive made from a starch and water, also fall under the urban art umbrella. Using his or her choice of medium, a street artist can create visual art in a public location by working outside of traditional and conventional art venues. Artists are often anonymous or only known by a pseudonym and can grow to attract a cult following. Rather than showcasing artwork in an institution like a museum or gallery, some guerilla artists take to the streets to create their artwork.

The topics of street art range from political or topical to conceptual or abstract. Tributes to popular local figures like musicians or actors is popular, as well as subversive counter-culture topics like the dissent of current elected officials or corruption in the government. Around the world, artists use their city as their canvas and the street art phenomenon is still going strong, as you can see at for all of the latest creations of murals and works of art across the globe.

Some critics of street art claim that the artwork, like graffiti, can deface buildings in the city. Removable signs, like vinyl banners and free-standing displays, can be an alternative to traditional street art mediums and are not a permanent fixture so they will not disrupt the surface of the art space. Hanging vinyl banners on the side of a sports arena or office building can help beautiful a dull facility. Large outdoor art banners on the side of a museum or art gallery can showcase a rendering of a famous work by a featured artist or peak the public’s interest in an upcoming show of art students at a local university. Printed banners and free-standing flags are less invasive than graffiti or painting but can still have a big impact on the visual aesthetic of a city.

Large format printing can become a new medium that street artists have to work with to get their message and art across to their public audience. The non-permanent signage can be set up and taken down on a whim and will not permanently mark a building, fence, bench or subway wall. Indoor/outdoor vinyl banners and flags from TRT Banners include intensely vibrant full-color printed graphics to showcase a personal image or text, which can be perfect for using as guerilla art on the outside of an office building or city museum. The outdoor signs are printed with waterproof inks so the important piece of artwork will not be compromised by any fading or running of the inks. Check out our selection of displays today to find the urban artist inside of you!

Trade Show Trends: Top Events and Design Ideas

Following the ever-changing trends for booth design, top conventions in your field and the do’s and don’ts of exhibiting at a show can be confusing. Staying up-to-date on what is popular among other exhibitors during the trade show season means knowing what is trendy and keeping your display space fresh and exciting. In the past year, what trade show trends flourished and which ones fell by the wayside? We have you covered so you don’t show up with outdated equipment and designs to your next show, which can easily designate one to the realm of a convention outsider!

As 2014 winds down with only a couple months left in the fall trade show season, a review of this year’s most popular shows has begun to take place. IAEE, the International Association of Exhibitions and Events, has recently announced this year’s Top Public Events, which will be recognized at the organization’s annual trade show Expo! Expo! IAEE’s Annual Meeting and Exhibition. The event was first established in 2011 to recognize the best consumer shows in the nation. The event will be held December 9-11th in Los Angeles, CA and will honor such exhibitions as the Abilities Expo, which is being honored for community engagement, and Earth Day Texas, which is recognized for innovative marketing and public relations initiatives (

Pantone color palette guideIn the realm of booth design and color preferences, what was most popular this year and what trends are on the rise to stand out in the upcoming year? Though there are staple colors that stand the test of time like classic black-and-white color schemes and sticking to the colors of a business’ professional branding, every year there are certain colors that dominate the trade show booth floor. For the past fourteen years, Pantone has released a “Color of the Year” for what hues will take over booth designs for the season. For 2014, Pantone declared that Radiant Orchid (PMS 2352), a light purple hue, was going to be the color to incorporate into printed signage and promotional flyers at business conventions. Though the color for 2015 has not yet been released, Pantone has already posted their fashion color report for next spring which they’ve dubbed “En Plein Air.” This color palette is sixteen colors described as “an ethereal mix of understated brights, pale pastels and nature-like neutrals” ( Though many times trade show colors are primary colors that can come off as amateur if overused, these muted tunes are a turn in a different direction for 2015.

With the fall trade show season fully underway and the year winding to a close, exhibitors are reviewing the success of their expo exhibits and are surely planning on what they will change or add to the showcase come next January. Refreshing old stands for your next convention in the New Year is a must for marketers looking to spruce up a stale display space. Check out TRT Banners’ vast selection of banner stands, backdrops, throws and accessories, as well as replacement banners, to create a new exhibit to make waves in 2015!

Where Is the Trade Show Industry Headed?

Is the trade show industry on an upswing or is it suffering in the year 2014? CEIR, the Center for Exhibition Industry Research, recently released second quarter data for the CEIR Index report at the CEIR Predict Conference, which was held in Chicago last month. The September conference was held to showcase the findings of the CEIR in 14 key industry sectors including Consumer Goods, Food, Construction, Communications and Information Technology, among others. So how is the trade show industry doing in terms of attendance, importance and growth?

The data reveals a year-on-year gain of one percent in all four questionnaire and computer mousemetrics: Net Square Feet of Exhibit Space Sold, Professional Attendance, Number of Exhibiting Companies and Gross Revenue. Among the 14 industry sectors studied, Food, Discretional Goods and Services, and Communications and Information Technology lead in performance to-date with considerable percentage increases. Sectors like Education and Non-Profit declined, which contributed to show the gain of only 1% overall. CEIR’s economist Allen Shaw, Ph.D., states, “Overall, the second-quarter results show a meager gain of 1.0 percent; the underlying reasons for performance can be attributed to weak exhibition performance in the construction, business, education and non-profit exhibitions sectors” (

With the release of this data comes news pertaining to the growth and advancement of the trade show industry. UBM recently purchased trade show organizer Advanstar, which produces more than 50 trade shows each year, for a staggering $972 million in cash. Likewise, ONEX bought Nielsen Expositions for $950 million and renamed the company Emerald Expositions, which then turned around and acquired George Little Management.

So what does all of this trade show company acquisition and recently released data mean? In her article “Is Bigger Really Better?,” exhibit marketing strategist Marlys Arnold of acknowledges that this appears to be a good sign for the industry and fights against the notion that face-to-face trade shows are dying ( Arnold also notes the uneasiness that can occur in the field from having only a few large companies with such a broad amount of power in the industry.

This recent trade show news and data contradicts popular opinion that in-person conventions will fall by the wayside and virtual trade shows will be the wave of the future because of the convenience and low-cost nature of online conventions. In a world that has become obsessed with technology and social networking, trade shows are still a popular means to network and meet prospective buyers in your field personally.

For all the recent news in the trade show industry, as well as display trends and cutting-edge printing technologies for promotional items, check out TRT Banners’ blog and our complete online listing of banners, outdoor flags, table covers and much more!