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What Experts Say About Portable Displays For Trade Shows

table top portable display
If you want to shine over other trade show exhibitors around you, you’ll need insight, creativeness, cleverness and the ability to make a good use of the best solutions within reach. A trade show is about standing out and branding your company. If you are looking for a really effective and useful solution that will yield a super successful show, pay attention to what portable displays has to offer.

Your arrival at the trade show floor may be really stressing and there are always many things to take care of. You need fast solutions that save you time, efforts and headaches. Portable displays are designed to be easy to assemble and disassemble with no need for special tools. Two persons are able to set-up the displays’ framework in less than 5 minutes, which is extremely useful when you have so many other things to worry about.

Traditional trade show exhibits may cost up to three times the price of a portable display and sometimes are used only once. Portable exhibits are a lot more affordable giving you the chance to count with a bigger budget for other aspects of your exhibition. If worried about quality, it’s important to know that cheaper solutions not necessary mean lower-quality products.

Portable displays are often built from the same materials used in traditional booths. If you don’t want to take any risks, buy your display from a provider that specializes in trade show displays. Actually, these cost-effective solutions also save you money on storage and shipping costs, since they are compact and made of very lightweight materials.

The design flexibility of these displays is another major benefit. Their sizes can be increased and decreased at will. This is very convenient considering that each trade show has its own size restrictions. They can be easily reconfigured so you won’t need to buy a different display for each event. You can also add additional elements for exhibiting: monitor stands, banner stands, podiums or table covers, depending on your needs and budget.

A portable display properly designed will be perfect to highlight your brand in a whole new light. While others will be displaying the same dull and old displays, you will have the freshest and most functional solution to stand out above everyone else.

Useful Tips To Cut Trade Show Costs

From a small business venture to a large organization, marketing expenses can weigh heavy on a company’s finances. Although attending trade shows can prove a vital part of a successful marketing strategy, it doesn’t come without its costs. Not only are there costs for having a company booth at a trade show or business convention, funds must be readily available for advertising displays and potential giveaways.

A successful trade show means a decent return on sales while spreading the word about your company. If spending on marketing tools consistently outnumbers the business you generate from attending trade shows and conventions, your funds will slowly shrink and your company might suffer. Instead, follow these helpful tips on how to cut costs on your trade show events and marketing strategies.

planning a budget

Choose economical displays. X-frame banner stands and table top displays are cost-effective advertising tools that can showcase your company at reasonable costs. You can start with smaller, affordable banner stands and then add a new display each year to create a growing company booth. This will solve the issue of spending large amounts at once.

Choose compact and lightweight displays. Traveling and shipping costs depend on the size and weight of an item. That’s why purchasing a lightweight, retractable banner stand that folds into itself will cut down on these costs.

Get some banner replacements. Look for advertising displays that have the option of changing the graphics when you need to update or change information. Instead of being forced to buy a complete display, you can just order a graphic replacement to save money and keep your display current.

Keep banner information relevant. Advertising a specific program or feature of your company that is subject to change will only force you to buy replacement graphics to update your display. Instead, only include information that is relatively permanent like your company name, business goal and history as well as popular products and product descriptions.

Start with local events. If you are exhibiting for the first time, try to present at a local convention if possible to cut down on traveling costs. Attending local trade shows before expanding your horizons to national events will allow you to gain experience and confidence in your presentation while saving on the cost of traveling to the event.

Buy giveaways in bulk packages. Purchase in bulk small giveaways with your company information on them to use at each event. Though it may seem costly at first, investing in a useful giveaway in bulk quantities will attract visitors and can be used event after event. Plus, purchasing in large quantities will cut down on costs in the long run.

Train your staff. A knowledgeable staff that can provide information about your company and your services is the most effective financial investment you can make. Make sure your staff is trained to answer numerous questions about your company like background information, detailed product and service information as well as the ability to walk a customer through the ordering process if necessary.

Use these tips to cut costs from your trade show booth and your convention experience will be successful without the costly aftermath of rebuilding your marketing budget.

Maximize Your Singular Advertising Display Benefits

If your budget allows only one advertising display, it can still be effective but you need to consider that it also leaves very little room for error. The design, location, style and versatility of your display are crucial elements to a successful company showcase. If you’ll follow the next essential display concepts,your one display will stand its ground in a fiercely competitive business market.

colorful telescopic poster

  • Design – As the common saying goes, you only have one chance to make a first impression. With a singular banner stand fitting into your budget, the design of the display will either help or hinder your marketing plans. Don’t blast your audience with too much information. Including endless lines of text and informative imagery could only deter visitors from stopping at your booth space. Instead, use a clean design of a central logo or company name with a few key words. An impressive image of your product will draw the audience to your booth. Once the display attracts the audience, you can rely on your knowledgeable staff to elaborate on what your company does and who you are.



  • Location – It’s critical to place your display in a high-traffic area where it will be seen. Even the most attractive exhibit won’t capture attention if hidden in a low profile spot. Place a banner stand next to your event table or in the center of your booth as a backdrop to boost its effectiveness, or place it at a register or point-of-purchase display to advertise to those already in your place of business. Just like real estate agents always say: “Location, location, location”, this also applies to deciding where to place the banner.



  • Style – The overall display style must suit your needs and goals. You should think carefully and narrow down your choices. Do you want a horizontal display that will cover more floor space or a vertical display that will add height to your advertising exhibit? Browsing the various styles of displays and choosing the design that is right for you is very important. A style that is timeless, unique and fits your company will make your exhibit a long-lasting investment.



  • Versatility – Since you only have one display in your possession, you must make sure that your presentation doesn’t get outdated over time. Keeping your display current while reusing the same stand multiple times depends on the ability to change the graphics on your stand. Poster replacements to update company information or changing graphics will help you stay current. Having the option of alternating graphics on your display will allow your advertising exhibit to change with you and your company.


With only one advertising display you can garner well deserved attention to your business. And with the additional funds from increased sales, you can eventually expand your display exhibit as well.

New Technology Trends For Your Next Trade Show

Technology is moving forward so quickly these days and revolutionizing the way in which we interact on a daily basis. In the field of trade shows and exhibitions, it is giving exhibitors a vast array of options that can help them to showcase their business, products and services in new and different ways. Some of the newest trade show technology trends are definitely worth looking into now.

Mobile Apps

holding a mobile phone

Mobile trends are growing increasingly every day. A recent report found that consumers spent 9% less time on the Internet than mobile applications. This data shows just how important tapping into the latest mobile apps is.

Using mobile apps for trade shows and events is easier than you think. Various companies are offering trade show mobile apps that can provide visitors with detailed floor plans, session and speaker videos, survey collection, lead retrieval and automated sales.

One example as to how you could make mobile apps work for you is to take advantage of the latest technology. Using an app that takes advantage of iPad technology will encourage downloads and boost your profile. However, one major failure of some mobile apps for trade shows is that they are too complicated so always do your homework if you want them to work for you.

Virtual Event Platforms

Micro-trends within virtual event platforms may be something you have yet to look into but can make as much difference to your business as using social media or mobile technology. Although virtual events will not replace face to face trade shows, you can use them to complement those you attend in person.

The big trend in virtual event platforms right now is the use of 3D graphics to simulate the real experience as far as possible. However, incorporating web meeting tools to encourage engagement is the way to use this particular platform right now. Small companies have used such tools to promote growth to great effect.

Using Social Media

Social media is a must for trade show and organizations are using it to their advantage. Laptops and smartphones make it easy to update followers on Twitter, Facebook and other social networking sites in real time, capturing content in videos and photos and adding them to the display.

social networking

Researches suggest that “how to” videos, customer testimonials and Q&A sessions are amongst the live content posted to social media sites that is most popular. However, running live polls and real time Q&A sessions to allow those not present to join in have proved very popular for organizations in a number of niches and promotes interactivity.

However, there is one thing you should avoid with social media and that is using it as a marketing tool on its own. You need to promote interaction and use it as part of a larger strategy rather than relying on it . Harness its power but be aware that other channels are vital too.

So how can you build a technology strategy? Well, the best place to start is by looking at the latest trends here and placing the one that can have most impact on your target market at the center of your strategy. Outline what you want to achieve with it and set viable but focused goals for the next three years but consider evolution that may be required as technology changes to allow flexibility. There is no need to change your business philosophy to do this but you must be able to take full advantage of new technology to reach your target audience.

How To Generate Effective Trade Show Leads

One of the most important reasons to exhibit at a trade show is oftentimes to generate as many sales leads as possible. Attending a trade show and investing in a company booth can be a big expense. You certainly don’t want the investment to fail to return any revenue by neglecting to lure in new customers.

Generating relevant leads requires directing traffic straight to your company’s booth. You can’t build client relationships and sell your products and services without first meeting the prospective leads. Attracting a crowd to your exhibit space at a trade show that is brimming with excitement and filled with distractions can be a real challenge. Creating a strategy to lure potential customers and fellow exhibitors to your booth without spending a fortune on expensive displays and props is important for any experienced or first-time exhibitor. So, here are a few effective ways to generate leads at your next trade show:

    1. Advantageous booth space: Request a booth close to a high traffic area like a corner space to ensure many people will be walking close to your exhibit space.


    1. Pre-show email blast: Send a pre-show email blast to your client base and other attendees to broadcast your company’s presence at the upcoming event.


attracting attention

    1. Interactive activities: Include an engaging demonstration of your products or services or interactive product examples to keep visitors at your booth longer for the opportunity to converse and build working relationships with them.


    1. Exciting booth space: Introducing a new product or adding movement to displays within your booth helps to create a buzz about your exhibit and attract curious visitors.


    1. Consistent messaging: Displaying the same message throughout your displays and booth space shows a clear message of who your company is and what you are about as well as assists to build selective leads that are relevant to your business.


    1. Offer incentives and discounts: Offering special discounts and promotions that visitors can claim by stopping at your booth or giving away sought-after prizes proves a great way to meet people and generate leads.


    1. Prepared staff: Train your staff for possible questions from visitors that can come up at the show and include the most knowledgeable staff to work at your company’s booth.


    1. Staff breaks: Letting staff take regular breaks throughout the course of the trade show keeps staff members fresh, renewed and engaged.


  1. Remember to smile: A smiling and welcoming staff are inviting and can effortlessly draw in trade show attendees, as well as other exhibitors.

Following these helpful tips will help you draw potential clients into your exhibit and allow you the opportunity to talk about what your company can offer them.

How To Create A Unified Display Booth

When presenting at a trade show, an unorganized booth with displays that clash into each other can lower the chances of a successful trade show event. A trade show booth filled with displays that don’t work together and a layout that doesn’t provide an organized presentation can seem messy and prevent folks from visiting your booth. A variety in the display can be nice, but it still need to showcase a uniform space.

A strong example of unity is colors. The colors that you choose for your display, including table throws, retractable banners, and table-top banners, should be the same throughout your booth. Colors that are already included in your company logo or compliment those colors, will help customize your display.

colorful pencils

Bright colors, such as red or yellow hues, will attract attention but won’t be overwhelming. Also, adding a complimentary darker hue will help you steer clear of an unprofessional look of your presentation. Keeping the color scheme the same or similar to the colors already associated with your brand will allow your company to create a unified image.

The variety in the sizes and styles of your trade show display is important, but the layout of your overall company space should be considered as well. Don’t overcrowd your booth with numerous displays, as this will make the booth seem cluttered or disorganized. Try a backdrop display like a 3 or 4 panel booth, and 2 other banners like a floor retractable banner and table-top banner. Another option is a curved display adjacent to an angular vertical retractable stand. It will add a nice counterbalance of differing display shapes.

The overall message about the features and services of your company should be uniform throughout your trade show space. It would be best to focus on a specific theme regarding your company like certain services that differentiate your business from other companies. Do not include too much text and info on your display, as it could really distract visitors and not draw the eye to important key details. Instead, simplify the details on your banners to make it more visually appealing.

customer serviceEach display should have a focus and fall into the greater theme of the company booth. Say for instance, your focus is on customer service. Include one display that showcases certain programs you have that reflect this value like special rewards for loyal customers. Another display can show your company’s customer service representatives whom enact that value in their day to day interactions with customers.

Your booth basically represents your company and serves as a first impression factor to many potential customers, so making sure your booth is well planned and organized is key to a successful trade show. To make your participation in a trade show or local convention worthwhile, planning what advertising displays you will be using as well as the layout of your booth needs to be taken into careful consideration. With the right planning and preparation, presenting at a trade show can broaden your company’s clients base and business connections.

Upgrade Your Showcase With Special Trade Show Flooring

Presenting at a trade show is a huge opportunity for exhibitors to introduce their brand and increase their presence in the market. In order to make it happen, you need to make the right decisions, those that make you unique and totally different from the rest. Trade show flooring is a great way to enhance an exhibition and make it more distinctive. It might seem to you as a small detail, but it will surely bring you surprising results.

When you think about it, there is an enormous effort that comes with being all day on the trade show floor. Both visitors and exhibitors spend hours standing and walking, which can be quite exhausting. If you could include anti-fatigue flooring in your display, to help attendees feel relieved when getting into your booth, it would add comfort to your exhibition space.

trade show visitors

This will affect positively on your prospective clients, as it shows your ability to please and satisfy costumers even in those small details that others overlook. Plus, it would also keep your staff motivated and fresh, and will influence positively on the mood of exhausted prospects, which is really helpful when talking about business.

Trade show flooring also improves the image of your exhibition, adding a professional look. In many cases, nonexistent flooring gives your display an unwanted appearance, like something is missing or unfinished. Another benefit of flooring is that it can also help you in branding. Using floorings with colors and materials that complement your brand design is excellent to maximize your brand exposure.

Trade show flooring will help you differentiate yourself from your competitors, and also impact positively on your company presence, branding and results.

Backdrop Displays Can Brighten Up Your Booth

There is no doubt that a large, impressive backdrop at your booth is an essential part of a cohesive, complete business showcase. Unfortunately though, the larger the display, the higher the cost for the presenter. For a finished look to your booth, a backdrop is a necessary addition to your advertising exhibit. Here are a few economical backdrop options that will not cost much:

quick fabric display

Quick fabric display. This display employs a collapsible frame that extends like an accordion, very easy to travel and to store with the poster already attached to the stand. The polyester banner is printed using a process called dye sublimation where heat is used to apply the image to the substrate, producing vibrant colors and crisp graphics. Replacing the poster to update or alternate graphics is simple using Velcro to connect the banner to the hardware.

Vinyl banners. If you have an existing structure or display, you can hang a vinyl banner from it, as an inexpensive backdrop option for your company booth space. Vinyl banners are very durable and showcase a high-quality graphic print. Pricing includes optional grommets to make hanging the display convenient and hassle-free.

Curved or straight trade show booth. A trade show booth, whether curved or straight, is a great investment that can be used year after year. The printed poster panels can be replaced so you can update or change your graphics whenever necessary to ensure your display showcases current information. Most units include 3 or 4 printed panels, collapsible hardware, 2 halogen lights and a hard shipping container for a smooth travel.

curved display

Large adjustable banner stand. The large adjustable display is one of the most economical displays on the market today. Made of dye sublimated fabric with pole pockets on the top and bottom, this banner can display your company logo and information clearly and effectively. The aluminum frame comes with adjustable poles which comprise a sturdy, free-standing unit that showcases the impressive printed banner.

Choosing any one of these backdrop exhibits is not only a financially smart marketing decision but also serves as a visually attractive and impressive advertising display. It is a fact that the most effective way of returning your investment on an advertising exhibit of any size is updating the graphics on a free-standing unit.