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Replacement Banners for Luxury Banner Stands

$96.99 / Each (USD) SKU: I000489
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Replacement Banners for Luxury Banner Stands

Have a trade show coming up or launching a new marketing campaign soon but have limited funds for advertising signage? No worries! With TRT Banners' replacement banner for a Luxury Banner Stand, you can update the graphics on an existing stand without worrying about purchasing a completely new unit. The banner is available in a stay-flat vinyl, which is specifically designed for a retractable unit so the banner will not curl around the edges, and a dye sublimated polyester fabric. Large format digital printers are utilized to produce crisp and vivid graphics that showcase your company logo, imagery or event information with eye-catching clarity. A full-color print is included in the cost of the replacement banner with no hidden fees or setup charges.

Features and Benefits:

  • Brilliant full-color print
  • Quality large format digital printing services
  • Available in widths of 24", 33", 39" and 47" and 80" or 96" in height
  • Stay-flat vinyl or dye sublimated fabric (additional cost)
  • Inserts easily into Luxury Banner Stand frame (not included)
  • Great for updating graphics on existing unit
  • Lightweight and compact
  • Budget-friendly

To start, lock the banner in the"out" position by inserting an allen wrench into the base of the frame. Cut the old poster out with a box cutter or scissors and then insert the new banner and secure with double sided and industrial strength tape. The process is simple and takes approximately five minutes to refresh an old stand! Contact TRT Banners today to spruce up an old retractable stand or insert into your own hardware!

Many of TRT Banners' displays and signage include the option of replacing the banner on an existing unit to save you time and money on updating your printed graphics and promotional message! Our selection of table top banners and retractable banner displays include the option of purchasing a new poster to update the text and imagery on an old stand. Available in a range of sizes to fit your specific hardware, a replacement banner from TRT Banners is the financially smart way to update your advertising tools!


Filename: 24x80retractabletrt.pdf (760.12 KB)

24X80 Template

Filename: 24x80-template.pdf (842.24 KB)


Filename: 24x96retractabletrt.pdf (758.48 KB)

24X96 Template

Filename: 24x96-template.pdf (839.06 KB)


Filename: 33x80retractabletrt.pdf (752.97 KB)

33X80 Template

Filename: 33x80-template.pdf (845.99 KB)

33X96 Template

Filename: 33x96-template.pdf (840.79 KB)


Filename: 33x97retractabletrt.pdf (759.11 KB)

39X80 Retractabletrt

Filename: 39x80_retractabletrt.pdf (756.34 KB)

39X80 Template

Filename: 39x80-template.pdf (846.84 KB)


Filename: 39x96retractabletrt.pdf (758.04 KB)

39X96 Template

Filename: 39x96-template.pdf (842.15 KB)


Filename: 47x80retractabletrt.pdf (763.13 KB)

47X80 Template

Filename: 47x80-template.pdf (848.38 KB)


Filename: 47x96retractabletrt.pdf (761.70 KB)

47X96 Template

Filename: 47x96-template.pdf (842.16 KB)
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