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Poster Hangers

Poster hangers are the ideal advertising option for any retail store, event center or trade show facility with limited floor space. Hang your full-color banner directly from the ceiling to promote a featured sale or upcoming function! TRT Banners’ ceiling banner hanging kits include a printed stay-flat vinyl banner, lightweight hardware, and ceiling loops and hooks so you have everything you need to showcase your poster in no time! For storefront windows, The Mercury Banner Hanger with Suction Cups can attach directly to any window or glass surface for the ultimate promotional tool for a clothing store or jewelry shop.

Banner hanging systems are portable and, most importantly, incredibly affordable! Choose from TRT Banners’ selection of four styles of hanging kits, along with numerous sizes of banners, to create a custom advertising display that is ideal for your venue. These versatile banner hangers can be easily updated annually, or on a regular basis, by purchasing replacement banners! And don’t stress about any last-minute display requests—TRT Banners offers a 48 hour turnaround time on all custom orders to meet your tight deadlines without additional rush charges!