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Which Type Of Banner Should You Choose: Vinyl Or Fabric?

Posted on 30, April, 2020

Last Modified on 30, April, 2020

There's no doubt that banners are one of the most popular solutions used in fairs, markets, trade shows and almost any kind of event that generally involves a crowd of visitors. Banners were used even in the medieval days to decorate certain events such as tournaments, ceremonies and competitions, as well as to represent warriors in the battlefields.

However, their function has changed a little bit since then. Today, banners are not only used for decoration. Our modern banners are also designed to attract people's attention and to communicate a very clear message. When working with banners you should always make sure you choose the proper design, the colors and the right message to print on them. The same way, you need to take care of the type of material you will use.Banner materials are essential considering where you plan to use it, how long you need them and where and how you plan to store them. Some of the most common materials for banners are vinyl and fabric.

Vinyl banners are amazing solutions because they are high-quality and really appealing. Since the material is so bright and beautiful, just using the right colors you will have everyone's eyes on your banner.This type of material is also very easy to clean. You don't need special products or treatments, just regular soaps or mild detergent, always avoiding harsh products that can affect its gloss. This way, vinyl banners are perfect for outdoor events considering that outdoor banners get dirty much easier and they need to be washed regularly.

On the other hand, fabric banners are a little harder to wash, and they are more suitable for indoor use. When you clean them, you should never use too much water because stains could end spread all over the surface. The same way, soaps should be avoided to protect colors.When it comes to storing them, vinyl banners should be rolled up with the image on the outside and put them into tube containers. It is not advisable to fold them to avoid unwanted creases.In the case of fabric banners, they can be easily folded instead. The recommendation here is that if you wash them first, they need to be totally dry before storing them to avoid mold and damp patches. Since they don't demand so many requirements for storage, and they are really durable, flexible and light, fabric banners are the perfect solution for people who need to travel from one trade-show to another.

Both materials have their own particularities and play their roles very well. You just need to define your needs and get the most suitable material for your banner. Whether fabric or vinyl; our banners are great a solution for any marketing event.

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