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Trade Show Display: Should You Buy Or Rent?

Planning to present at an expo or trade show? You don’t necessarily need to buy a display, especially if you are only exhibiting once in a few years. Another option is renting a display just for a specific event.

Renting a display is especially beneficial for first time presenters. If you are attending your very first event, you might not be sure if this is the right event, or if a trade show is even the right marketing venue for your company. If you think about it, it doesn’t make a lot of sense to spend money on an exhibit if you’re not sure you will ever use it again.

trade show display

Buying a display is sensible for exhibitors who plan to attend a few events in a row, and to take the display with them. When you’re using the same display booth, you ensure your staff knows how to assemble the display and how to take it down.

Another reason to rent a display is if you run on a low budget. A display rental costs significantly less than buying a new one, so it’s a useful option for companies with small budgets.

Ultimately, the decision whether to buy or to rent a display needs to be based on your needs and your budget. If you can afford to buy a display, but intend to participate only once, in an upcoming event, renting is a better option. On the other hand, if your budget is a bit tight but you have 3 trade shows planned in the next few months, buying a display that will go with you is a better idea, even if it will cost more than you have planned.


Reducing Stress and Saving Time: 6 Tips For Tradeshow Exhibitors

Exhibiting at trade shows usually takes a lot of time and efforts and it could be really exhausting for exhibitors. But a few advices can help you reduce the stress of these events. How can you save time at trade shows and create a successful display?

stressed young man

    1. Choosing the right events to exhibit. Don’t waste efforts in events that are not returning the investment. Make a list of previous trade shows, track the sales you got from them and focus your attention on the most profitable events. Call some of your best customers to check if the trade shows you chose match with their preferences, so you can reduce the risk to put one foot wrong in your selection.


    1. Paying attention to advertisements: Make a research. Study your potential customers: gender, age, occupation, preferences, dislikes… everything! Create smart advertisements with creative hooks that really call their attention. Study your competitors and include in your advertisements what makes you different from them, this way you will attract targeted audience.


    1. Training staff. A competitive staff will help you reduce stress and time. Choose the right people to represent your company. Ensure they know what to do at all times. Track the leads they got from previous shows so you can select the best staff members for next events.


    1. Choosing an easy-to-use display. There are many portable displays: banner displays, acrylic displays, tabletop displays, pop-up exhibition stands etc. Ensure they are easy to assemble and disassemble so you can save time when arriving and leaving the show.


    1. Designing a trade show lead collection and follow-up plan: Create a sales lead for every visitor and record it. Qualify and record the lead onsite when things are still fresh to determine its quality (High, Medium and Low Interest). Have a good lead follow-up system based on phone calls, emails, direct mails and postcards to ensure your visitors will have the information they wanted and to ensure your sales staff gets the sales lead info they need to follow-up and close sales. You can also get a retrieval device to scan the attendees’ badges so you won’t need to write down information during the show.


  1. Booking early: Don’t wait until the last minute to book. Also ensure you arrive at least three hours before the trade show starts. An hour before the opening, organize a meeting with your staff to ultimate details. Select an experienced employee to update other members that may arrive late to the trade show floor on the last details.

The key is very simple, plan ahead and make sure you are supported by a qualified staff and a great leads management system. Don’t leave anything to chance. That’s how experienced exhibitors can handle it.


Five Reasons To Use Retractable Banner Stands

Using a retractable banner stand will drive more foot traffic to your business and generate more interest at your next trade show. These banners create a professional impression and are great ways to project your marketing message at a busy event. People have a lot competing for their attention at a trade show, and a retractable banner will grab their interest about your products. Other reasons to use a retractable banner include ease of assembly, portability, bright graphic design and durability.

retractable banners

    1. Simple set-up. Putting a retractable banner stand together doesn’t require multiple tools or hardware. The rolled-up banner itself attaches securely to the frame; it can then be pulled up and locked in place with simple spring-loaded hardware. Frames are made from lightweight but sturdy aluminum parts that disassemble easily for transport. Retractable banner kits also come in compact, sturdy tote bags that are convenient to store in between trade shows.


    1. Colorful, bright graphics. Whether you opt for a vinyl or fabric banner, you can have vivid, eye-catching designs rendered on them. These can include your business logo, marketing message and intricate background images to catch the interest of passers-by. A retractable banner can be screen-printed with bright, multiple colors that resist fading or other wear and tear. Placing one of these banners in a high-traffic trade show area is sure to draw more visitors to your exhibit.


    1. Indoor and Outdoor Use. A retractable banner is a cost-effective marketing tool because you can use it at both indoor trade shows and outdoor special events. Banner material can stand up to strong sunlight and rough weather such as wind or rain. Strategically placing a large, colorful retractable banner at your indoor exhibit will visually invite visitors to check out the rest of your trade show booth.


    1. With proper care and storage, a retractable banner stand and frame can last for years before you will need to order a replacement. When it’s time to update your marketing message or add a sales special, designing and ordering an additional banner is a quick and simple process. Keeping the same retractable banner stand and switching out your banners will help to keep your advertising costs lower while creating visual interest.


  1. Flexibility. You’re definitely not limited to setting up a retractable banner only at trade shows. Banners and their retractable stands come in several available sizes, so you can fit one on your store’s sales floor, in the lobby of your office space or even on the sidewalk just outside the front door of your place of business. Placing a banner in your potential customers’ sightlines will alert them to any promotions and specials you’re currently offering, and this tactic works especially well during holiday sales at various times of the year.

At TRT banners, we will work with your business’s budget to find you a high quality affordable banner. We offer several banner dimensions to fit in different spaces, and each of our banners’ designs is rendered on a professional-grade, large format printer. Ordering additional banners for your retractable stand will save you on the cost of an entirely new banner kit. For past customer testimonials, check out our review page to see what others have said about their TRT purchases.


4 Top Tips To Upgrade Your Next Trade Show Room

Trade show exhibitors always look for the best strategy to make of their next trade show a more successful event. They look for better results, a more effective visibility, more traffic and more prospects that lead to more customers. All in all, they look for an enhanced exhibition.

All these elements are related in first place with the trade show stand. The first question is about your display size. It seems pretty obvious that a larger stand could give you a more sophisticated appearance. Attendees generally identify large stands with successful companies that have enough money to afford those privileged spaces. However there is no sense in paying for a larger stand if you don’t really have the right strategies to make a good use of that space.

trade show crowd

Base your decision on your last experience. Have you filled your 10 x 10 stand in your last trade show? That is crucial to know if you are ready to get a larger stand or not. Always remember that an empty booth is synonym of failure. Attendees will just ignore you if you don’t have a good strategy to keep your new stand busy enough.

    1. Work on your visibility. Make sure your stand is visible enough. Include a very eye-catching signage to let attendees know about your booth location.


    1. Make lists of your prospects and arrange meetings before the show starts. Organize your schedule in a way that your booth is never empty.


    1. Hire a professional staff that can handle the pre-arranged meetings. A person for every 50 to 75 square feet of your booth is perfect. So make sure you hire the right number of employees. An empty room is not advisable but neither is an overcrowded booth.


  1. Depending on the space you are planning to rent next time you also need to take care of the kind of displays and graphics you will use to exhibit and to advertise. Pop-up displays are not enough when renting 20 x 20 or larger spaces. So make sure you choose the most suitable display according to the space you have. You may need to upgrade graphics and banners and you may rethink the messages you want to communicate, especially if your trade show display upgrading has to be with some modifications and changes in your company and the services you are offering.

There are many things to take care of when upgrading your display space. It is not only about getting a larger room, it is also about being able to make a good use of that extra space in order to get a more successful and effective experience from your next trade show.


Differentiate Your Trade Show With Unique Promotional Products

Setting up a trade show exhibit for your business can be a considerable investment, but participating in one of these events can give you a possibly great return on that investment. Along with your backdrops, table throws and banners, adding free promotional items is an excellent means of getting your company name to stick in potential new customers’ minds.

Due to the low wholesale bulk prices of promotional trade show items, it can be tempting to buy basic ones in bulk and focus on quantity over quality. Sticking to lower quality, low-priced items such as key chains or pens can be a mistake because a large percentage of takers are likely to throw them away or at least toss them in a drawer and forget about them. Spending a little more on your promotional gifts will avoid you this problem, and it can bring you noticeably higher sales lead numbers.

Benefits of Unique, Quality Promotional Items

Some ideas for better quality promotional items include cell phone cases, flash drives or protective computer tablet covers. Many of your customers are likely to be busy professionals who use technology on a frequent basis, so they are also quite likely to use these tech accessories for added convenience. Having your company name, logo and contact information printed or embossed on each of these items is also fairly quick and easy from a promotional item vendor. The cost per item is somewhat higher, but you can potentially make up the difference several times over in terms of future sales numbers.

The main benefit of offering useful, high quality promotional items is that it gives your booth visitors a positive impression of your company. They come away thinking that you’re genuinely focused on meeting their needs or wants, solving one of their problems or making their day-to-day lives just a little easier with your products or services.

gift bag

Unique Giveaways That Visitors Will Remember

In addition to giving away free promotional gifts, holding a raffle or similar drawing for a higher-ticket item is a proven way to attract large booth visitor numbers. Staging a drawing for a popular DVD or book related to your industry is one effective idea, particularly for a current bestseller. Other possible drawing or contest prizes include computer tablets or digital music players.

A drawing for a bigger-ticket promotional item can be tied to creating a list of new sales prospects. Booth visitors can receive an entry in exchange for leaving their contact information so that you can speak with them later about how your products or services can help them. This method is also a great way to build a larger list of email newsletter subscribers or social media contacts for your business.

Building Your Brand Awareness

Putting this kind of thought and planning into your trade show promotional items will help your company stand out as a brand name in your customers’ minds. Branding is a marketing tactic that carries more credibility for you as an established business, and it’s based on the impression you don’t take your customers’ continued loyalty for granted.

Investing a little more in quality, unique promotional gifts at your next trade show is a subtle but effective way to help strengthen that impression. Giving out items that will be used over and over long after the trade show will keep your brand name in your customers’ day-to-day physical space. This method will therefore keep it in the backs of their minds as well for the next time they need products or services in your business niche.