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How To Design A Smashing Booth Without Emptying Your Wallet

Every business manger knows that image is everything, especially when it comes to trade show presentation. Creating a sleek exhibit that reflects your business will help garner more potential clients. Translating your vision of a fashionable booth into a reality without exceeding your budget can be very tricky. The most economical marketing decisions to create a modern advertising exhibit are choosing a signature display piece, deciding on a color scheme that is timeless but trending, selecting versatile displays that can change with the times and generating a staff dress code that is both professional but stylish.

calculating business budget

For starters, a stylish trade show booth needs to have a central eclectic advertising display. One impressive advertising display can not only add style to a company space but is also an economical marketing solution. A quick fabric display utilizing dye sublimation printing can provide a sleek display with stylish, vibrant graphics. A scrolling banner can provide the movement that prevents your booth from becoming stale and keeps your company current in an ever-changing competitive market. Also, placing your signature display in the center of your booth will draw the visitor’s eye to your sleek advertising display.

Color is an effective visual that can grab attention and allow your company to be in style with trendy colors. Deciding on a color scheme for your booth and keeping it consistent throughout your displays and each event is crucial to establishing branding. Try incorporating a timeless color combination like black and white but add a bright accent color that follows a current trend like lemon yellow, purple or red.

Because the concept of what is in style and modern is an ever-changing idea, select versatile displays that can change with trends. Select a retractable banner stand with the option of replacement graphics and changeable posters on a regular basis. You will save on the cost of purchasing a whole new unit as well as avoid the risk of displaying an out-of-style exhibit.

With such a stylish booth, you and your staff should present a sophisticated image as well. Though you want to appear professional, a stiff business attire will appear out-of-sync with a modern advertising presentation. Instead of conventional business clothing, try a more casual look like stylish pants with a vibrant, modern company shirt or interesting accessory. Keep in mind, there should be a balance between trendy and professional so that you and your company do not come across as too casual or sloppy.
Follow these tips and you can have a smashing trade show booth without exceeding a tight budget in no time.

Trade Show Tips – How To Make Attendees Visit Your Booth

If you sometimes feel that no matter how much you work to attract a prospect to your stand, sometimes things just don’t seem to work, you’re not the only one. The answer is that in this business, you must leave nothing to chance, and it is critical for you to know why people didn’t notice your stand, so you can improve for the next event.

Examine your trade show booth design. If visitors find your stand too boring, they won’t even notice it. Don’t create designs with too many small images or too much text and use the right colors. That could be chaotic. Actually, too much text and many images might make your company message confusing.

Sometimes that is one of the reasons why people don’t approach to take a look. So be concise and clear when choosing your message and don’t create over elaborate graphics or designs. Another reason related to your booth could be activity. A lively atmosphere is always a key factor. People get curious when they see presentations, animated demos and conversations with other customers.

welcome gesture

Your staff is also a crucial element at the trade show, so make sure they are doing a good job. If they are talking with each other, or on the phone, instead of offering giveaways and being alert to what’s going on, they won’t be able to engage any targeted customer in conversation. It’s imperative that your staff will look professional, motivated and polished; otherwise, good prospects will just ignore them.

You need to show people who you are and how you can benefit them. If they don’t know your company, what you offer and why you are the best choice, they will probably walk by without stopping. Good prospects might not visit you if they didn’t get a previous invitation, even before the trade show starts.

If a prospect has already an appointment with another exhibitor and that’s why he went right without stopping, you still have a chance to get him when he returns. Improve your booth design, train your staff, plan appealing activities and extend invitations. The next trade show will surely be a success.

Recognize The Signs When You Need To Replace Your Booth

Exhibiting at a trade show present you with many benefits. You can network with other businesses, enhance your brand identity and awareness and attract new customers. But, you have to invest in a display booth, banners and other similar promotional materials.

Especially if you attend trade shows regularly, you’ll need to invest in a new display booth every once in a while. There are many signs that you need a new display booth that shouldn’t be ignored, because trade shows are all about first impressions.

Design and color

retro design

The colors and designs of booth displays often give off signals that it is time to invest in a new one. The first and most obvious is an outdated offer or branding change. If your display features something that is no longer relevant to you then it is time to invest in a new one, regardless of how long you have had it. Covering certain information with paper is not professional and just not good enough.

There are other points to be made though. For example, are the colors on your display faded? If they are then you are guaranteed to not be attracting the visitors you should. Why? Because bright colors attract the most eyes. If your colors are faded then the likelihood is that they are not catching as many eyes and so people who would normally stop are walking by.

Is the design outdated? If your display features a really bad 70s or 80s design then you have to change it right away… 80s clothing may be back in fashion but the boxy, fluorescent and cheesy designs of those decades do not work when it comes to business. Your customers and those businesses you network with want to know that your business is modern and embracing the future. A bad, outdated design says you are rooted in the past so get rid of it!

Finally, if your banner display is ripped, creased, tarred, marked or features any wear and tear then it is time to get a new one immediately. All displays, banners and signs should be in the best condition and well looked after.

Outdated technology

Old technology is just as bad as faded colors and outdated patterns, because it shows the same thing – that your business is living in the past. For example, if you use an old overhead type projector or an old version of Windows PowerPoint for your presentations then you simply won’t attract any visitors.

lights showPotential clients appreciate all the newest lighting shows and computer technology so impress them with a new display that embraces the latest technology. There is another reason for doing so – your own safety. Pushing old wiring past its best is never a good idea and could literally send your business up in smoke.

If your display booth is showing any sign of age or wear, do not hesitate to invest in a new display. Remember that your display is what attracts people to you at a trade show and any wear and tear can compromise your results. If you are investing time in your business at trade shows then make sure you invest in your display as well.

Tips To Increase Traffic To Your Trade Show Booth

Many trade show presenters rely too much on gimmicks or attractive booth employees to attract attention to their exhibit. Do flashy exhibit accessories and meaningless giveaways actually prove to be an effective means to increase traffic to your trade show booth?

There are many trade show booth ideas out there and they all result in varying amounts of success. Looking to draw sheer numbers to your company booth is not always the best tactic for a successful trade show experience. Accumulating quality leads requires enticing the right visitors that can turn into potential clients or helpful resources for your business to enter your booth space.

sales staff exhibiting

Follow the tips below to attract quality traffic to your trade show exhibit, thereby maximizing your sales leads and broadening your professional network:

Make Preliminary Research

Planning for your trade show before attending is an important step to increasing traffic to your booth by alerting customers and other attendees of your presence at the event. When requested, most show organizers will provide a list of trade show attendees so you can research who will be at the show and who you want to make sure you make time to meet.

Before the show, send emails to your client contact list and let them know where to find you. Also, knowing who you are going to visit when you attend the show allows you to narrow down the list of valuable connections that are relevant to your organization or business. Time is of the essence at a trade show, so be sure to make the most of it by forming a plan ahead of time.

Don’t Pressure Your Leads

Creating a warm and inviting environment that welcomes visitors into your space usually includes an open floor plan and well-thought out arrangement of necessary displays. Having the right people in your booth that can ask thought-provoking and relevant questions to attendees without coming off as pushy or abrasive is also crucial to a hospitable exhibit area.

Offer Unique Incentives

If you have a new product or special offer, announce it and give visitors a reason to make your booth a priority. Interactive displays and products can get individuals involved and most often prove to draw a crowd of interested onlookers as well. Gifts that are targeted to your specific audience are the most effective means of generating the right kind of traffic. You can also host private events in separate conference rooms for a select few to build solid relationships with your leads.

Letting other exhibitors and attendees know who you are and what your company has to offer right from the beginning is an important element of attracting interested visitors to your booth.

Retractable Banner Stands – Affordable Additions To Any Trade Show

retractable banner standA lot of business owners putting together trade show displays choose retractable banner stands, mainly due to durability and ease of transport. These stands are manufactured with high quality materials such as aluminum or fiberglass metal stands that are quick and easy to assemble. A retractable banner stand is available in a variety of dimensions, so it can be used as an effective display piece even when a trade show exhibitor has limited booth space.

Some of the top advantages of a retractable banner stand are highly durable products, simple assembly and top quality screen printing. Our warehouse is stacked with ready-made parts, which allows us to put together the requested banner as soon as a customer places an order and proofs it.

Retractable banner stands come in a range of sizes, from small tabletop banners at 17 inches high to large-scale ones measuring over 90 inches tall. This versatility allows each customer to select the banner dimensions that will fit the best with the rest of their trade show display. An appealing banner will help create visual interest and draw in potential sales leads.

TRT Banners’ low prices accommodate any budget, and the affordable retractable banner stand can be incorporated into a display space at any business (university, hospital, retail store, restaurant, trade show or a community event). With the option of purchasing poster replacements to update graphics, you can reuse the stand for each event which saves you money on the need to buy a completely new unit. Check out our line of products at our website.

Portable Trade Show Displays – Economic And Effective

Presenting at a trade show is all about standing out and branding your company. If you are looking for an effective and affordable solution that will lead to a super successful show, you must consider portable displays.

The arrival and setting up at the trade show floor can be quite stressing and you need fast solutions that save you time and efforts. Portable displays are designed to be easy to assemble and disassemble with no need for special tools. Two people can set-up the displays’ framework in just a few minutes, which is extremely useful when you have so many other things to take care of.

portable banner standPortable displays are a lot more affordable than traditional exhibits, leaving you a bigger budget for other aspects of your exhibition. Portable displays are often built from the same materials used in traditional booths. In fact, these cost-effective solutions also save you money on storage and shipping costs, since they are compact and made of lightweight materials that you can carry with you.

The design and size flexibility of these displays is another major benefit. This is very convenient considering that each trade show has its own size restrictions. They can be easily reconfigured so there is no need to buy a different display for each event. You can also add additional elements for exhibiting like banner stands, video monitors, podiums or table throws, depending on your needs and budget.

A portable display will be perfect to highlight your brand in a whole new light. While others will be displaying the same boring, old displays, you will have the freshest and edgiest solution to stand out above everyone else.

X-Frame Banner Stands – Affordable And Convenient

X-frame banner stands provide a sturdy frame to display banners at your next event or at the entryway of your store. These types of stands are portable and easy to assemble without the need for extra tools or complex steps. Each stand is constructed with hardware that allows it to extend and lock in place in a similar style to a tripod. Adding these free-standing banners to your trade show display is an economical choice for a trade show booth, and this type of stand is among the easiest to transport due to its compact design.

x frame banner stand

The benefits of X-frame banner stands

An X-frame banner stand is an affordable display for consumers looking for an effective advertising tool for a business or an upcoming trade show. You’ll receive a full-color printed banner, aluminum tripod stand and a canvas tote bag for convenient transportation and storage, all for an incredibly affordable price. The full-color custom print is produced by a large format digital printer, which can feature a product announcement, sale or a special event with high clarity.

An X-frame banner stand allows a banner (usually made of vinyl) to be secured in place at each corner with grommets. When assembling an X-frame banner stand, make sure that the banner is hooked securely to avoid rippling while on display. After the crossbars are locked in place to form the X shape, the attached banner can be turned to any possible angle on the floor, allowing for maximum visibility even from a large, crowded trade show floor.

Ordering options and pricing information

X-frame banners and stands come in complete, compact kits. Our two available banner kit sizes measure 32 inches by 69.5 inches or 35 inches by 78 inches. Both of these banner stands work well with any number of possible trade show booth layouts.

Our smaller X-frame banner kit starts at $85.50, and our larger kit option is priced at $103.50. Replacement banners are also available separately, beginning at $54 per banner. Plus, we offer a 48 hour turnaround time after proof approval. To see detailed specs on our X-frame banner stands, visit our web page.

A New Approach To Present Your Message – Focus On The Why

Millions of dollars are wasted every year in trade shows just to prove businesses that they go nowhere. People invest at events and not generate enough leads and most of them never find the answer to the problem. What are they doing wrong?

The answer may be simple: People buy the Why and not the What. Most of companies get focused on the “what” and the “how” when designing their marketing messages. But only the “why” can make the difference between those that survive and the ones that really inspire and change the industry. Why are you in business? Why do you sell what you sell? Why are you different? These are the types of questions that just the large companies have answered. These are the types of questions that should lead your marketing campaign. Have you ever wondered if your trade show exhibition answer the why questions?

writing question mark

Find out your why:

Stop focusing on what you are doing and answer why you are doing it. Your why should lead to your what and how, not the other way around. Explain your audience why you started doing what you do and how that takes you to the what and the how. Make sure not only you, but the members of your team identify with the why. Your staff is the living image of your business during the trade show.

They need to understand why you do what you do and identify with it. Ask them why they work for you? Why did they choose your company and not another one? Share their stories at your booth and video presentations. This helps build bonds and inspires people to join your cause once they understand the why.

Work on your message

This new approach generally leads to a total redesigning of your company’s message, but it will certainly bring great results. Try to find the why in the message you are trying to spread out during the trade show. Is your display communicating why you do what you do? If you cannot see the why, attendees cannot see it either. So, it’s time to change it in order to improve your brand recognition.

Believe it or not, people buy from companies because of the reason they do things, not because what they do or how they do it. Many times competition has better services or products to offer, however those companies who best identify why they are doing what they do become into the leaders of the industry. Find your why and focus your trade show display on it. Encourage people to join you because they feel inspired by your why. Make a difference over the rest of competitors. Your result will be dramatically different.

How To Employ Banner Stands To Boost Your Branding

A very popular advertising option is to use banners, especially because they can be printed with a variety of designs and slogans. Both small and large businesses can use brightly colored banners to catch potential customers’ attention, and modern digital printing can render sophisticated banner designs at affordable prices. An advertising banner is often made from durable material such as vinyl, and it will last for many years if kept clean and stored properly.

Along with banners, business owners need to purchase banner stands to display them properly. Various types of stands are manufactured to hold a banner securely in place and display it to the best advantage. Banner stands can be fabricated from aluminum, fiber glass or similar material that will hold up to wear and tear. Some stands are retractable for easy transport and storage as well. One of the first questions among buyers is which type of stand is best for their particular banner. The answer depends on the size and shape of the banner along with where the buyer plans to display it.

Different types of banner stands

Retractable banner stands are some of the most frequent choices among buyers. These stands include a mechanism for rolling up the banner for storage. A good retractable banner stand is constructed in an easy way to pull the banner out and secure it in place in a similar manner to a window shade.

scrolling banner standPortable banner stands are additional choices, and these are convenient for business owners who have several banners they plan to switch out on a regular basis. Changing a banner on a portable stand is quick and easy, and this type of stand can also be adjusted to various heights. Many have telescopic legs that lock in place at different heights, using a mechanism similar to that of a tripod.

X-frame banner stands contain two intersecting diagonal poles that hold a banner in place. The end of each pole attaches to one of the banner’s four corners, often with a hook or grommet. An X-frame stand is a favorite choice because it pulls each banner somewhat tight so that it cannot ripple due to wind or floor vibrations.

An L-frame banner stand is designed with similar functionality to an X-frame stand. The difference is that the top and bottom of the banner need to be hooked in place at only two points instead of four. These types of stands are excellent for business owners who frequently set up booths at trade shows.

Some newer developments in banner stand design include smaller table-top stands and motorized rotating stands. A table-top stand often has an L-frame or an X-frame, and it is a good option for presenters who do not have enough floor space for a full-height banner. A rotating banner can be a fun way to catch customer interest, particularly at a busy event. One of these stands is powered by a small motor that can be either electric or battery-powered.

Common uses for banner stands

Many store owners like to use banners on their sales floor to advertise their latest specials. Some also display banners on the outside of their storefronts as the weather and local ordinances permit. Outside of business locations, trade shows are the most popular places for presenters to display banners. Some trade shows are confined to a specific industry while others may have a broader scope. In either case, savvy exhibitors put time and thought into their banner stand displays because a successful trade show can make a big difference in later profits.