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Using Vinyl Banners to Promote Your Business

Adding a vinyl banner with your marketing message is a great way to let customers know about your current services, products, promotions or sales specials. These types of banners stand up to the elements and are ideal for outdoor advertising. Vinyl is a tough and durable material that will withstand harsh weather, so it’s one of the most practical, cost-effective options for advertising your business. Thanks to modern screen-printing technology, you can design your own banner with any number of colors, upload your digital file of the design and have your finished vinyl banner printed in a quick turnaround time.

Vinyl Banners for Sales Specials

Seasonal and holiday sales can be some of the biggest money-makers for your business, and you want to make sure your repeat customers know about them far enough in advance. Setting up a vinyl banner outside your storefront will entice passers-by to come in and take a look. You can also advertise limited-time pricing specials on a vinyl banner, which will increase interest among your target customer base.

wide vinyl banner

Custom Vinyl Banners

Using graphic design or image editing software, you can create a custom vinyl banner layout that reflects your business’s mission and core advertising messages. Images and graphics can be rendered in high resolution on the vinyl fabric, and the finished banner will resist tearing or fading. To make a custom vinyl banner last for years, we recommend storing it in a cool, dry place when not in use.

More than some other forms of marketing, a custom vinyl banner has an immediate visual impact on passers-by, and it can tell quite a lot about your business with only a small handful of words. A well-designed layout will also help to get your message across no matter which type of business you own, from retail stores to larger offices.

Ordering Your Vinyl Banner

Vinyl banners are available in dimensions up to eight feet high by eight feet across. If you’re planning a trade show exhibit with table top displays, you can also add smaller vinyl banners measuring two feet by two feet. Particularly if you’re including sample products, these table banners are great ways to draw attention to what you have to offer. To get started with your vinyl banner order, you’ll need to specify the quantity and measurements for your desired banner. Vinyl banners can be attached to their stands and frames with either grommets or stitches, so this is another consideration for your purchase.

TRT Banners takes pride in every vinyl banner we create for our customers. With any type of design, we’ll work with you to fit it to the right banner dimensions for the best looking result. We also strive to keep our banner printing costs lower so we’re able to pass those savings on to you. The vinyl material we use is high quality and will allow your finished banner to last as long as you plan to use it. To get started with your vinyl banner order, contact us today!


8 Reasons To Think About Quick Fabric Displays When Showcasing


When it comes to advertising at events, quick fabric displays stand out as one of the best solutions. Their particular features make of this advertising tool a real effective method to display messages.
quick fabric display

    • User-friendly designs: Quick fabric displays offer clients a really effective solution to assemble and disassemble. Their structures are made of lightweight aluminum easy to extend and compress. So, it takes just a few minutes to display your message once you are in the exhibition floor with no need to use any kind of tool for the assembly and disassembly process.


    • Time saver: Their simple aluminum structures play an important role when it comes to saving time while exhibiting at a certain event. These kinds of designs use Velcro strips to attach the printed banners to the frame. This way, you can not only save time by storing and transporting the banners already attached, but you can also replace graphics in just a few seconds.


    • Variety of sizes: Depending on your needs, quick fabric displays offer you many different sizes that range from 31.5″ x 31″ to 119″ x 88″. So they are very convenient not only for small areas and showcasing tables but also for large exhibition floors.


    • Easily portable: Despite the large sizes of many of these designs, they never weight more than 15lb. Besides, every display always includes a drawstring bag to make transportation an easier process.


    • Durability: These displays have not only durable aluminum frames, but also banners constructed of 100% polyester material. They are perfect choices when looking for durable solutions to use several times and they can be cleaned in washing machines with cold water.


    • High –quality printings: Unique dye sublimation printing processes are used to print graphics and images, so that they become part of the fibers of the material, giving your message the chance to stand out with brilliant full colors and high-quality resolutions.


    • Versatility: Quick fabric displays also include an option to purchase poster replacements so you can update and alternate your graphics making your message appealing and interesting enough for passersby and preventing you from having to buy other displays for future events.


    • Affordable prices: Considering the high-quality of these displays and the enormous benefits for their users prices can range from $225.00 to $990.00.


TRT banners always provides the best display solutions at affordable prices taking in mind the customers’ needs and demands. Visit our website and check our collections for future purchases.


Using Banners to Promote Various Businesses

Small local businesses such as restaurants and mom-and-pop stores usually have smaller advertising budgets, and retractable banners are financially practical options for getting the word out to the local community. Owners can have a set of banners customized to advertise seasonal sales specials, new menu items, new products to interest regular customers and much more.

Placing an attractive outdoor banner near a business’s front door will catch the attention of passers-by, and this tactic is especially effective during the spring and summer as more people spend time outdoors. To get the best returns on an investment in banners, savvy business owners follow a few specific tactics for design and outdoor placement when it comes to banners and flags on a brick-and-mortar exterior.

Local Outdoor Advertising with Banners

A main objective with banner advertising is to stand out among competing local businesses in the same niche, and this goal is even more important for small non-chain shops and restaurants. In both cases, owners need to convince potential customers why a given business is worth patronizing instead of others. According to studies of advertising methods, business owners have a very brief window of time to accomplish this – typically only a few seconds in cases of banner display. To catch people’s attention quickly, vinyl banners with bright colors and catchy slogans are effective for a variety of small businesses.

business banner

Possibilities for Restaurant Promotion with Banners

If it’s within their budgets, restaurant owners using banners to advertise menu specials can also enlist the help of a food photographer to take appetizing shots of the new dishes. Modern screen printing technology allows vivid renderings of these images on banners, and this advertising option will quickly bring a return on the initial banner investment. Adding social media tie-in promotions for a restaurant is another possibility for information to include on an outdoor banner.

Potential customers who see a restaurant’s social page web URL on a banner are likely to pull up this page on their mobile browsers, particularly if the ad copy includes an incentive for them to do so. For instance, a banner could advertise a limited-time offer such as “Like our Facebook page by the end of the month and receive a coupon code towards your next dining experience.” More people than ever before are willing to engage with a restaurant or shop through social media in exchange for these types of sales specials.

Banners for Promoting Small Independent Stores

Independent stores face stiff competition with big-box retailers, and vinyl banners can make a big difference in grabbing customer attention and letting them take notice of how these shops differ. A retractable banner can be placed out on the sidewalk during warm weather, and the same type of banner can be placed on the sales floor to advertise specific products. In addition to serving as an eye-catching ad medium, a retractable banner takes little room to store when not in use. As long as a store owner keeps one of these banners clean and stored in a cool, dry place, it should last for quite a while.

Best Practices for Small Business Banner Design

The first goal a small business owner needs to keep in mind for banner design is catching the attention of passers-by who typically have several other things vying for their interest. Adding bright-colored and well-placed lettering makes a difference, though a recommended practice for business owners is to still tailor their banner designs to their target customers’ demographics.

A common complaint among some people is that outdoor banners create visual clutter among natural urban or suburban landscapes. To avoid becoming known as a small business owner who contributes to this problem, advertising experts recommend that first-time banner purchasers first scout their local neighborhoods for spots to place banners. Areas that are noticeable but not visually obtrusive are the best spots for banners. With these practices, banners are effective ways of advertising restaurants and small stores to the local community without a big strain on owners’ ad budgets.


Spread the Word with Banners for College Events

Few organizations host more numerous and diverse events than colleges and universities; even smaller schools have a range of them throughout each year. As students and faculty begin a new year each fall, they have numerous things competing for their attention and may not be aware of all the different events available for them.

Particularly first-year students often want to get involved in their new higher education institution but are unsure where to find out quick information about events and activities. School administrators can help them along by placing banners in various well-trafficked spots on campus to let students know about everything that’s going on throughout the college.

Advertising College Events

Residential college students spend a good deal of time walking or bike-riding around campus, whether they are going to classes or just exploring their new surroundings. Bright-colored banners with catchy slogans are excellent ways to grab their interest, especially when placed in common areas such as courtyards, outdoor dining areas and main center halls of large buildings. Some college outdoor events that can benefit from banner advertising include:

  • Sporting events
  • Fraternity and sorority recruiting
  • Community service opportunities
  • Special interest clubs
  • Student-run charities
  • Parent visiting days
  • Job fairs
  • Professional development classes
  • Career advice/job-searching workshops
  • Graduate school program recruiting

These represent just a small sampling of the diverse range of college events that will draw more student attention and attendance thanks to some well-placed outdoor banners. Retractable banners are economical in terms of storage space, and those made from durable vinyl have long shelf lives if kept clean and free from excess humidity.

college graduation

Cost-Effectiveness of Banners

The average retractable banner is reasonably priced thanks to the reduction in fabrication costs from modern screen-printing technology. Banners are usually priced according to both size and the complexity of the desired design. Customers are typically quoted a base price for a banner that may go up in increments if more intricate colors, borders and graphics are submitted for a customized banner design. A high quality vinyl banner for an annual event normally represents a one-time purchase that will last for several years before school organizers need to buy a replacement.

College Banner Specialty Print Companies

Working with a banner screen-printing company that specializes in college event promotion is beneficial because these experts will be able to create custom banners that foster student enthusiasm. They will be able to make recommendation for slogans and lettering that fits with a particular college’s culture and that catches students’ interest. Using banners can also be a great way to build school spirit for major events such as sporting events.

Promotional banners have no shortage of uses on college campuses, given the wide range of events and organizations for students. Well-designed banners with college colors and logos help to generate school spirit and create more cohesiveness, particularly at major college sporting events.

Outdoor banners can also inform students about all the academic and extracurricular activities available to them, whether those are internships, student clubs, job fairs or special guest lectures. Compared to some other forms of advertising, banners are quite economically practical for promoting college events. Well-placed outdoor banners and flags can also be instrumental in attracting future student interest in a given school. You are welcomed to check out our line of banners at our website.


Banners Will Liven Up Church Advertising

Church events hold a great deal of possibility for banner use, and these forms of advertising can be effective for spreading the word about fundraisers, festivals, talent shows, guest sermons, youth activities, craft fairs and holiday celebrations. They can also be eye-catching means of attracting new members who may have just relocated to the local area.

Banners can be screen-printed with custom colors and designs for all types of events, and opting for a set of retractable banner stands allows them to be stored easily when not in use. Vinyl retractable banners are suitable for both indoor and outdoor church events, and they can last for quite a while if maintained properly.

Using Retractable Banners for Church Events

Sunlight Bible BannerBanners have numerous possible places at church events at all times of the year. They can be used to notify congregation members of milestone events, such as First Communion, Confirmation and Baptism. Placing a colorful indoor banner in the church front entryway can direct attendees to the correct room for these special events. Banners are also excellent for advertising general congregation celebrations, and you can order eye-catching banner designs for all kinds of church denominations and associated holidays, including:

  • Ash Wednesday
  • Good Friday
  • Lent
  • Advent
  • Easter
  • Pentecost
  • Palm Sunday

Banners can get the word out about church youth events as well, such as dances, community service opportunities, Sunday school and summer camp retreats. Designing banners with fun fonts and bright colors is a great way to catch the youngest congregation members’ attention.

Custom Church Event Banner Design

Congregation members in charge of church banners have a couple of different options when selecting and ordering custom designs.

They can upload a digital file —usually from graphic design software— of a finished church banner design. They can also use built-in graphic design tools; these allow easy selection of backgrounds, colors, lettering, clip art and anything else church members want to have included on the new banner. This latter option is especially convenient for busy congregation members without a great deal of extra time to use separate graphic design programs.

Effective Placement of Church Event Banners

Banners placed near the main church auditorium entry will immediately notify members of current and upcoming events. Placing retractable vinyl banners outside a church building is also an effective way to catch potential new congregants’ attention. People of the same faith who have just moved to a new town or city are often looking for a new place of worship but may feel shy about approaching a whole new congregation sight unseen. An outdoor banner with messages such as “Join Us,” “All Are Welcome,” or “Come Worship With Us” can make all the difference. Adding some colorful outdoor flags to a church exterior will have even more of the same effect.

Banners can brighten up a church building and let passers-by know that the congregation within takes an active part in the local community. Advertising special events invites all active and not-as-active members to take part in the congregation throughout different times of the year. Retractable banners and outdoor flags are reasonably-priced advertising methods for meeting these objectives.

Church banners can come in nylon, vinyl or similar sturdy fabrics that stand up well to nature elements when placed outdoors. Ordering a set of worship banners with coordinating holiday colors will help to brighten up each of these church events; common examples include reds and greens for Christmas or purple for Lent. Banners for churches are worthwhile investments that will help to promote a congregation’s events to the surrounding community and possibly attract higher numbers of worshippers.


Want to Advertise a Sporting Event? Use Vinyl Banners

Banners can be used to generate interest in and advertise sponsors for many different types of sporting events, from kids’ Little League games to major league teams with well-known names and players. Sporting events rely on fan support as their livelihood, and banners can be excellent means of letting team devotees know about upcoming games and matches. More advertising translates into higher ticket sales, and sports teams rely on this revenue to keep going from one season to the next.

Bringing in More Spectators with Banners

Using custom vinyl banners is one of the most cost-effective means of getting word out to the general public about upcoming games for high school, college and community sports teams. Just as with other outdoor uses of banners, this advertising venture represents an investment that can quickly pay for itself. Vinyl is one of the best and most durable materials for outdoor banners because it withstands wear or damage from rain, wind, sunlight or similar elements. Designing banners for school or community teams is one of the simplest advertising ventures; many individuals ordering these banners stick to using the team name, mascot and colors. If a given team plays at the same location on a regular basis, this can also be rendered on the banner if preferred.

vinyl banner for sport team

Using Banners for Sponsor Advertising

In addition to ticket sales, many sports teams rely on local business sponsors for their continued livelihood. These companies frequently provide funds for team uniforms, equipment, facility use fees, fan memorabilia and other related costs. Professional and semi-professional teams often have the help of public relations professionals to attract and maintain this kind of financial support from sponsors. Smaller, non-profit community sports teams alternately need to rely on groups of volunteers to bring in monetary donations from local businesses. Sets of vinyl banners displayed at community sports teams’ games can noticeably help bring in more customer interest in their sponsors’ products and services. For this reason, both sports teams and local businesses benefit from this type of sponsorship advertised to the general public with outdoor banners.

Considerations for Sporting Event Banners

audience in a stadiumIn many jurisdictions, local laws restrict the display of sporting event banners. Organizations and individuals are typically not permitted to render the names of professional trademarked sports leagues without prior permission. Obtaining such permission usually involves paying usage fees to the league in question. Other restrictions include the use of wording such as “March Madness” or similar, which are also trademarked. If independent businesses or organizations display sporting event banners with this type of wording, they will normally get a cease-and-desist notice telling them to change it. One common way to avoid this issue is to use more generic wording about a particular sport on a vinyl banner.

Vinyl banners can sometimes be placed only in certain areas at some sporting events. Organizers or sponsors cannot place banners in the sightlines of players where this outdoor advertising could be a distraction during a game. Many geographic metropolitan areas also do not allow banners to be placed where they’re visible from the main streets.

Some jurisdictions only allow banners to be displayed within a one-mile radius of a sporting event stadium or other venue where a given game will take place. When planning to use banners to advertise a sporting event, it is within organizers’ best interest to double-check all applicable local laws regarding banner wording and display practices.