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What You Need To Know About Large Format Printings

Millions of businesses are using offline advertising to reach more audiences. They have found the key to survive in this modern and competitive world: online marketing strategies merged with top-quality offline solutions.

Of course, there are many ways to promote your business offline, but almost all of them involve printing. But when it comes to printing you need to make a wise decision: The kind of technology you use may be the difference between success and failure.

If you are running a small business and you are looking for the best printing technology to promote your company products and services, there are no better solutions for you than those provided by large-format printers. Thanks to it, small businesses can stay in the limits of their marketing budget. There’s no need to waste more than $2,000 on a yellow page ad, when you can pay half the price for a promotional message placed in the front of your business and still save money for online advertising.

large outdoor banner

Large-format printers were designed as a digital solution for business promotions. The quality of the printing is as good and sharp as a photograph. It’s almost perfect, not only for graphics but also for text. Text is easily understandable and readable giving your printings a really clean, professional and polished look.

One of the most common uses for large-format printings is retail advertising. The best way to call the attention of every passerby is using a large and colorful sign, banner, poster or billboard. Whether if showcasing at a trade show or promoting a super sale, these large-format solutions are amazing for those who need instant visibility.

You can also use window, wall or floor graphics to promote your business. Many businesses are making a good use of these solutions made of vinyl. Actually some of them are using large vinyl wrap with their company logos and messages printed on them to cover their vehicles.

Brochures and catalogs are also ideal to provide your prospects with more information. Once you have caught their attention with large-format advertising, top-quality brochures and catalogs are perfect to inform them in detail about your business and services.

Large format printing is a great solution for banners, posters, brochures and vinyl stickers to be ready fast and cheap, making this option even more viable. So, no matter how big or small your company is, any good advertising strategy demands visibility and top-quality solutions. Believe it or not, those solutions are not unreachable anymore. Your small business also deserves a chance!

Retractable Banners: Functional And Eco-friendly Solutions For Your Next Trade Show

There are many reasons to use retractable banners when exhibiting at trade shows. They are easy to set-up thanks to their assembly system, they are portable because they are made of very lightweight materials, and they are quite customizable so you can find them in different sizes, shapes and designs in order to suit a wide range of preferences.

However, one of the best and more important benefits of retractable banners is the fact that they can be reused several times. Many people don’t consider this to be a big deal, but it actually is if you stop to think about the great benefits of having a reusable solution.

One of the greatest advantages of retractable banner stands is having the chance to change graphics where and whenever you want. They come with a very simple mechanism to swap up the graphics in just a few minutes. If you need to change your message or if your graphic looks too old to continue exhibiting it, you don’t have to change your banner stand. You just need to replace the old graphic with a new one, saving you time, money and efforts.

retractable banner stand

On the other hand, trade show displays being used for just a short period of time generally end up in landfills. Most of the times the materials used to build these displays will take hundreds or even thousands of years to decompose causing a serious damage to the environment. Every time you reuse your retractable banner instead of throwing it away you are not only saving money and time, but also the environment. Actually, there are many recycling centers that can also make a good use of those old materials that you won’t need anymore.

Moreover, reusing your banner stands will also give you more options to focus your attention and money on other issues that may be crucial for your exhibition. You can use that saved money to improve the quality of your graphics. Choose the latest printing techs and the best inks to get top-quality images and really attractive colors to spread out your messages more effectively. Also feel free to choose less cheap and more durable materials for your banners so they can last a longer period of time.

So definitely, retractable banner stands have many reasons to be considered. These reusable solutions can make things a lot easier, giving you the chance to be green while offering you remarkable advantages that you shouldn’t ignore. This may be the right time to reconsider your decisions, so stop to think and make a good choice.

Top Marketing Strategies To Get The Most Out Of This Christmas Season

When Christmas is coming, every small business is getting ready to maximize their holidays’ sales. Improving your marketing strategy is the key, so you can get the most out of this Christmas season.

    • Redecoration:To capture the Christmas’ atmosphere you first need to redecorate your business. Use beautiful lights and Christmas colors such as green and red. Play Christmas melodies. Recreate a snowing atmosphere and ask some of your employees to wear Christmas costumes and to interact with clients. Decorate your space with Christmas toys. The thing is to make customers feel that they are in a magical and fantastic world.
    • Special offers:Christmas season is all about discounts so you should reduce prices and promote special offers. Have discounts vouchers, promotional days and special discount days (similar to Black Friday). Offer a gift to people who buy certain products. Keep it fresh and change the offer every day, the idea is to keep shoppers coming back.

      Also offer customers free gift wrapping. Include a service that helps them think about gifts ideas and guides them to the right part of the store where they can find the best promotions. Make their shopping experience easier.

santa behind presents

  • Advertising:Display your promotions discounts and special offers everywhere: place a banner in your business storefront or the window, announce it in your website and all your social media channels. Also, hand out flyers with your promotions. You should also send Christmas cards to your best customers where you include a brief description of your special offers as well as a special discount code for VIP clients.
  • Charity:Christmas is about a generous spirit that also reaches out to the less fortunate. Choose a charitable institution and donate part of your Christmas’ sales. Inform your visitors about it. This will definitely attract more people if they know that part of their purchases go to charity.
  • Surprises:Everybody loves little gifts that they don’t expect to receive. So, have two or three types of small wrapped gifts under the counter ready to hand out after a purchase. Simple things such as a really cute soap, a bottle of wine or a beautiful candle are perfect. Include a written-card wishing them Merry Christmas and thanking them for their visit. This is a perfect strategy to make a very good impression on customers and keep them talking about your business.

Christmas is the most special season of the year and everybody loves it. So, make people feel special in your business. Help them enjoy the Christmas’ atmosphere. Every visitor will appreciate it and your sales volume will increase accordingly.

How Can Restaurants Benefit From Banner Stands

Restaurants and banners go together a lot more than you would’ve thought. If an eatery wants to promote a new dish, or to draw attention to a special offer, then a banner is a good and unobtrusive way to get the message across. It’s not always possible for busy waiting staff to let diners know about deals, so banners let customers find out in their own time.

Restaurant banners can be placed outside the premises, or just inside. A slick retractable banner can draw attention to a new offer or special of the day, especially if an attractive photo is placed right in the middle of the poster, surrounded by the necessary information.

Restaurant banners that tell people to wait to be seated, as well as about house rules are also incredibly useful. These signs are permanent, and can be moved around. It’s always better to use vinyl or plastic signs than paper for this purpose, as it looks classier and more expensive. A tattered paper sign telling you not to smoke just looks low-rent.

restaurant banners
Larger banners are usually used outside, but are occasionally found inside as well. These types of banners are often hung up by ropes and eyelets, and if you have a particular mission statement, then a big, bold vinyl banner will get this message across very clearly. “We serve the best Mexican in town!” gets the main idea across, then you can get down to the finer details once you’ve got a captive audience.

Special announcements can be proclaimed with a banner, too. If your restaurant is moving to a new location, or if you’re expanding, then a banner is the best way to let customers know. If they’re reading it inside your eatery, they’re already fans, and if they haven’t been in before, the fact that you’re growing means you make good food! It’s worth spending the money on these banners, as they can attract a lot of new customers. This kind of banner should be bright, breezy and carefully located.

Whether large or small, you can use banners to announce your special menus. It’s often best to use one large banner stand that has details of several dishes or combos, as long as you include high-quality images of these choices. Inside is the best place, if you have enough room, as people are already seated or queuing by then. Outside the restaurant is also good, as a colorful banner can attract a lot of attention and point people to the right place.

Giveaways – The Secret Ingredient Of Any Trade Show Success

While many people underestimate the real importance of giveaways, successful and experienced companies make the most out of these promotional items. People love receiving gifts, that’s a fact, so there is no smarter strategy than using these items to act as permanent reminders of your brand and company. Offering giveaways is not optional, it’s necessary. So, all that you need to know is what kind of item to choose.

holding a gift bag

    1. Always set a budget before choosing one item or another. Some of these objects may be more expensive than what you expect, so set a budget first in order to save yourself from future troubles. However, be careful. It is not advisable to choose low-quality items just because they are affordable. Giveaways represent your company and a low quality item with your brand printed on it is not exactly a great reminder of your business.


    1. If you are interested in promoting a specific product you should offer free samples, promotional discounts, and coupons to your targeted audience. If you are more interested in building your brand you should choose useful items that people can use every day: calendars, coffee mugs, tote bags, day planners etc. These functional objects have two purposes: reducing the chance to be thrown away and acting as a permanent reminder of your brand.


    1. If the trade show will last several days you can also select different items to give away each day. This is perfect to add a fresh and different touch to your daily exhibitions.


    1. In fact, you should choose two different types of freebies for different types of visitors. Have pens and other cheap items to give away to passersby and save those expensive giveaways to bestow on those potential clients that may lead into future customers.


    1. In order to improve your results, always train your staff properly about when to offer gifts. Make sure they know the importance of recognizing a good prospect before giving them one item or another. They must be wise and perceptive in order to get the most out of your giveaways.


  1. Research and find the best promotional companies that offer high-quality giveaways at reasonable prices. Ask for high-volume discounts that can make it more affordable for you. Make sure to print your company logo as well as the right messages on every item.

Giveaways represent a small piece of you company and that small piece will act as a constant reminder of your business and brand. So, choosing the right items to give away is not a trivial decision. Small details can make the difference and they can be the secret ingredient of your success.

Outstanding Advertising Ideas To Stand Out In Outdoor Events

There are many great displays to advertise your outdoor event in a way that passersby cannot ignore your presence. If you are taking part in an outdoor event you can have access to useful accessories that help you attract the attention of visitors and improve your performance. Here is a list of some of the most popular displays for your outdoor event.

Outdoor banners: Pole banners, outdoor roller banner stands, vinyl banners and tension banner stands are just a few examples of this effective display solution. Pole banners, for instance, are perfect to make a good use of the surrounding environment when advertising. Roller banner stands can be assembled in just a few seconds and printed double sized. Outdoor banners are generally made of strong and durable fabrics so they are resistant to the battering of sun, rain and wind. Exhibitors can find them in all kind of shapes and sizes, to fit any event and budget.

Feather flags: Feather flags are ideal to attract the attention of visitors since they are an in-motion advertisement. The human eye is programmed to notice the smallest movement and our brain immediately redirects the attention to it. So, this is the perfect tool to be noticeable. Always make sure to use attractive colors and just a few words that can be perfectly readable when they are waving in the wind.

teardrop fabric banner
Bow flags: They are also a great solution to help companies with branding, marketing and exposure during outdoor events. Since they don’t flutter in the wind they are better for printing more text on them: short marketing message, the company’s logo, the company’s name etc. They are perfect to use at display tents or on table displays. Bow flags are offered in a variety of sizes and shapes. Some designs include a rotation system to grab the attention of bystanders easily.

Pavement displays: They include A-boards, pavement signs, swing signs, retractable banners, etc. All of them are perfect solutions to promote your company, to advertise your services and products and to display your brand. They are portable, lightweight and easy-to-store accessories. Pavement displays are really flexible advertising tools because they can provide permanent graphics or changeable graphics, depending on your needs. So, you can change the message on your display board from day to day if you need it.

Any of these displays are great for maximum exposure in high-traffic public areas. All of them are designed to transmit your marketing message successfully. All that you need to do is finding the best option for your outdoor event, so, make your choice and give your exhibition the chance to stand out.

Which Type Of Banner Should You Choose: Vinyl Or Fabric?

There’s no doubt that banners are one of the most popular solutions used in fairs, markets, trade shows and almost any kind of event that generally involves a crowd of visitors. Banners were used even in the medieval days to decorate certain events such as tournaments, ceremonies and competitions, as well as to represent warriors in the battlefields.

However, their function has changed a little bit since then. Today, banners are not only used for decoration. Our modern banners are also designed to attract people´s attention and to communicate a very clear message. When working with banners you should always make sure you choose the proper design, the colors and the right message to print on them. The same way, you need to take care of the type of material you will use.

Banner materials are essential considering where you plan to use it, how long you need them and where and how you plan to store them. Some of the most common materials for banners are vinyl and fabric.

teardrop fabric banner
Vinyl banners are amazing solutions because they are high-quality and really appealing. Since the material is so bright and beautiful, just using the right colors you will have everyone´s eyes on your banner.

This type of material is also very easy to clean. You don’t need special products or treatments, just regular soaps or mild detergent, always avoiding harsh products that can affect its gloss. This way, vinyl banners are perfect for outdoor events considering that outdoor banners get dirty much easier and they need to be washed regularly.

On the other hand, fabric banners are a little harder to wash, and they are more suitable for indoor use. When you clean them, you should never use too much water because stains could end spread all over the surface. The same way, soaps should be avoided to protect colors.

When it comes to storing them, vinyl banners should be rolled up with the image on the outside and put them into tube containers. It is not advisable to fold them to avoid unwanted creases.

In the case of fabric banners, they can be easily folded instead. The recommendation here is that if you wash them first, they need to be totally dry before storing them to avoid mold and damp patches. Since they don’t demand so many requirements for storage, and they are really durable, flexible and light, fabric banners are the perfect solution for people who need to travel from one trade-show to another.

Both materials have their own particularities and play their roles very well. You just need to define your needs and get the most suitable material for your banner. Whether fabric or vinyl; our banners are great a solution for any marketing event.

How To Make The Most Of Social Media At Trade Shows

Today, social media stands out as one of the most useful tools for business promotion. Thanks to its great impact on people, social media is a real time interaction tool perfect for trade show exhibitions. It has definitely changed the way trade show marketers plan their companies’ exhibitions. However, it is important to know that no result will be achieved if you don’t know how to make a good and proper use of this marketing tool.

social networks images
You should be careful about a few things when you are planning a trade show exhibition by using social media. Here are four pitfalls that you must avoid when using social media as a marketing tool at your trade show exhibition.

    1. First of all, design a proper plan to respond to costumers’ feedback. This could sound absurd, but, most of the time staffers are so busy that a huge percentage of companies don’t respond to their customers, because they don’t know how to manage the visitors’ flow, which is a huge missed opportunity. Costumers need, want and expect a response from you. So, it is really important to make sure that you have a very well-designed plan to attend your social media customers.


    1. On the other hand, never postpone your tasks and always plan ahead. Try to find general exhibitors checklists that can help you plan your exhibition during the trade show. You will have several tasks and it is important to be ready, especially if you don’t have a preview experience in this kind of event. There are many online tools that can be of great help in scheduling as well as implementing a proper customers feedback process.


    1. Next, avoid broken links. It is very common to misspell a word or to include links that redirect nowhere. Be very careful. Check and recheck over and over to make sure your links are perfect. This tip is also valid for QR codes. Check the literature and information placed on your pages and make sure that every link and QR code goes to the right page. It is very common to find this kind of faults and they could definitely damage your trade show results.


  1. Finally, try to get your trade show booth number as soon as you can. It is important to promote your exhibition and upcoming plans through Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn, your Facebook page, and other social networks, and to include your booth number. This will make it easy for customers to locate your stand in the trade show floor.

It is really important to avoid these four mistakes if you really want to get the most out of social media. As any other tool, social media effectiveness depends on how you use it and how skilled you are to make the most of its advantages. So, be smart, pay attention to the advices above and get ready for the most successful trade show exhibition that you have ever had.

How To Choose The Right Outdoor Banner?

Outdoor banners are perfect for advertising both special events and promotions. A church can display a banner to promote a Vacation Bible School program. A community center may utilize an outdoor banner to promote a library book sale. Restaurants, sports teams, car dealers, farmer’s markets, health clubs, theaters, museums and even local governments often make use of banners to highlight promotions, to inform about hours of operation, to list coming attractions or to promote tourism and special events.

Types of Vinyl Banners

Vinyl is used to create most outdoor banners. Vinyl is classified according to weight, which usually ranges from 9 ounces to 22 ounces per square yard. Heavier vinyl is the most durable and the most likely to hold up under extreme outdoor conditions.

Scrim vinyl uses both vertical and horizontal fibers to provide maximum strength and durability under any conditions. A layer of polyester fabric is laminated in a double layer of clear vinyl, providing maximum protection for the design. The fabric layer also makes the banner flexible in breezy conditions. Scrim vinyl is inexpensive but it also have a tendency to curl.

vinyl banner
Another type of vinyl, flat vinyl, is less likely to curl and is good for applications requiring close-up reading. Flat vinyl offers nice color saturation but is not suitable for large banners hung with grommets. For a two-sided banner, stick with blackout vinyl. By placing a layer of black vinyl between the vinyl signs on either side, blackout vinyl prevents light and color from bleeding through to the opposite side.

Lastly, some banners are made from mesh vinyl. Mesh has holes that allows the breeze to pass through, which helps to keep the banner in place in the windiest conditions. However, the holes do allow light to penetrate, so mesh is not ideal in situations that utilize backlighting. On the other hand, mesh banners can be ideal for window displays because they don’t block natural light from the interior of the building.

Choosing the Right Size

Many standard banners measure between two feet by four feet and four feet by eight feet. Banners also come in standard sizes to fit a variety of outdoor banner stands. However, banners can be custom-made to fit a variety of settings. Measure the area where you want to hang your banner and discuss the possibilities with your printer.

In addition to the setting for the banner, consider the size of your lettering and images when determining the overall scope of your banner. Generally speaking, multiply the height of your letters by 10 feet to determine the maximum comfortable viewing distance for your banner. In addition to letter height, take visibility and traveling speed into account. A smaller banner may work on a street with a low speed limit, but a banner near an interstate should be large sized.

Any organization can promote its products, services or attractions using a durable outdoor banner. It can last for a long time, and can be replaced every few months, to offer new deals.