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Point Of Sale Banners Will Upgrade Your Appearance


A point-of-sale banner, or display, is a special type of sales promotion equipment that is located next to a checkout in a shop or supermarket. The checkout is the point of sale, and these point-of-sale banners are often seen along the conveyor belt (in the case of supermarkets) or the counter (in smaller shops and independent boutiques) to encourage either an impulse buy or a larger purchase of a more everyday item.

Point-of-sale banners can also inform customers that an offer is beginning and ending soon, so even if the shopper can’t act on impulse there and then, he or she will make a mental note to grab the items on the next shopping trip.

point of sale banner standThese banners usually advertise new products, or special offers that have a limited duration. Classic examples include seasonal items, like sunscreen, insect repellent and sunglasses for the summer, or holiday season items like wrapping paper, three-for-two gift promotions and greeting cards.

There are also point-of-sale banners that you’ll see all year round. These banners are often used in cycles, drawing attention to items that shoppers need throughout the year. Examples of these goods include batteries, sweets, blank CDs and magazines.

Smaller shops tend to get these banners from the makers of the goods themselves – these companies tend to be large businesses, and so they can bulk-buy these point-of-sale banners and distribute them to their outlets. Larger outlets, like supermarkets, tend to commission their own point-of-sale banners so that they include the supermarket’s own corporate branding as well as details of the items and the maker’s branding.

Any shop with a small amount of free floor space (after all, if the space isn’t holding something that’s for sale, it’s effectively dead space!) would benefit from using point-of-sale banners to advertise. There’s often a lot of space around a counter or a checkout, as shelves full of stock would block the path of customers. However, a thin, lightweight banner that draws the eyes in, is worth its weight in gold.

Point-of-sale banners are usually anchored in a lightweight aluminum frame so that the promotional material can be swapped over according to season. Sometimes the banners are free-standing and made of vinyl, so that they can be moved around the store.

All point-of-sale banners, however, have to be visually striking and appealing, with clear branding and concise information. Customers need to know how long the offer is running for, and how much they can save from it.

Reap The Benefits Of Pop-up Banners As A Winning Marketing Strategy

Pop-up fabric banners are lightweight and attractive additions to any trade show booth display or to your business location. These types of banners can be screen-printed with vibrant, high quality images and graphics to promote your company name to potential customers. Once you have selected the design elements for your banner, you will also need to order a stand to display it. Pop-up banner stands are manufactured to keep each fabric banner firmly in place without the banner wrinkling or rippling. These banner stands are collapsible so you can carry them back and forth without difficulty. Other advantages include design flexibility and a range of different stand sizes to fit with the rest of your display.

Easy Transport and Storage

Many pop-up stands fold up and extend in a similar manner to a camera tripod or lighting stand. They usually come with carrying cases for you to store them before and after each use. They are also lightweight, making exhibit display set-up a quick and simple task.

High Quality for Reasonable Costs

Pop-up banner stands are designed to hold up fabric panels without tipping or falling over. Some also come with end caps on the legs for added stability and to prevent marks or scratches on the floor. High quality stands come at reasonable prices according to your requested banner dimensions.

The banners are available in a variety of dimensions and fabric weights depending on the type of digital printing and the graphics you select. Many fabric banners are available in shapes such as square, rectangular and even circular.

One of the latest design trends is the inclusion of some LED lights positioned on the back of the fabric banner. The added illumination creates more visual impact when paired with a thicker, opaque banner.

pop up banner stand

Creative Banner Design

Adding a pop-up banner can help you achieve a more dynamic layout with your next display. One to three different fabric banners can showcase different services or products available from your business, giving your potential customers a more complete mental picture. This layout often has greater visual interest than many standard booth designs that include a display table with a single backdrop.

Creative booth ideas with fabric banners include:

** Featuring newly launched products rendered on a fabric banner
** Including a fabric banner with printed details about promotional offers
** Adding holders for brochures to a display stand
** Changing out different fabric banners based on your target audience

This is a worthwhile investment for your trade show promotion efforts. Finished graphics and logos give booth visitors a professional impression and help you stand out among your competitors.

Advantages of Pop-up Banners

Easy assembly is a main selling point of these banner stands. Compared to some other types of display stands, they come with fewer small parts to put together and few if any tool requirements. Once you have it assembled, a good quality stand will not wobble or come loose while on display. These banner stands are also durable enough to support heavier weight fabric without it curling up at any of the edges. One pop-up banner stand will typically last for years as you purchase and add more fabric banners over time.

Banner stands bring more visual appeal to your trade show exhibit and serve as good mediums for your core marketing messages. Modern pop-up banners can be screen-printed with logos and graphics of your choice, presenting your business in an attractive and professional way.

Setting Up Your Trade Show Budget – Here’s What To Do

Have you ever felt frustrated when trying to set up your trade show budget? Planning a budget for a trade show display have to be carefully created and there are two key elements to consider. First, you must know all that a trade show budget has to include. Second, you should learn about how you can stretch your trade show budget without harming your performance. Let’s learn some budget basics and some tips to facilitate this venture.

budget planning


A trade show budget can be broken down into these elements:



  • Booth space (from 29% to 36%)
  • Show services (17%). It includes cleaning, carpet and padding, power, phone and fax lines, waste removal etc.
  • Exhibit design (form 11% to 16%). It includes materials, signage, graphics, draping, accessories etc.
  • Shipping (12%). It must include freight and drayage.
  • Travel and other expenses (13%). It should include accommodation, meals, flights and transportation.
  • Advertising and promotions (12%). It includes email, printings, direct mail, giveaways etc.

Now that you have an idea on how you can break your budget down, there are some tips that you need to consider when setting your budget and trying to reduce expenses:

smart budgeting

  1. Make a list of every item and service that will cost you money and set a reasonable budget. Be realistic, don’t waste money on a larger booth space if you cannot afford all the expenses that come with the expansion.
  2. Decide if it is a better option renting than buying a display. Renting a portable display saves you the costs of building an exhibit. You can also consider leasing if you will attend several trade shows in a year. Leasing providers offer you flexible payment plans of three-year payments for instance. Besides, leasing is much better for your tax savings because they are classified as expenses and not as capital purchases.
  3. Book your booth space early to get special prices or discounts. Early booking can save up to 20% of your budget.
  4. Advanced ordering of trade show services can prevent you from premium show service fees. Pay as soon as possible for the services you requested to avoid late fees.
  5. Reduce your accommodation and travelling expenses by booking in advance. Many hotels, airlines and car rentals offer discounts for those who book early.
  6. Make a good use of the options offered by trade show organizers. Many of them offer free or cost-effective advertising services.
  7. Get information about all the advantages you have as an exhibitor and make sure your providers will respond if you have last-minute mishaps.

Remember, it’s very important to set up a reasonable budget and include all kinds of expenses into it. Also start your planning process at least 6 months before the trade show begins. This is the key for successful results.

Top Advertising Solutions To Stand Out In Outdoor Trade Shows

There are many great displays to advertise your outdoor event in a way that passersby cannot ignore your presence. If you are taking part in an outdoor exhibition you can have access to useful accessories that help you attract the attention of bystanders and improve your performance. Here is a list of some of the most popular displays for your outdoor event.

outdoor teardrop flagFeather flags: Feather flags are ideal to attract the attention of visitors since they are an in-motion advertisement. The human eye is programmed to notice the smallest movement and our brain immediately redirects the attention to it. So, this is the perfect tool to be noticeable. Always make sure to use attractive colors and just a few words that can be perfectly readable when they are waving in the wind.

Bow flags: They are also a great solution to help companies with branding, marketing and exposure during outdoor events. Since they don’t flutter in the wind they are better for printing more text on them: short marketing message, the company’s logo, the company’s name etc. They are perfect to use at display tents or on table displays. Bow flags are offered in a variety of sizes and shapes. Some designs include a rotation system to grab the attention of bystanders easily.

Pavement displays: They include A boards, pavement signs, swing signs, retractable banners, etc. All of them are perfect solutions to promote your company, to advertise your services and products and to display your brand. They are portable, lightweight and easy-to-store accessories. Pavement displays are really flexible advertising tools because they can provide permanent graphics or changeable graphics, depending on your needs. So, you can change the message on your display board from day to day if you need it.

Outdoor banners: They are also amazing solutions – pole banners, outdoor roller banner stands, vinyl banners and tension banner stands are just a few examples. Pole banners, for instance, are perfect to make a good use of the surrounding environment when advertising. Roller banner stands can be assembled in just a few seconds and printed double sized. Outdoor banners are generally made of strong and durable fabrics so they are resistant to the battering of sun, rain and wind. Exhibitors can find them in all kind of shapes and sizes, from small sizes of 18”x 61” for instance, to larger sizes of 30”x 100” and even larger than that.

Any of these displays are great for maximum exposure in high-traffic public areas. All of them are designed to transmit your marketing message successfully. All that you need to do is finding the best option for your outdoor event, so, make your choice and give your exhibition the chance to stand out.

Lead Gathering Tips – When And How To Contact Them

One of the first essentials for any business to learn is the art of marketing to potential sales leads. Basically, a “lead” is defined as an individual who is likely to be interested in your products or services due to certain predefined demographic traits. The process of lead generation is to identify and capture the interest of these potential buyers through several different promotional methods.

Most business entrepreneurs try several combinations of lead generation methods before finding the ones that work best for them, and many of the leads are generated at trade shows where exhibitors can communicate with potential buyers at their exhibition booth. Once you have found that ideal mix that brings in the highest leads numbers, the next step is knowing how to follow up with each lead effectively.

Sales Lead Follow-up

Contacting leads is a matter of the right timing and the right communication channels. You want to strive for a reasonable waiting period before following up with new potential customers. You also want to plan the means of contacting them, whether by phone, email newsletter or social media message.

two people shaking hands

Timing for Contacting Leads

The ideal time for contacting new sales leads depends on a few factors, but the general rule is that sooner is always better. Mass email newsletters are great tools for sales leads that have opted to receive further information about your products or services. Using email marketing software, you can prepare your newsletter ahead of time, add your new lead contacts and designate a later time for them to be sent to leads automatically.

Keeping Hot Leads from Cooling Off

The primary objective with a lead follow-up is to convert him or her to a buyer, and the key is persistence without crossing the line into email spamming or similar practices. Be prepared to make several follow-up attempts before generating a more definite sales appointment or bringing your new potential customers to your brick-and-mortar storefront. Also keep in mind the importance of face-to-face interactions and direct phone conversations that online communication methods still cannot completely replace.

Going beyond sales presentations is an instrumental way of building lasting relationships with sales leads. Even if some of your newly generated leads are not initially interested, keep them updated periodically with industry information they are likely to find useful. This tactic will keep your company name fresh in their minds, and it will increase the chances of their contacting you for a purchase in the future.

Getting Feedback from New Customers

Once your generated sales leads have become buyers, your next goal is to exceed their expectations in terms of product or service performance. Customers across many niche industries are also looking for information about certain practices or for solutions to common problems. Establishing yourself as an expert in your field will lead to repeat customers coming to you for these answers.

You can also use this part of customer relations to demonstrate how your products or services add value in terms of buyer needs and wants. This approach is an excellent way to bring in more positive feedback and word-of-mouth recommendations from your growing loyal customer base.

Gathering potential sales leads starts with clear definitions of your target market, their average demographics, their needs or wants, and their purchasing habits. This information will help you determine how high your chances are of converting them into new customers.

Once you have a list of promising sales leads, the next crucial steps involve building solid relationships and demonstrating how your business adds more value versus your competitors. Planning, persistence and timing are also essential components of contacting new sales leads and converting them to eventual purchasers.


Is It A Good Idea To Give Away iPads at Trade Shows?


There’s no doubt that announcing an iPad giveaway is a surefire method of grabbing large numbers of visitors’ attention quickly. You can award an iPad as a raffle prize to exhibit visitors who place their business cards in a container, or you can offer a chance at winning to potential customers who agree to receive more information about your products and services.

The thing is, giving away an iPad at your trade show booth has both positive and negative aspects, and an important point is to determine your chances of getting a return on the initial investment for this expensive item. If you have a limited budget then this is very important to determine whether to invest in this promotional item or not.

ipad display

Disadvantages of giving away an iPad

    • The most important aspect is that it presents an investment risk. IPads are quite expensive, and there is no guarantee that you will earn that investment back through future customer purchases. The size of this risk depends on several factors, like your average monthly sales figures and how much you aim to increase those numbers from new leads after the trade show.


    • It might increase the numbers of cold sales leads, as an iPad giveaway is likely to draw attendees who are only interested at the prize, not in your products or services. Requiring them to complete a task to be eligible may reduce this problem but not completely eliminate it. When following up with your new sales leads from an iPad giveaway, expect to get no responses from at least a certain percentage of them.


  • An iPad may not be the ideal choice for all types of booth visitors. While this prize may be very popular, it probably would not have the same lasting advertising effect as other giveaway items embossed with your business name and logo. People who see your name on items they use on a regular basis are more likely to remember your products and keep up with the latest news about your company.

Advantages of giving away an iPad

    • For starters, it increases booth traffic. The lure of a displayed iPad on an exhibit table is evident, both at retail stores and at industry trade shows. Particularly after a new iPad version hits the market, consumer interest in the device is quite high. Giving away a new iPad to one lucky winner at a trade show will generate a great deal of attention for your booth in a relatively short time.


    • More importantly, it often leads to better visitor engagement. Requiring participants to fill out a contact form or sign up for your company newsletter are good tactics for building possible sales leads. The chance at winning an iPad is a strong incentive for booth visitors to become possible sales leads and receive more information about your products and services at a later date.


  • An iPad giveaway can enhance your company’s reputation since word spreads very quickly at trade shows about an exhibitor holding a drawing for an iPad. People will not only talk about the prize; they will also keep mentioning your business name and the types of services or products you offer. Holding this type of contest sends the message to potential customers that you are willing to invest some upfront capital in order to build rapport with new and existing customers.

All in all, giving away an iPad to one lucky visitor will help your booth stand out from your competitors, and ideally the recipient is a strong sales lead who is genuinely interested in making future purchases. To increase the likelihood of getting this good result from an iPad giveaway, take the time throughout the trade show to engage with as many visitors as possible and to build their interest in your products.

Table Top Retractable Banner Stands: The Ideal Solution For Trade Shows

There are many reasons why trade show exhibitors love retractable banners. They are easy to assemble and disassemble; they are easy to transport and they are durable and very eye-catching solutions. Additionally, there are some strong reasons why table top retractable banner stands offer extra advantages that traditional floor models don’t. Table top retractable banners are smaller, more adjustable and more cost-effective solutions.

table top retractable bannerThey are offered in a wide range of sizes in order to satisfy everyone’s need. You can find very small banners of 8” wide to 12” high to larger sizes of 38” wide to 36” high. Many of these models also include adjustable support poles and pole extensions so exhibitors can use them at different heights.

Smaller sizes don’t imply lower quality. Table top models offer similar quality and features as those offered by full-sized banners. Their top-quality images and durability are similar, since many of them are also made of materials such as fibreglass metal and aluminium.

Table top retractable banner stands are more functional and reusable. If it’s true that floor models are great advertising tools, there is no point in having just advertising when you can have both, advertising and functionality.

During the trade show exhibitors need to take care of establishing conversation with targeted customers, taking notes about important information, taking care of giveaways and promotional items, etc. So, you certainly need a properly spot in your booth to deal with customers, otherwise you may have to take them to another place, which is not really advisable in those crowded events. With table top models you have the required spot in your booth, so you can keep your clients inside your booth space, helping them concentrate their attention on your company message.

Table top banners are turning into the most effective and popular solution for advertising because they are not only durable, eye-catching, easy to set-up and to transport, but they are also cost effective, more adjustable and more functional and practical than floor models. These banners give trade show exhibitors extra benefits when advertising and they have definitely become into the fastest way to customize any presentation table.