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Table Banners for College Fairs

150x150-college_campus_iStock_000013393139MediumCollege fairs are an important aspect of marketing a university to prospective students, as well as the general public. These fairs are busy and are clamoring with a mass amount of individuals looking to find the college that is just right for them or one’s son or daughter. Attracting attention to your school’s booth at a college fair takes careful planning and a thoughtful presentation that effectively represents your academic programs and extracurricular activities. Eye-catching table signage can make passersby stop and take notice of your exhibit, as well as inform them of what your university has to offer!

College fair signage can be used in a myriad of ways including the following:

  • Showcase your university logo
  • Direct visitors to your email sign-up list
  • Provide list of academic programs offered
  • Announce upcoming activities on campus
  • Informational sign with your college’s history
  • List of well-known alumni
  • Important dates for enrollment or when classes start
  • Images of students and volunteer programs

With so many different table banner options available today, we have broken down the most popular styles for your convenience! The following are popular sign choices for college fairs:

150x150-Bachman-University-24x40-NARROW MOCKRetractable: Pull up banners have long been a favorite of marketers and exhibitors because they can be set up quickly with a hassle-free assembly process. College retractable table top displays allow you to easily travel with your display to the college fair because the banner is conveniently stored within the base. Available in a wide variety of sizes ranging from 8.25” x 17” to 47” x 40”, you can find the retractable table sign that is just right for your counter top space. And don’t forget to change out your graphics for next year’s convention with an affordable replacement banner!

Pop Up: Pop up fabric table banners feature a lightweight aluminum frame that collapses to a compact size, making it ideal for traveling to and from your college fair booth. A dye sublimated fabric banner is attached with Velcro to the stand to make set up quick and easy. An innovative dye sublimation process uses a heat press to let the inks permeate the fibers of the material for an impeccably vibrant output. You can also regularly change out your college banner year after year with replacement banners.

Curved: To add a unique display to your college fair table, check out a Curved Table Top Display with an extendable frame and laminated poster. The banner curves around the front and sides of the stand to create a visually-interesting signage display on any available counter space. The large size of the table banner allows you to attract attention at a high-traffic fair from a distance and draw a crowd to your university’s booth.

Easel: The versatile table top easel is ideal for a college fair because it can be transformed from a table sign to a floor display in seconds. The adjustable easel stand raises and lowers so you have a 2-in-1 display that can save your university money on purchasing both a floor sign and table banner. The printed poster board can be simply placed on the ledge of the stand to showcase your printed message instantly.

150x150-Remy-Back-to-School-47x80-Narrow-Base-MOCK-STANDLet TRT Banners help your university stand out at your next college fair with affordable and impressive printed table banners and throws, banner stands, and display accessories!

5 Ways to Refresh Your Trade Show Booth

Fall trade show season is right around the corner and with new conventions comes the responsibility of presenting something new and different for your company to fellow exhibitors and attendees. Whether you exhibit at the same trade show every year or are looking to revamp your company’s imaging and branding, refreshing your trade show booth keeps your presentation exciting and engaging. Consistently attracting visitors to your booth event after event can be a difficult task but if your exhibit is eye-catching and welcoming, you will have prospective clientele and business connections flocking to your station throughout the show.

To update your trade show booth, follow the following five tips:

  1. Update graphics with poster replacements: If you are a 150x150-Mountain-Confections-MODULAR-LARGE-DISPLAYseasoned exhibitor, you have multiple display stands in storage. Some may have outdated printed messages or the graphics need to be redesigned to reflect your business’ new branding. Purchasing replacement banners is an economical way to reuse existing displays and update them with new printed imagery and text. This saves on the cost of buying a completely new unit. Signs like pop up fabric banners and modular displays are designed in such a way that you can regularly change out the printed banners on the stand easily and effectively.
  2. Include a new color scheme or design: What’s popular in design and graphics changes constantly so changing the design of your banner artwork can help your company seem trendy or on the cutting edge of what is modern. If neon colors are “in”, try incorporating a few bright accent colors in your artwork. Be sure that even if you are incorporating a few trendy design elements, you are still staying true to your business’ image and what your company is all about. It is also important to remember that certain colors elicit certain reactions, so do your homework before reworking your design aesthetic.
  3. Add accessories: Accessories are an easy and quick way to 150x150-LED-Light-DSC_0661change up the look of your trade show booth and tend to be less costly than other convention expenses. Lights that can attach to your retractable banner stand or display can highlight your printed message and draw attention from your audience. Brochure holders and additional display tables can also create a cohesive presentation and work with your existing displays and signage. Trade show flooring easily transforms your booth with stylish and comfortable shock-absorbent tiles that are a breeze to assemble.
  4. Incorporate technology: Incorporating technological elements within your booth can help liven up your space and engage trade show attendees once they stop by your exhibit. Devices like iPads and tablets can showcase your website, ordering process or product demonstrations and will encourage visitors to linger at your booth. This will provide you with the opportunity to converse with them about your company’s products and services. 150x150Table-Cloths-on-Table-Close-UpLarge screens with a video about your company or new product line can also be a visually interesting element to refresh a stale booth.
  5. Dress up your booth table: Most every trade show booth has a table or countertop space at the forefront of the exhibit. Dressing up your table with mini signage and custom table throws can instantly give your 10 ft. or 20 ft. booth a new look.

Refresh your stale exhibit with new printed signage or replacement banners from TRT Banners. Contact us today!

Table Top Signs as Point of Sale Displays

Throughout your clothing store or bakery, numerous signs showcase a special sale price or direct customers to various areas throughout your business. From welcome banners on the front of your building to “Please Wait to Be Seated” and directional signs within your bakery or eatery, printed banner stands and displays play an integral part of creating a comfortable atmosphere for your patrons and encouraging them to return to your store. Point-of-sale displays, or signage next to the register or area where customers check-out, are essential to any retail store or restaurant because it encourages last-minute purchases. Enticing individuals to take home some baked goods at your diner or showcasing an affordable line of jewelry at the front of your boutique can quickly and easily increase your sales.

What kind of table displays will work best for your point-of-purchase space? We have broken down mini signage into the following most popular products to help you choose the ideal register banner for your business:150x150-table_top-

Retractable Banners: Retractable displays are a popular display choice for many consumers because they are easy-to-use and display a printed message nearly instantly. Pull up table banners are ideal for the checkout at your store or café because they are compact and can be effortlessly set up or taken down in mere seconds. The retractable design enables the poster to be safely stored within the base when not in use as well. The versatile pull up signs are available in a range of sizes from smaller, compact units like a 8.25” x 17” banner to larger table displays like a 24” x 40” pull up.

Curved Table Top: The unique shape of a curved table display will instantly draw your customer’s eye to your message up-selling your offerings or featuring a product special. The expandable frame sets up easily and a laminated poster wraps around the front and sides of the hardware. The subtle curved design is visually interesting; not to mention the large size of the display, which can be around 45”W x 30.5”H, can also serve to attract attention. This display is ideal for a larger point-of-sale area at a sizable clothing store or franchised restaurant.

Quick Fabric Pop Up: Fabric pop up banners are a breeze to set up and tend to showcase intensely vibrant graphics that immediately attract attention. The lightweight aluminum frame is collapsible and features a fabric banner attached with Velcro to the front of the stand. The banner can be stored on the stand for added convenience when setting up for the business day and taking down at night. With sizes of 31.5” x 31” and 31.5” x 59.5”, you can effectively broadcast your message at the register of your store. The innovative frame also makes it possible to display the sign vertically or horizontally, depending on the layout of your artwork. The display features impressive dye sublimation heat press printing for long-lasting, brilliant graphics. Pop up table top banners are ideal if you need to change out the graphics on a regular basis.150x150Time-To-Shine-10x17

X-Frame: X-frame table top displays are often the most cost-effective point-of-sale signage. The lightweight frame resembles a tripod and features hooks in all four corners to enable a vinyl banner to be attached. The printed banner features grommets in each corner, making it simple to regularly change out your featured promotion each week or month with the purchase of poster replacements. The compact size is only 10” x 17.5”, which is ideal for those point-of-sale areas next to the register that are tight on space.

150x150Fresca-Produce-Market-8Taking advantage of all the available space you have within your store or restaurant to market your goods or wares is essential to a successful business. Contact TRT Banners today for economical table banners for your point-of-purchase area today!

Tips for Boosting the ROI at Your Next Trade Show

It is no secret that exhibiting at a trade show can be an expensive business move. From your printed signage and travel accommodations to paying your staff and designers, the cost of renting150x150-chart-iStock_000010148270Small a booth at an expo and creating a successful trade show experience can be overwhelmingly high and unmanageable. You don’t want your exhibit to be a waste of money. That is why ensuring that you have a strong return on investment, or ROI, at your next show is crucial to getting the most benefit out of your convention for the money you put into it. The following are a few tips to help you receive an ample amount of business, sales and notoriety from your next expo, instead of merely wasting time and money on a professional presentation that falls flat:

  1. Rent a booth in a high-traffic area: Obviously, the old adage that “location is everything” serves true in the trade show field as well. If you have a wonderful exhibit but are located in an area where you don’t get a lot of foot traffic, you will not meet potential clientele or have the opportunity to gather credible leads. Ask your trade show organizer about a corner booth for your company. Though you will probably have to spend a bit more on a corner booth, you will most likely naturally have more traffic from both directions and therefore have the opportunity to make the most out of your time spent at the convention.
  2. Well-trained and knowledgeable staff: Even if you have a stellar Digital Image by Sean Locke Digital Planet Design www.digitalplanetdesign.com10 ft. or 20 ft. exhibit, if you don’t have your space staffed with knowledgeable and friendly employees then you can’t engage effectively one-on-one with potential customers. Choose the most experienced and enthusiastic employees you have and train them prior to the show to ensure even the most seasoned staff knows trade show protocol and how you want them to answer inquiries from show attendees. Don’t overstaff your booth, but rather include a handful of friendly staff members to interact with visitors to your space.
  3. Know the importance of quality lead generation: It’s not about the quantity of leads you receive, but rather the quality. What good is a mass amount of leads if they are from individuals who will not be interested in your products or services? Reaching out to leading industry professionals in your field, as well as promoting your presence in a trade magazine or on your website, will get the attention of contacts who will most likely be interested in your company’s offerings. This will serve to draw a crowd of quality leads to your booth.
  4. Promote before and during show: Just showing up at your show with your signage in-hand is not enough to make an impression anymore. Promoting your company’s presence before and during the convention is important when looking for a good ROI from your show. Whether it is through social media posts, your own website, email blasts or ads in a trade magazine or publication, announcing that your company will be exhibiting at an upcoming show and broadcasting your booth number along with any special discounts or freebies you will be giving will help increase traffic to your exhibit location.
  5. Follow-up with leads after the show: A common mistake that many exhibitors make is Successful negotiationsnot effectively following up with leads that are received in a timely fashion after the show. Organize your leads and send an email or call them a couple weeks following the expo. This gives them time to process the information you gave them at the show and then you can answer any questions they may have. A handwritten letter thanking them for their time at the convention can be a more personal way to follow up with your contacts and is more apt to leave an impression on potential clients.

Follow these tips to make the most out of your next trade show exhibit and be sure to contact TRT Banners to fill your booth with impressive, eye-catching banner stands and displays!

Promotional Tents: A Must-Have for Outdoor Advertising

Advertising outdoors comes with a host of problems including competing with other distractions in a public arena, finding durable signage that can stand up to Mother Nature and making visitors to your display space comfortable no matter what the weather brings. An integral part of an outdoor marketing campaign that many people fail to include until it is too late is an advertising tent. To allow your audience to take shelter from harsh sunlight or light rain, a pop up tent is a must-have for any outdoor event or promotional initiative. From personal to professional events, canopy tents can mean the difference between an unwelcoming display space and a sheltered promotional area that the public is clamoring to enter.

Pop up tents are extremely versatile in that you have options with the canopy top in order to fit your display budget, as well as your specific advertising need. For a basic shelter that is more practical 150x150-Canopy-YELLOWthan promotional, choose a blank canopy top. Often available in a variety of solid colors, you can choose the color that best fits your organization’s branding and simply let your other outdoor signage do the advertising in terms of showcasing your company and what products and services you are offering. Solid-color gazebos also tend to be more cost-effective than other display tents so you can afford to include one in your event no matter how limited your budget is. To customize your pop up tent, select a full-color printed canopy that can feature your company name, logo and contact details on all four sides of the canopy, as well as the valance. This is an effective way to brand your display space. You can also easily change out your graphics with a replacement canopy to update your image.

Canopy tents are extremely user-friendly because they are 150x150-TRT-NEW-FULL-COLOR-Post-Up-Canopylightweight, portable and easy to assemble. The tent frame can be made of a sturdy but lightweight aluminum which allows you to easily transport your pop up tent to and from your event location. The legs of the tent frame are also often adjustable in height with push pin locks so you can accommodate any indoor or outdoor venue with a click of a button. The convenient tent provides shelter with a water-resistant canopy top so your guests will not get rained out no matter what the weather is like. For a professional look at all times, the canopy fabric is crease-free as well.

Must-have promotional tents can be used for a bevy of professional and personal events including the following:

  • Garage sales
  • Graduation parties
  • Family/high school reunions
  • Weddings
  • Craft fairs
  • Farmers’ markets
  • Cook-outs
  • Corporate picnics
  • Flea markets
  • Tail-gating for football games
  • 4th of July gatherings150x150TRT-SIDEWALL
  • Camping

To accessorize your personalized promotional tent, you can also include side walls that effortlessly connect to the expandable frame with looped Velcro. Include one or multiple printed side walls to create a unique advertising space at any personal gathering or professional function. Contact TRT Banners today to check out our selection of printed and solid-color advertising tents, as well as side walls, for your next outdoor marketing campaign!

The Best Backdrop for Your Trade Show Booth

Printed backdrops are an important aspect to any trade show booth space. Whether you have a 10 ft. or 20 ft. booth, professionally showcasing your company at an upcoming expo or convention relies heavily on the printed displays you include in your exhibit. Large backdrops are ideal because the sheer size of the banner stand immediately draws the eye to your presentation. The large size of the banner also means that the options for your printed graphics are endless. Featuring images of your new product line can broadcast your newest product offerings or including a step-and-repeat pattern of your business’ logo can reinforce brand recognition at your trade show. With so many options of backdrops to choose from, finding one that is right for your space and budget can be overwhelming. To help you find the perfect backdrop for you and your company, read through the following most popular trade show background displays:

Curved/Straight Trade Show Booth Displays: Expandable backdrops 150x150-Edison-Four-Panel-Curved-Booth-on-Angleare easy to use
and can take some of the hassle out of setting up and taking down your custom exhibit. A Curved or Straight Trade Show Booth Display features a collapsible aluminum frame and laminated printed panels that attach to the frame with magnetic strips and bars. The large printed backdrop is available in a curved and straight design and often includes a hard shipping container, which can conveniently double as a podium with a printed fabric podium wrap. The sturdy free-standing backdrop can be updated with replacement panels and accessorized with blank or printed end caps that discretely hide the frame from side view. The display is best set up with multiple individuals and can also be slightly heavier than other backdrop options.

Tension Fabric Displays: The unique curved shape of this printed 150x150-TRT-Tension-Banner-Designbackdrop stand offers a thoroughly modern take on the traditional trade show booth background. The lightweight aluminum frame is assembled from sections of tubing and secured with a user-friendly snap-lock design. A vibrantly printed stretch fabric banner effortlessly slides onto the hardware like a pillowcase and zips up around the frame for a no-shift display. This versatile tension fabric backdrop can be printed with single or double-sided graphics, which is ideal for a corner booth that sees traffic from both directions.

Large Adjustable Displays: The most cost-effective printed backdrop, Large Adjustable Displays offer the impressive size of traditional trade show backgrounds with an incredibly-low price tag. The versatile adjustable stand accommodates a variety of sizes of banners and is stabilized by two flat feet at the base of the frame. The full-color banner, which can be vinyl or fabric, easily slides on to the aluminum frame with top and bottom pole pockets. The lightweight display is economical and can also save you money on shipping to and from your event location. Updating the graphics on an existing stand is also a breeze by simply purchasing a replacement banner.

Fabric Pop Up Displays: The ingenious expandable frame and fabric150x150-TRT-Opened-Quick-Fab-with-End-Caps banner attached with Velcro strips make fabric pop up backgrounds ideal for simple assembly and regular travel. The lightweight aluminum frame collapses to a manageable size for traveling to and from the expo site or hotel. A vibrantly printed polyester banner, produced with a dye sublimation heat press for an intense graphic output, connects to the frame with adhesive strips along the banner’s perimeter, making changing out the graphics on a regular basis quick and easy. A 119” x 88” Quick Fabric Display can be easily set up with one person and is lightweight enough to be carried to and from the event space without breaking a sweat!

For more ideas on how to invest in the best backdrop for your trade show booth, contact TRT Banners today!

Gear Up: Football Banners Are in Season

As summer winds down, many look forward to picking up the pigskin and starting the football season at their high school, college or on the professional level. Whether you are putting on your 150x150footballiStock_000004260212Mediumpads and going out on the field or simply cheering on your favorite team, everyone who is getting in the spirit of the game needs to include fun printed signage at the sporting event. From indoor arena leagues to outdoor teams, versatile displays, flags and banners can showcase your team pride by featuring your team name, logo or favorite mascot. For tailgating to home décor and everything in between, celebrate this football season with vibrant custom sports signage!

To affordably show your support for your favorite football team on the local or national level, include cheap printed mesh and vinyl banners on the outside of your home or near the stadium on game day. The cost-effective sports banners are available in a variety of sizes and include grommets so you can easily hang your display on a fence or external structure with rope or hooks. The mesh banner features perforations throughout the vinyl in an effort to decrease wind resistance, thereby making it 150x150Blue Jay Vinyl Bannerthe ideal outdoor banner for the diehard football fanatic. These versatile indoor/outdoor banners are printed with waterproof solvent inks so your special message and graphics will not run or fade when exposed to elements like rain or sunlight. You brave the cold, wind, rain and heat for your favorite team; why shouldn’t your football signage do the same?

For a free-standing flag to broadcast where your training camp is taking place or to direct traffic towards the arena, purchase a fabric flag! Teardrop and feather banners are ideal for any indoor or outdoor venue because of the variety of stabilizing bases including an in-ground stake, flat-footed base and/or water bag. The vibrantly printed polyester banner is the result of an innovative dye sublimation fabric printing system, which utilizes a heat press to produce your team’s logo or an image of your favorite quarterback with intense color and crisp lines. Wherever you go, your durable fabric flag can go with you. Place your printed flag outside of your house to guide guests to your Super Bowl party or acknowledge your university football team’s recent accomplishments with a custom fabric banner next to the entranceway of your school.

The uses for signage during football season are endless and include the following:

  • High school/university/professional fan signageCentennial Park Football Stadium
  • Broadcast your team’s accomplishments
  • Decorate your home for game day
  • Festive signage for tailgating
  • School pep rallies
  • Signage for stadium/arena
  • Super Bowl parties

To affordably show your loyalty to your favorite football team or running back, TRT Banners offers a variety of low-cost signage for indoor and outdoor use. Your festive signage can be printed and produced within 48 hours after proof approval and then shipped from our facility in Cleveland, OH directly to your home or game site. Contact us today to gear up for the football season, whether you are on the field or in the stands!

Creating a Last-Minute Advertising Exhibit

With a busy season of trade shows, college fairs and business presentations, it can be overwhelming preparing to exhibit. From training your staff and figuring out your travel accommodations to effectively marketing your presence before, during and after the show, an exhibitor’s to-do list is never done. That is why oftentimes thinking about your promotional signage and displays can be pushed to the back burner. Before you know it, you are weeks away from the important convention with no printed banners, backdrops or table top displays to include in your 10 ft. or 20 ft. booth space. How do you create a last-minute marketing space that does not look like it was thrown together? If your trade show or college fair is right around the corner, be sure to consider the following tips when rushing to put together an impressive exhibit presentation.

Figuring out what is essential in your exhibit is important when creating a display space in a hurry. What message do you want to get across to your audience and what are the best displays to do that for you? If you want to encourage brand recognition with the public, a large printed trade show 150x150-State-University-Retractable-Penbackdrop with a step-and-repeat pattern of your company’s logo may be the cornerstone to your presentation. Is your booth located in a low-traffic area and you need to attract attention from a distance? Tall signage like a Teardrop or Feather Banner can stand out from your competition and pique the interest of a far-off crowd in order to draw them to your booth. Do you want to ensure that you are always within reach of your current and prospective customers? Investing in promotional giveaways like retractable banner pens may be important to your exhibit.

When you are under a tight deadline, it is important to thoughtfully plan what graphics you will display on your signage. Creating brand new graphics according to the specific size and style of display you are ordering can be time-consuming and can hold up the ordering process of your 150x150iStock_000020658968XLarge - Copysignage. Reusing artwork from previous displays allows you to submit artwork you know will work for your new display. If you do not have artwork you can re-use, keep your design simple. Intricate and complicated banner designs can take time, which is something you don’t have. Simply including your high-resolution logo, company name and a background design can help ensure that there will not be issues with your artwork that will hold up the printing and production process.

Even though the printing and production time of your signage may be speedy, you150x150iStock_000005723181Medium
might also need to expedite your shipping method. Choosing overnight or 2-day delivery service can add up quickly depending on what you are shipping and to where. To decrease your shipping costs, invest in lightweight banners and displays. Items like table signage, table throws and pull up banners can be fairly light and can drastically decrease the cost it takes to receive your displays and accessories at the hotel or convention site in time for the big day. Shipping directly to your hotel or event venue, instead of to your home and then to your exhibit location, can also make it easier and more affordable to receive your signage in a hurry.

Don’t forget about banner replacements for existing displays to save time as well. Purchasing a full-color printed poster to insert into an old stand can create a refreshed advertising display without the hassle and time of a completely new unit.

TRT Banners’ lightning-fast turnaround time of 48 hours after proof approval can help you get your displays to your exhibit destination quickly when you are in a crunch. Contact us today!