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Want to Advertise a Sporting Event? Use Vinyl Banners

Posted on 30, April, 2020

Last Modified on 30, April, 2020

Banners can be used to generate interest in and advertise sponsors for many different types of sporting events, from kids' Little League games to major league teams with well-known names and players. Sporting events rely on fan support as their livelihood, and banners can be excellent means of letting team devotees know about upcoming games and matches. More advertising translates into higher ticket sales, and sports teams rely on this revenue to keep going from one season to the next.

Bringing in More Spectators with Banners

Using custom vinyl banners is one of the most cost-effective means of getting word out to the general public about upcoming games for high school, college and community sports teams. Just as with other outdoor uses of banners, this advertising venture represents an investment that can quickly pay for itself. Vinyl is one of the best and most durable materials for outdoor banners because it withstands wear or damage from rain, wind, sunlight or similar elements. Designing banners for school or community teams is one of the simplest advertising ventures; many individuals ordering these banners stick to using the team name, mascot and colors. If a given team plays at the same location on a regular basis, this can also be rendered on the banner if preferred.

Using Banners for Sponsor Advertising

In addition to ticket sales, many sports teams rely on local business sponsors for their continued livelihood. These companies frequently provide funds for team uniforms, equipment, facility use fees, fan memorabilia and other related costs. Professional and semi-professional teams often have the help of public relations professionals to attract and maintain this kind of financial support from sponsors. Smaller, non-profit community sports teams alternately need to rely on groups of volunteers to bring in monetary donations from local businesses. Sets of vinyl banners displayed at community sports teams' games can noticeably help bring in more customer interest in their sponsors' products and services. For this reason, both sports teams and local businesses benefit from this type of sponsorship advertised to the general public with outdoor banners.

Considerations for Sporting Event Banners

In many jurisdictions, local laws restrict the display of sporting event banners. Organizations and individuals are typically not permitted to render the names of professional trademarked sports leagues without prior permission. Obtaining such permission usually involves paying usage fees to the league in question. Other restrictions include the use of wording such as "March Madness" or similar, which are also trademarked. If independent businesses or organizations display sporting event banners with this type of wording, they will normally get a cease-and-desist notice telling them to change it. One common way to avoid this issue is to use more generic wording about a particular sport on a vinyl banner.

Vinyl banners can sometimes be placed only in certain areas at some sporting events. Organizers or sponsors cannot place banners in the sightlines of players where this outdoor advertising could be a distraction during a game. Many geographic metropolitan areas also do not allow banners to be placed where they're visible from the main streets. Some jurisdictions only allow banners to be displayed within a one-mile radius of a sporting event stadium or other venue where a given game will take place. When planning to use banners to advertise a sporting event, it is within organizers' best interest to double-check all applicable local laws regarding banner wording and display practices.

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