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How To Accessorize Your Trade Show Booth

Do you feel like something is missing from your trade show or special event exhibit but you just can’t put your finger on it? Like any good outfit, accessories can make or break your presentation. Display accessories can liven up your 10 ft. or 20 ft. convention booth and put the finishing touches on your space. With all of the signage accessories available in the market today, what is worth spending your marketing budget on? Which add-ons are relatively pointless and which ones will actually take your trade show exhibit to the next level? We have narrowed down the selection of must-have accessories for any first-time or seasoned marketer with the following list:

  1. Lights and End Caps: Adding accessories directly on your pull up 150x150-Blue-End-cap-1or pop up banner stand can effectively highlight your custom printed message without overwhelming it. Lights that attach directly to a free-standing display can draw your audience’s eye to your important printed banner. Adjustable lights, like LED Display Lights, often include clamps to adapt to a variety of styles and sizes of displays for a versatile light fixture that will get you your money’s worth. To add a splash of color to your retractable stand, attach magnetic end caps to the aluminum base. End caps are a fun way to dress up a plain display, with minimal effort or cost.
  2. Literature Holders: Many exhibitors still offer physical copies of 150x150-Literature-Displaytheir product catalogs, informational flyers with limited-time promotions, or a current price list at their booth. What better way to showcase your hand-outs in an organized and professional fashion than with a literature holder? Collapsible brochure holders are lightweight and compact and often feature double-sided shelves to allow traffic from all directions to easily access your literature. Brochure holders are also great at special events like community fundraisers or theater productions to feature your program of sponsors or list of scheduled events.
  3. Tables and Podiums: Available counter space is often limited at a high-traffic trade show. It is important to have ample space to allow visitors to sign up for your mailing list, display your table banners and giveaways, and hold any products that
    150x150TRT-Smart-Case-Podium-Wrapare being showcased. Portable display tables, as well as podiums, can help maximize your counter top area. Promotional counters can also be quickly customized by attaching a printed podium wrap with your company’s name, logo and contact details. Best of all, tables and countertops designed for trade shows can be easily set up and taken down to save you time and effort when preparing your exhibit space.
  4. Display Shipping Cases: Traveling to and from your convention site with your displays in tow can be a real hassle! That is why investing in hard shipping containers for your trade show displays is a crucial necessity for any exhibitor. Often made of a durable plastic with a hinged lid and convenient wheels, you can fit your banner stands within the protective case and travel to your trade show destination worry-free. Some versatile shipping containers can also transform into a podium for a customer-friendly 2-in-1 promotional product.

Accessories can effortlessly and affordably elevate your trade show presentation. Check out TRT Banners’ list of affordable display accessories to make your big exhibit a success with minimal hassle or cost!

Dye Sublimation Fabric Printing: What Is It and Why Is It Important?

Dye sublimation is an innovative printing process that is regularly utilized to produce many custom trade show displays and banner stands, resulting in unparalleled vibrancy and crisp graphics on polyester material. Dye sublimation printing is a two-step process that begins with a custom art file produced as a mirror image on a transfer paper, which is accomplished by a large format digital printer.

The digitally printed transfer paper is then entered into a large heat press with a plain polyester150x150-IMG_7691 fabric. The heat press can warm up to an impressive 370⁰ F and the dye transitions from a solid to a gas without passing through a liquid stage. Conventional drying time that is included in other digital prints is not required since there are no liquid inks to smudge or blotch.

The custom graphic utilizes a four color printing process featuring CMYK colors which are created using a mix of Cyan, Magenta, Yellow and Black inks. The print also tends to be produced with more vivid and brilliant color outputs than other printing processes. CMYK colors differ from Pantone Spot Colors (PMS), which are solid inks that have certain assigned numbers that enable the color output to appear the same no matter who prints them.

The dye sublimation printing process is a state-of-the-art printing technique that has the following benefits:

  • Quick drying time
  • Prints on polyester fabric
  • Vibrant color profiles
  • Heat press allows image to become a part of the fibers of the substrate
  • Does not fade or wash out
  • Great for indoor or outdoor displays
  • Fabric is machine washable
  • Versatile; can be used for feather flags, pop up displays, table covers etc.

At TRT Banners’ printing, production, and warehouse facility located in Maple Heights, OH, we house 150x150-African-Safari-Modular-MOCK-Standseveral Mimaki printers which can produce a fabric banner up to 10’ in width. The print is a full-color digital process which can feature a company’s logo and business information or special event details. This innovative printing process is used on indoor and outdoor advertising displays to showcase customers’ professional or personal message with eye-catching photo-quality clarity and brilliant colors. All Feather Flags, Teardrop Banners, modular displays and custom flags utilize dye sublimated polyester fabric, as well as Quick Fabric Displays and Table Throws. Our retractable banner stands, a customer favorite, can also include a custom dye sublimated fabric banner for an additional cost.

For a versatile and long-lasting print that saturates the material, instead of simply placing the graphic on top of the substrate like traditional screen printing, try a dye sublimated flag or table throw today! The resilient dye sublimated prints can be featured indoors or outdoors to market your university, retail store or restaurant without compromising the integrity of your custom graphics. Contact TRT Banners today!

Guide to Summer Fun, Events and Outdoor Displays

The sun is out, birds are chirping and the smell of fresh cut grass wafts through every open window of your home. While you put your snow blower away and pull out your favorite pair of cut-off jean shorts, your mind wanders to all the fun outdoor summer events that will finally fill your days and nights. From family reunions and company picnics to craft fairs and farmers’ markets, outdoor functions in the warm summer breeze are numerous and varied. Printed signage and promotional displays can ensure your outdoor event is a success. Enlist the help of TRT Banners and our wide selection of durable, inexpensive outdoor displays to enable you to enjoy your summer fun while you can!

Is your outdoor event venue lacking in shade to bring relief from harsh sun beams or even a light sprinkle of rain? Let guests at your outdoor trade show booth or visitors at your craft fair table take shelter from the elements with an advertising tent! A 10’ x 10’ canopy tent can provide shelter with a water-resistant fabric canopy while also marketing your organization or business with a full-color graphic print on the valance and canopy top. The lightweight aluminum frame easily expands and features snap-lock adjustments on the support legs to alter the height of your gazebo when necessary. Add a custom tent wall, which easily attaches to the event tent frame with Velcro, to showcase your company name and contact details in the background of your booth display. The canopy tent can also be sold without a custom print for the perfect simple addition to your garage sale, family reunion, 4th of July cookout or graduation party! From professional to personal outdoor functions, start with a pop up tent from TRT Banners!

Need to add some height to your special event space to attract attention to your fair booth or farmers’ market table from a distance? Teardrop and Feather Banners offer the impressive height, as well as vibrantly printed fabric banner, you need to capture the attention of an audience and 150x150-Mapleside-Botanical-FEATHERpeak their curiosity. The free-standing fabric flags are stabilized by your choice of stake, base and/or water bag to fight moderate winds and the danger of a high-traffic event. A polyester fabric banner is conveniently attached to the hardware with a sewn pole pocket and can simply showcase the name of your event or hours of operation at the entrance of your fairgrounds or park site. With a dye sublimation fabric printing system, a heat press is used to produce your special imagery, text and logo with vivid precision and color vibrancy to draw the eyes of the public toward your event!

Need to direct traffic in your event space or parking lot? Want to feature your food truck menu at the summer’s hottest concert venue? Choose a poster stand for an effective and compact outdoor banner stand with double-sided visibility and a quick setup process. A-frame poster stands, also known as sidewalk signs, form the shape of an “A” for an ingenious stand design with full-color graphics on both sides of the plastic or aluminum frame. The sidewalk stand is often available with an adhesive or regular vinyl material and can also include a clear cover for your print to protect your graphics from fading or running when exposed to rain, wind or direct sunlight. Advertise your on-site barbecue catering truck or direct special event parking with a user-friendly poster stand with double the exposure for your marketing message.

Durable vinyl and mesh banners are often the most affordable and versatile outdoor display options for the cost-conscious consumer or event planner that exhibits at many venues. Vinyl and mesh banners can be easily hung on a fence or on the outside of a building by inserting grommets or pole pockets. Available in a wide variety of sizes, you can be sure to find a printed banner that fits your outdoor event space. TRT Banners’ outdoor vinyl banners are made of a weatherproof 13 oz. vinyl, 150x150-PeeWee-Titans-Footballwhereas the mesh banners are made of a durable 9 oz. vinyl that features perforations throughout to decrease wind resistance. Waterproof solvent inks are used, like on all of our outdoor displays, in order for your custom graphics to last no matter what Mother Nature throws at it. These cheap banners are durable enough for outdoor use but are also affordable enough to squeeze into most any budget. Vinyl and mesh banners are ideal for sporting events, church festivals, non-profit fundraisers and community fairs!

For your next warm-weather event, check out TRT Banners’ Advertising Tents, Feather and Teardrop Banners, Poster Stands and Vinyl/ Mesh banners as well as our selection of other heavy-duty, user-friendly outdoor displays and flags.

Elements of Successful Trade Show Messaging

Trade shows are all about trying to capture the attention of your audience. These high-traffic events include busy distractions like videos, magic shows, lights and signs in an effort for a company to draw a crowd to their 8’, 10’ or 20’ booth space. With mere seconds or just one glance from an attendee to peak their interest, your trade show booth and messaging has to be intriguing, eye-catching and memorable. To create a successful marketing plan for your next expo, consider the following tips for effective booth messaging:

Know your market and personal branding: In order to present a cohesive company booth, you have to take into consideration your company’s history, goals, competitors and cur150x150-iStock_000018649572Mediumrent image. An effective marketing message relies on presenting a cohesive image and brand identity throughout your booth. Know what market you are looking to attract and make your brand image reflect that.

Establish measurable goals: Identifying exactly what you wish to get out of exhibiting at a trade show is the only way you will know if your convention experience was a beneficial one. Measurable objectives like receiving a certain amount of leads or contacts, selling a pre-determined amount of products at your booth or handing out a substantial number of samples enable you to focus your trade show marketing on the specific goal you wish to reach.

Point out what makes you stand apart from your competition: Standing out in a highly-populated convention center space can be tough and intimidating. However, stating and showing how your company is different than your competitors can help you make a lasting impression on visitors at your booth. What makes your company unique? What is something your business has or offers that is unlike anything your competitors do? Don’t use broad, generalized language or clichés to describe your company. Be true to your business model and showcase why your company is naturally set apart from your competitors.

Target your audience’s priorities: Is your target audience looking to hear technical knowledge about your products and services or rather what your company can do for them? What are your audience’s priorities? Do they want to save money or time, be more effective or have a “greener” product? Identify what attendees would find most beneficial about your company’s products, services or policies and then make your trade show message reflect that. 150x150-iStock_000013254420Large

Work on personal connections with attendees: It’s not just about the quantity of trade show leads you receive; it is about the quality as well! Instead of simply drawing a huge crowd to your booth, try connecting one-on-one with each individual who visits your exhibit space. Since it is oftentimes intimidating for attendees to pass by booths in which they feel they are simply being stared down by exhibitors, try incorporating a presentation like a product demonstration that attracts numerous people and then talk to each visitor after it is over.

Simplify your message: A common mistake when exhibiting at a convention is trying to say too much with your marketing displays and signage. Keeping your message simple with limited text and a few eye-catching graphics can draw visitors into your space where they can then inquire further about your company. Too much text or information is not visually appealing and can deter visitors from stopping by your booth.

Create stunning visuals: The visual presentation of your booth has much more to do with vibrantly printed signage and promotional materials. Instead of images of your products, show your product in use with product demonstrations within your booth. Instead of telling visitors about your company and the products and services you offer, simply show them for a more intriguing and compelling booth presentation!

Utilize technology and interactive devices: There is no denying that technology plays a vital role in today’s trade show messaging. Utilize interactive tools like iPads, videos and touch-screen devices within your booth. This allows customers to interact with your company and peruse your business’ website or watch customer testimonials and product tutorials.

Coordinate all marketing platforms outside of your booth: Make sure that you are building your professional brand by coordinating all of your marketing efforts together—from your trade show booth and signage to promotional flyers and website. Using a complementary color scheme or design throughout all of your promotional tools creates a cohesive image of your company and helps reinforce brand recognition.

Contact a trade show expert: To ensure your trade show messaging is on-point for your next expo, contact the experts at TRT Banners for design ideas, printed displays and booth accessories!

Promote Your Trade Show Booth with 5 Easy Tips

The to-do list when planning to exhibit at a trade show is often long and expansive. Purchasing plane tickets, taking inventory of your printed displays and training your staff are just a portion of the items on your plate before you can travel to your local or out-of-town convention. With so much to accomplish in often so little time, forgetting to effectively promote your trade show booth can inadvertently happen to the most seasoned show exhibitors and marketers.

To ensure that your 10’ or 20’ booth space will receive a good amount of quality foot-traffic, marketing your company’s presence before, during and after is crucial to a successful trade show experience. Creating a strategic marketing plan that you ideally enact long before you reach your convention site can mean the difference between a trade show exhibit that is a waste of time and energy and a high-traffic showcase that allows you to meet many attendees and expand your professional network.

We have compiled a focused promotional strategy that will effectively bring awareness of your company’s presence at your next professional event. The following are five ways to successfully promote your trade show booth:

  1. Social Media: Nowadays, many individuals regularly check their social media accounts, 150x150-iStock_000025150953Largelike Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn, throughout the day. Take advantage of marketing opportunities that social media can provide since it gains you access to thousands of people that may not have been initially planning on attending an upcoming trade show.  Use a hashtag on your Twitter account of the name of your trade show before and during the show. Live tweeting during a convention can also serve to draw attention to your booth from other exhibitors and attendees at the high-traffic event!
  2. Email Releases: Email marketing campaigns can often be tricky because you run the risk of recipients immediately deleting the email before reading it or your important message ending up in the dreaded “Spam” junk folder. Send emails out to your current customers with an attention-grabbing subject line. If you are giving away an exciting freebie at the show or providing a special discount, be sure to advertise that in the title of your email. You will have more of a chance of individuals giving the email a chance and actually opening it!
  3. Newsletters: Send out an e-Newsletter to subscribers of your mailing list with important details about your upcoming trade show booth. Giving specifics like your booth number and where it is located in the exhibit hall makes it exceedingly convenient for individuals to visit you at your specific booth. Boasting about what sets your booth apart from your competitors, like desirable swag or contests, can also effectively promote your exhibit space.
  4. Mobile Apps/Smart Phones: For good or bad, many people are often glued to their smart phones from the moment the sun rises to the second it sets (and beyond!). Take advantage of society’s often obsessive relationship with their phone by inquiring to your trade show organizer if they offer a mobile app for the specific show. If so, see if there are any marketing or sponsorship options within the app for your company in order to reach everyone at the convention!
  5. Website Content: To make it incredibly easy for your customers to learn more about your 150x150-iStock_000005721884Mediumupcoming trade show, post a link on your company’s website to the trade show’s site. Interested clients can peruse the convention’s site for more information like floor plans, site location, and hotel and travel accommodations. The easier it is for customers to learn more
    about an upcoming trade show, the more likelihood they will go to the convention and check out your booth first-hand!

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How To Go Green at Your Next Trade Show

Trade shows can have a sizable carbon impact—from the gas you expend to travel to the convention site to the numerous pamphlets and catalogs you print to give out to attendees. However, attending and exhibiting at these shows are necessary to expand your business’ reach within your field and meet new contacts, as well as potential clientele. Whether you are a “green” business looking to accurately showcase your commitment to eco-friendly ideals or are simply looking to reduce some of the waste and negative environmental impact preparing a booth at a trade show can have, we have some ideas for you! Check out the following tips on how to go green at your next expo:

Use electronic travel documents: Most everyone knows that you can conveniently book your flight or reserve a hotel for your trade show stay online. However, you don’t have to print out that plane ticket! Many airlines have a check-in button right on their homepage that you can access from your smartphone, which saves you the trouble and environmental damage of using a surplus of paper. Airlines also have check-in electronic ticket stations in which you can log in with your book code to receive your ticket. No unnecessary paper use here!

Don’t use paper to communicate: Keeping the lines of communication open between your staffers and management before, during and after a trade show is an important key to a successful convention booth. However, you don’t need memos and letters wasting paper to do so! Communicate your trade show planning and important event details with emails or text messages. paperless communicationInvest in an iPad for your company, which you can use to utilize apps to enable you to do more than you ever could on your laptop. Download apps like iWork and Evernote to help your business run more effectively, as well as greener!

Reduce waste: Print on both sides of a recycled material paper or make your marketing materials reusable and then use them for each trade show at which you exhibit! Using portable and reusable advertising displays and printed signage will allow you to use the same display stands year after year without purchasing new stands. Instead of printing out a large number of brochures or catalogs, consider running a video display about your products and services at your booth. If visitors to your exhibit are still interested, then give them an informational packet. Since many promotional flyers and pamphlets that are given away at conventions are simply thrown away, make sure attendees are genuinely interested in your products and services before handing them your printed information.

Decrease number of items you ship: Don’t bring more than you need to your trade show destination to help reduce the amount of fuel it takes to get you and your promotional tools to your convention. Use multi-purpose displays and accessories. Carpool with your other staffers and employees to and from the airport or within the city where you trade show is located and use biodiesel whenever possible. If you will be exhibiting at multiple trade shows, ship your signage and display furniture directly from one convention site to the next to cut out unnecessary ship time to your residence or office between expos.

Give green freebies: Giving away freebies at your booth is a great way to draw a crowd but giving Retractable Banner Penaway sway that is environmentally-friendly lets everyone know that your company supports green efforts. Try giving away a T-shirt made of recycled fibers or a reusable water bottle. Instead of business cards, hand out a promotional item that lasts like a magnet, banner pen or packet of seeds with your professional information on the front!

Develop a green station near booth: Set up a green station that provides recycling bins or a water station near your booth. This will draw positive attention to your company and showcase that you are committed to eco-friendly trade show and marketing solutions! TRT Banners has everything you need to become an environmentally-friendly trade show exhibitor. Contact us today for more information!