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The Future of Printing: Metal and 3D Prints, and Beyond!

With advancements in technology creating continual improvements in graphic output and resolution, the world of printing is ever-evolving and changing. From screen and large format processes to dye sublimation techniques and modern 3D printing, the standards for printing promotional and at-home items have continued to be raised. Whether you are looking to add custom mugs and t-shirts to your company’s arsenal of trade show swag or simply want to educate yourself on what printing capabilities are out there, familiarizing yourself with the printing techniques that will best suit your specific medium and display need will help you produce higher quality custom prints and products.

Dye sublimation printing can vividly produce custom graphics on a variety 125x125-eiffel-towerof substrates,including fabric and metal. A transfer paper print is inserted into an intense heat press with the chosen substrate so the inks sublimate the material. This vibrant printing process is utilized in personalized table throws, as well as metal prints, to decorate a home or office. The graphic output is characterized by brilliant colors and photo-quality output that gives the imagery a life-like quality. Fading or dripping of the inks usually does not occur because of the instant drying time caused by the heat press.

3D printing has pervaded the news recently due to the variety of applications it can be used for, as well as the practicality of creating three-dimensional objects from a 3D model or image. From medical use in the form of prosthetic limbs to automobile creation, the reach of 3D printing in a myriad of fields is vast and undeniable. This technology is also used to make unmanned aerial drones for military purposes, as reported by BBC news in the article “3D Printing Helps Make Drones Faster” (

Though 3D printers can be purchased for home use, some companies are offering professional 3D printing services which they claim offer a much higher quality product than what you can produce with an in-home 3D printer. Mary Beth Quirk of recently wrote that UPS will be expanding their 3D printing services to 100 more stores ( UPS originally tested the brand-new printing technique at six locations and recently announced that it will expand its efforts to stores throughout the United States. To find out if there is a UPS location near you with this exciting new printing development available, check out’s list here:

125x125-Canvas-print-Baby-on-CanvasThe advancement of printing is not only applicable in promotional events and campaigns for businesses, but is also relevant in the world of interior design. Canvas and metal prints have become a popular décor item in homes and offices across the country. This personalized design item can feature a family portrait or photo of a recent vacation for a room in your home or a gathering area in an office setting. Canvas, fabric and metal prints also make memorable and unique gifts for birthdays, anniversaries and new home owners!

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Avoiding Technological Issues at a Trade Show

Incorporating technology into your trade show booth is an important element to a successful exhibit. Since technological devices like computers, tablets and smartphones pervade most every aspect of our lives today, it is only a logical progression that this would seep into the world of business conventions and expos. Including interactive media like iPads, tablets, computers and more into your booth may inevitably cause some new issues to arise that would not occur with a traditional expo space.

To prevent technological problems from happening, as well as address them when they unavoidably do, check out the following tips:

  • Properly Train Staff: Your staff should be properly trained on how to use all equipment included in your trade show booth. Whether you offer one-on-one assistance or a group training session before the big day, your employees should know how to effectively use all technological devices as well as a basic understanding of how to fix a device if a problem should arise while you are exhibiting at the expo.
  • Prepare a Back-Up Plan: Just in case there is a technological glitch that you and your employees cannot overcome, having a back-up plan that doesn’t rely on your devices is necessary. Instead of a video showing your product demonstration, make sure your staffers can give a live demonstration if the video or projector is not working properly. If your iPad is malfunctioning and visitors can’t order through your website, have manual order forms at your booth so that the glitch doesn’t interfere with your company’s potential sales.
  • Charge, Charge, Charge!: This may seem like a no-brainer but in TRT_Blog_3_image_1the midst of packing your display signage, training your staff and traveling to your expo site, you may forget the ever-important charging devices for your video, computer and tablet equipment. Bringing extra batteries for your devices will deter you from running out of power, which would prevent you from being able to showcase your special booth equipment.
  • Travel with Your Devices: If your technological devices don’t make it to the show, then what good are they to you? Keeping your tablet, computer or projector in your carry-on bag on the airplane or directly on your person if possible helps to ensure your expensive and important promotional tools will arrive safely to your exhibit destination.
  • Double-Check Ordered Services: Ensuring that electrical services at the expo are either free or have been ordered accurately enables you to power your technology. Ensuring that you have purchased the proper electrical package for your booth based on how many devices you will be powering is an easy way to avoid any issues with providing electricity to charge or run your equipment at your expo site.
  • Don’t Substitute Technology for Personal Communication: This last tip on how to avoid technological issues at your next convention is possibly the most important. No amount of technology can replace the effect that human interaction between you and your potential clients can have at a trade show. Though tablets and computers can enhance visitors’ experience at your booth and engage them for a period of time, it is important to still converse one-on-one with each person who enters your exhibit space if possible.

To ensure your exhibit space is up-to-par with your competition, incorporate technology into your exhibit with some wise decisions. Contact TRT Banners today to round out your display area with impressive trade show displays and printed signage!

Understanding the Differences Between Banner Materials

There are a lot of material options available today when it comes to custom banners and signage. Deciphering which material will be the best suited for your printed imagery, as well as your display stand, is crucial to creating a successful advertising, event or business sign. Where you are exhibiting your display, what you are printing on the banner and what your budget is can dictate what material is appropriate for your personalized banner stand, trade show display, table throw or free-standing flag.


Vinyl is a versatile banner material option that can be used for a variety of displays from pull up stands to hanging outdoor banners with grommets. TRT Banners uses a 13 oz. key material for all outdoor vinyl banners with grommets and a 13 oz. stay-flat vinyl for our retractable banner stands. A sturdy high-quality vinyl material can be showcased indoors or outdoors without worrying about the material fraying or the printed graphics fading.TRT-Blog_2_image_2


  • Durable enough for indoor or outdoor use
  • Stay-flat vinyl in retractable displays will not curl along edges
  • Tear and fade resistant
  • Printable with solvent inks
  • Waterproof
  • Excellent in both hot and cold environments



TRT-Blog_2_image_1Polyester fabric can be used for both indoor and outdoor displays and flags to advertise a business or special event. The resilient material allows wind to pass through, increasing the potential visibility of your printed banner at an outdoor venue. A dye sublimation process, which is a two-step printing technique, is used to print the fabric. A large format digital print is produced on a transfer paper as a mirror image of the original artwork. The print is then inserted into a heat press with a plain polyester fabric so the inks permeate the fibers of the material. Dye sublimated fabric tends to print vibrant, crisp imagery and text on custom flags, pop up fabric banners and table cloths.


  • Resilient polyester substrate
  • Can let some light through
  • Suitable for indoor or outdoor use
  • Can be dye sublimated (printing) with a heat press
  • Prints vibrantly


Bond Paper (Matte or Gloss)

Bond paper is utilized in a range of indoor banner stands and table top displays. The bond paper material includes the option of featuring a matte or gloss finish to fit the visual look you are trying to achieve. The lamination process on a bond paper poster, as seen in TRT Banners’ pop up trade show displays and the Curved Table Top Display, gives the material better durability and a slight flexibility to the substrate.


  • Available in matte or gloss
  • Can be laminated for further strength
  • Flexible material
  • Can be used for a variety of displays
  • Water-resistant
  • Solvent inks are used
  • Fit for indoor use


Check out vinyl, fabric and bond paper banners in TRT Banners’ vast selection of printed banner stands, table covers and banners, indoor/outdoor flags and pop up displays. Contact us today to ensure you choose the right banner material for your next marketing or event display!

How to Reduce Stress at a Trade Show

The stress of preparing to exhibit at a trade show can be overwhelming for even the most experienced convention exhibitor. The planning process is an extensive one and can include everything from booking a hotel and flight to ordering services at the convention site and picking the right booth to rent at the event. Stress can easily take a toll on any exhibitor and can cause your trade show exhibit and the success of your time at the convention to suffer as well. When a stress ball won’t do and meditating can’t cure you, take a gander at some of the tips we have compiled to take the anxiety away from exhibiting at a big trade show!

Take heed of these tips on how to reduce stress at your next expo:

Register far in advance: Most trade shows allow exhibitors to rent booths up to a year in advance! Renting your booth long before the convention starts allows you to have more of a choice of high-traffic, prime real estate. Corner booths can be a great opportunity for an exhibitor because you receive traffic from both directions and are in plain-sight for visitors to see you.

Order your trade show swag early: The giveaways you hand out at your booth are important for Key to Wealthleaving a lasting impression on fellow exhibitors and attendees. Ordering your swag a couple months ahead of the show ensures that you will have your freebies in time for the big day. Waiting until the last second to order your promotional items can cause you to stress and, in some cases, prohibit you from receiving your custom swag in time for the first day of the show. Make sure you know how your items are getting to the expo as well; are you shipping them directly to the convention site or taking them with you to the show?

Identify your target audience:  Recognizing exactly who your target audience is enables you to Portrait of a happy businesspeoplecreate a successful exhibit that speaks directly to the audience you want attention from, instead of accruing the stress of trying to capture the eye of every single individual at the show. What does your target audience want to see? What is most important to them—excellent customer service, low prices or a quick turnaround? Learn what interests your target audience and then build your booth around that ideal.

Stick to your marketing budget: Overextending your trade show budget can create financial issues throughout your company or organization. If you spend beyond your means,you may still have not broken even after everything is said and done even if your booth is a success. Create a practical budget with a little leeway and stick to it if all at possible. What is essential to your booth and what is just filler?

Delegate responsibilities and tasks: Attempting to do everything yourself can be overwhelming and may cause problems to arise when you stretch yourself too thin. Assign certain tasks to each member of your staff so that the tasks are small enough for one person to handle by themselves. Make one person in charge of travel arrangements; another needs to order all the printed signage for the booth and so on and so forth.

Make move-out arrangements before show ends: After a trade show, every exhibitor is clamoring to pack up and quickly exit the convention center before the rush of other exhibitors leave. Planning how you will pack up and head back home after the show can ease the stress after an expo. Planning after-show arrangements include paying any outstanding invoices to the contractors or show organizers, obtaining a bill of lading from the event center and dictating a schedule for your staff of who is in charge of packing the booth, checking out with the event organizer and filling your vehicle with items that need to be taken back to the office immediately.

Let TRT Banners ease your stress at your next trade show with impressive, low-cost printed signage with a speedy 48 hour turnaround!

How to Use Banners in High-Traffic Areas

Exhibiting at a trade show, college fair or at an outdoor venue can be difficult because you have to deal with a lot of foot traffic. A crowded display area can pose a problem when looking to include banner stands and signage within your presentation. Taking into consideration a high-traffic atmosphere is important when deciding what kind of advertising sign to feature within your store or event facility. If you are tight on space but still wish to leave an impression on your audience, including current and prospective clientele, choose from poster stands, hanging banners or window/wall decals for your business or convention center.

Compact poster stands, specifically A-frame stand designs, allow you to 150x150_Terra-Blue-Small-A-Frame-Sidewalkshowcase double-sided printed graphics without taking up a mass amount of valuable floor space. Perfect for sidewalks or in-store promotional areas, the A-frame sign may be fairly small but it packs a big marketing punch. The indoor/outdoor display extends outwards to form an “A” shape and closes shut for compact storage and transportation. Feature a summer sale at your retail store on a busy sidewalk or direct parking at a special event within your parking lot with poster stands.

Hanging banners and flags are ideal for venues tight on exhibit space because they 150x150-Going-Out-of-Business-Sale-MOCKcan attach directly to an existing structure which maximizes the available floor space! Vinyl and mesh banners are available in a variety of sizes and can be hung directly on the side of a building or from the ceiling in your event facility by attaching rope or hooks to the grommets on the banner. Hanging banners can be displayed on the front of your store or business, or directly within your building, while not interrupting the flow of traffic at a crowded venue. Fabric banner flags can be hung in the same way or attached to free-standing hardware, like the Feather and Teardrop Banners, to attract attention to your marketing message without disrupting the stream of foot traffic indoors or outdoors.

For any high-traffic venue or event space, attaching signage directly to the wall is a space-saving way to decorate your facility or advertise your business. Custom printed wall decals adhere directly to any flat, hard surface and can be easily re-positioned or removed without leaving a residue on the walls. Advertise a special store sale, featured product line or the days and times of an upcoming community event without ever having to assemble a single floor stand! Window clings can also conveniently attach to a window or glass surface without taking up valuable floor space. Place personalized window stickers directly on your storefront window to market to the outside public without placing a sign outdoors in a high-traffic area!

To advertise in any venue where space is limited and traffic is heavy, take 150x150-7x5-TRT-Vinyl-Banneradvantage of TRT Banners’ compact, portable and highly-effective printed signage. Each display is printed with a large format digital printer to ensure your graphics stop traffic indoors or outdoors without costing you or your organization a fortune. Contact TRT Banners to make your brand or event known in the busiest of display venues!