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Banner Stands – The Best Way To Present Your Business At A Trade Show

retractable banner stand
If you are looking for a promotional sign or banner that you can move around or take to different trade shows, then you need to think about retractable banner stands. There are tons of sizes and shapes for you to choose from, and people often take retractable banners to trade shows to use as part of their display and to raise brand awareness.

The good thing about banner stands is that they take just seconds to set up, and also to take down. All you have to do is extend the supporting pole and unroll the banner itself. The cylinder that houses the banner also acts as a protective case so that you can transport your banner to lots of trade shows without damaging it.

You’ll be able to choose from lots of different widths and heights, and together with vibrant graphics and a clear, concise message, a retractable banner is an excellent means to tell people what you’re all about. Another feature of a custom-made banner stand is that you can use different banners with the same cartridge – it is easy to change the banners, and it would be useful if you’re pitching to different audiences at different trade shows.

One important thing to remember is to buy the best quality product that you can. You don’t want a vinyl banner that will fray, or colors that would fade. Because banners are a big feature at trade shows, you need something that will look new and vibrant every time you unroll it.


Planning A New Display? Avoid These Critical Mistakes

You’ve registered early for the trade show and have staked out a great place on the exhibition floor. Make sure that your visitors receive a showcase worth attending by avoiding these common mistakes that companies often make when planning a successful display:

Failing to train your staff

No matter how sharp your materials or how amazing your graphics, your display is only as good as the staff members who interact with customers at your booth. Your staff should be trained to not only be friendly and polite but also to listen carefully to customers and to match your products and services to their needs. Under no circumstances should staff congregate with friends, read magazines or use their mobile phones for personal reasons while manning your display.

Using materials of poor quality

Far too many companies arrive at trade shows with banners that have been tacked to foam boards or with displays that have dents, dings or rips. Make sure that you use only the best materials for your display. If you are transporting your tradeshow display to multiple locations, then take time to make any necessary repairs between shows so that your materials don’t look battered.

made a mistake

Using graphics of poor quality

A poorly designed logo, an undersized photo or a picture with poor resolution and color can all cause customers to feel underwhelmed by your display. You want graphics that suggest professionalism, good judgment and strong organizational skills. You don’t want graphics that will make your customers wonder whether or not you know what you’re doing.

Failing to promote the event

Promote your display via email, text message, direct mail and social media. Take out a small advertisement in a trade journal or issue a press release about a new product or service that you will have on display. Include a coupon or other incentive for customers who visit your display.

Overwhelming customers with text

Businesses often create displays that have far too much text. Large amounts of text will make your display look visually cluttered and will cause customers to look away. Keep your text short and meaningful and try to deliver more information with images than with text.

Having no plan for following up with leads

Make sure that you have a plan before the event for how you will follow up with the leads that you acquire at the trade show. Conversations initiated with customers near your display should include next steps, quotes and plans for future meetings. Your customers should leave expecting to hear from you within a reasonable timeframe.

If you avoid these six mistakes, then you will produce a booth with true visual appeal. Your booth will be populated with visitors, and you will generate productive leads. Best of all, you will present the best possible image of your brand to the world so that you can both attract and retain loyal customers.


Giving Your Exhibition A Finishing Touch With Table Throws and Runners

When showcasing at personal events or business conferences exhibitors need to find the best way to do it. Most of the time, small details make a difference between average exhibitions and high-quality displays. Table throws and table runners are always the best way to add your exhibition a touch of class and professionalism without making use of any extra space.

There are different options when it comes to table covers for your exhibition display. They are available at different sizes and different colors depending on your preferences. You can also make a good use of full printed table throws where you can include your messages, information, company logo and graphics on the sides, front or top of your exhibition table. Some other kits include table throws with table runners. On these table runners users can also print information and images in order to optimize the use of their exhibition spaces.

table cover with runner

TRT Banners offer a top-quality and vivid full-color dye sublimation printing process to guarantee high-resolution and brilliant colored printings on table runners and throws. The process involves 2 steps. Once printers have the art file previously chosen by customers, they get a digital printed paper of it and they insert it with a polyester fabric into a heat press where the image becomes into gas to saturate the fibers of the polyester material. The result is a top-quality image with very brilliant colors that attract the attention of every passerby and help you display your message in a very effective and creative way.

Both table throws and table runners are made of durable and resilient polyester, a very hard-to-rip fabric, so they are durable solutions to use several times or at long duration events. For greater benefits, this material can be easily cleaned in cold water using washing machines and it can be air-dried. In case of wrinkles a hand-held steamer is enough to restore its brand-new quality.

Weight and portability is another worry when transporting exhibition kits and displays. In the case of table throws and runners there is no need to worry about it. They just weight from 2lb to 5lb, so they are very easy to transport.

Considering the great benefits of these marketing solutions, their top quality and their usefulness, prices also represent a great benefit for customers, being affordable enough for any pocket. They range from $100 to around $300.

Table throws and runners are also perfect to cover pedestals, cases and ledges while giving your stand a distinctive look. These accessories are perfect complements for any kind of exhibition, giving exhibitors the chance to complete their table displays with high-quality solutions that add a great finishing touch while allowing you to showcase your message in a unique way.

TRT banners is pleased to comply with any customer’s demand offering top-quality custom products and unique printing processing at affordable prices. Take a look at our online collection and visit our website for more information.


10 Tips To Design A Successful Trade Show Booth

Exhibiting at trade shows is a vital part of many companies’ marketing efforts, and the competition for customer interest has only grown in recent years. Designing an attractive, eye-catching trade show is essential whether you own a small business or a large company. The average trade show is a busy and crowded commerce arena with many exhibits vying for visitors’ attention. Modern trade show booths are no longer the box-like cubicles of the recent past with simple large banners and stacks of printed flyers for visitors to take with them. Some of the most effective booth designs emphasize clean lines, more open spaces, simplified lighting and interactive electronic displays.

trade show crowd

Strategies for designing the most sensational trade show booth

The best trade show booths are designed to stand out from the competition and capture potential customers’ interest while still projecting a professional image. It would be in your best interest to use the following tips to plan and set up a successful trade show booth:

    1. Plan your booth design in smaller, manageable steps and delegate them wisely among employees.


    1. Make a detailed list of all elements your booth will include, such as videos, slide shows, live demonstrations or trial product samples for visitors to take with them.


    1. Incorporate your booth elements into a layout that flows naturally as customers walk through it. Consulting an interior design professional can yield some helpful ideas for this part of the design process.


    1. Research available spaces at the upcoming trade show and determine if you will need to make any adjustments to your booth design due to dimensional limits. Performing this step well in advance will avoid stressful last-minute changes that could possibly detract from your booth’s overall impression.


    1. When designing logos, slogans or other graphical elements for your trade show booth, do some research on current and projected trends in booth design. You do not need to copy someone else’s design entirely, but adding some popular elements will help to extend the average length of time each visitor stays at your booth.


    1. Less is more when it comes to trade show booth elements. Booths with stacks of products brochures and flyers can sometimes give visitors information-overload. A cleaner and more minimalist design can actually increase potential customer engagement.


    1. Keep lighting simpler and limited to only warm or cool tones. Multiple colored lights can become a distraction from your products or services in some instances. The same concept applies to fabric for trade show booth curtains if you want to include them. Clean lines and simpler colors present an uncluttered and professional appearance.


    1. Section your trade show booth into areas for customers to explore products on their own and other areas for them to talk to your sales personnel. Some trade show exhibitors designate these areas “no-hassle” zones where visitors can form initial impressions of your products or services before listening to a sales presentation.


    1. Add social media and mobile technology interaction to your trade show booth. This trend is one of the fastest-growing ones among exhibitors, and many report noticeable growth in their sales numbers as a result. Customers’ ability to like an exhibitor on Facebook or follow them on Twitter from their smartphones has been proven to make more of an impact than a standard business card.


  1. Incorporate green design and materials into your trade show booth. Displays made from recycled and environmentally friendly building materials show buyers that your business practices sustainability efforts. Greening your trade show booth exhibit can also help attract a more environmentally conscious customer demographic.

Designing the most attractive trade show booth takes some time, effort and funds, but the results can pay off rather quickly. Customers need to get the impression that your business has something special to offer that they would not be able to find anywhere else. A modern, well-designed, interesting and attractive booth can go a long way towards creating this desired first impression. It also shows that you emphasize giving your customers the most updated information
related to your products and providing them with the highest possible value for their money.


Useful Accommodation Tips Before Presenting At A Trade Show

Presenting at a trade show can be a complicated business, and there are millions of things to take care of. Some are more important than others, like registering, designing the display and ordering a new set of table banners for your booth. One important element to consider is the accommodation, especially if the trade show is far and you’ll need to travel.

hotel entrance

Before you take your staff and pack your display, take these following tips under advisement to minimize any problems and ensure your next show will be a success:

  • Make reservations as soon as possible. Do not wait for the last minute to book rooms, you might end up with awful rooms or that the only hotel available is very far from the show venue. Right after you register for the trade show, start checking the hotels in the area and reserve a few rooms for you and your staff. Also, confirm your reservation to make sure everything is OK.
  • Whomever made the reservations should attend the trade show. It might not sound important, but if you were not in charge of the reservations yourself, you need to make sure that the person who’s in charge of booking is actually coming to the event. It can save you a lot of confusion when checking in, especially if that person gave his\her own personal credit card or details when they made the reservation.
  • This is not the time for over-spending. When traveling for a few nights, your staff members will share a room with another staff member. They can of course choose their roommates, but make sure they understand they will share a room. This will save you a lot of money that you can spend on your display or on a closer hotel.

These are the most important things that you must take care of before traveling. Sure there are other things to consider, like renting a van to transport your display materials to the show venue, or allocating meal money for you and your staff.


What Makes Table Top Banners The Best Solution To Showcase Messages

Table top banners have become one of the most effective advertising tools to use in any kind of event and marketing campaign. They have several advantages that offer users a really effective and handy solution to showcase personal and business information.

One of the most significant advantages of these marketing tools have to do with weight and portability. Since they always include lightweight aluminum frames, table top banners are really easy to carry and to set up. Weights range from 2lbs to 8lbs, never heavier than that, being really handy to transport when traveling to any kind of event.

They are also really easy to assemble and disassemble, not taking more than a few minutes to have them ready to showcase. Their easy-to-use designs and simple structures saves you lots of troubles when exhibiting. Actually, there is no need to use tools for assembly. Just by rolling the banner starting at the base up to the top horizontal structure and supporting it by a vertical pole, you will have your table top banner ready to use in just a few seconds.

fabric tabletop banner

Table top banners also have different sizes depending on your needs and the kind of event you are taking part in. Banners sizes can range from 8” X 17” to 40” X 33”, which makes them a perfect solution no matter your room for exhibition.

The banners full colors high-quality offer you a really effective and eye-catching solution to attract everyone’s attention in the room. The same way, the stands designs provide you an effortless way to change posters, giving you the chance to update your information and to reuse it over and over, everywhere you go.

They are one of the most affordable solutions for marketing campaigns. No matter how low your advertising budget is, there are reasonably priced for any pocket. Prices can range from the modest sum of $35.00 to $275.00. Cost generally depends on the size of the banner stand.

Thanks to their affordability, easy-to-use systems, lightweight structures and variety of sizes and designs, table top banners stand out as one of the most recommendable marketing solutions for any kind of advertising purpose. They can be used in almost any place and situation: at tradeshows, at college fairs, in restaurants, at personal celebrations, at schools and business presentations, in a lobby hotel, retail stores etc. Table top banners offer you a variety of options to display your message anywhere you need.

At TRT banners we offer you affordable, easy-to-use and lightweight solutions with a variety of sizes and designs. We work hard to offer our clients the best banners according to their needs and requirements. Browse our website for more details:

Advantages of Large Adjustable Banner Display

For your next big trade show or other promotional event, a large adjustable banner is well worth considering for your arsenal of marketing tools. Setting up an exhibit for your company is an exciting undertaking, but it can also be challenging in a few specific ways. You’re usually competing with plenty of other business owners in the same or a similar industry. A large adjustable banner display will jump out visually from other, smaller banners. It will also add more visual interest and color to the rest of your trade show booth.

Adjustable banners fit various spaces. One of these banner kits includes frame hardware that adjusts in both height and width, which can be ideal for a trade show where you have limited space for your exhibit. Adjusting the width can allow you to display your banner within the allowed square footage and still catch visitor’s attention. When taking your business’s exhibit to outdoor events with more leeway in terms of set-up space, you can then pull out the telescopic frame and make your large vinyl banner stand out even more.

Adjusting the height of your banner allows you to display it along with tables, backdrops and any other elements you want to include in your exhibit. If you don’t wish to use your large banner as a backdrop itself, you can lower its height so it doesn’t block your exhibit’s additional wall backdrops. The same idea applies if you want to lower your banner and place it in front of your display tables.

Larger banners draw more interest. On average, more people will pay more attention to large, bright banners than they will to smaller ones. A taller, wider banner will have an impact because it will visually jump out among a lot of other trade show exhibits. Adding vivid images, graphics and colors to an extra large banner will make a difference in the foot traffic at your next marketing event. Modern print technology includes the use of fade-resistant inks for the banner design, and these finished large banners are also printed to look especially appealing under the artificial lighting used at most indoor trade shows.


These banners are easy to assemble. Most adjustable banner frames have tripod hardware with locking mechanisms, making them very quick and simple to raise and lower. Putting the frame itself together also takes only a few minutes of locking the different parts together and inserting the poles into the banner sleeves. Other convenient features include stabilizing support feet, telescopic support bars and durable canvas tote bags to store banner kits when not in use. When disassembling and storing an adjustable banner, we recommend carefully rolling the banner evenly to prevent unwanted creasing at any of the edges.

Adjustable banners are convenient for travel. Even though they’re fabricated with sturdy hardware, large adjustable banner displays are still lightweight and easy to transport even through crowded convention halls. Each banner kit’s frame and support bars are fabricated from high quality aluminum that resists denting, scratches or other types of wear and tear. If you’re planning on adding several trade shows to your company’s yearly schedule, taking a large adjustable banner for your display is worth the initial investment. Your banner display will stand out in a busy exhibit hall, and it will not place extra trouble on your booth staff to transport it from one place to the next.

We at TRT Banners put top quality work into every large adjustable banner we create for our customers. For detailed spec sheets and to get started with your order, visit our adjustable banner displays web page.