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Using Banners to Promote Various Businesses

Posted on 30, April, 2020

Last Modified on 30, April, 2020

Small local businesses such as restaurants and mom-and-pop stores usually have smaller advertising budgets, and retractable banners are financially practical options for getting the word out to the local community. Owners can have a set of banners customized to advertise seasonal sales specials, new menu items, new products to interest regular customers and much more.

Placing an attractive outdoor banner near a business' front door will catch the attention of passers-by, and this tactic is especially effective during the spring and summer as more people spend time outdoors. To get the best returns on an investment in banners, savvy business owners follow a few specific tactics for design and outdoor placement when it comes to banners and flags on a brick-and-mortar exterior.

Local Outdoor Advertising with Banners

A main objective with banner advertising is to stand out among competing local businesses in the same niche, and this goal is even more important for small non-chain shops and restaurants. In both cases, owners need to convince potential customers why a given business is worth patronizing instead of others. According to studies of advertising methods, business owners have a very brief window of time to accomplish this - typically only a few seconds in cases of banner display. To catch people's attention quickly, vinyl banners with bright colors and catchy slogans are effective for a variety of small businesses.

Possibilities for Restaurant Promotion with Banners

If it's within their budgets, restaurant owners using banners to advertise menu specials can also enlist the help of a food photographer to take appetizing shots of the new dishes. Modern screen printing technology allows vivid renderings of these images on banners, and this advertising option will quickly bring a return on the initial banner investment. Adding social media tie-in promotions for a restaurant is another possibility for information to include on an outdoor banner.Potential customers who see a restaurant's social page web URL on a banner are likely to pull up this page on their mobile browsers, particularly if the ad copy includes an incentive for them to do so. For instance, a banner could advertise a limited-time offer such as "Like our Facebook page by the end of the month and receive a coupon code towards your next dining experience." More people than ever before are willing to engage with a restaurant or shop through social media in exchange for these types of sales specials.

Banners for Promoting Small Independent Stores

Independent stores face stiff competition with big-box retailers, and vinyl banners can make a big difference in grabbing customer attention and letting them take notice of how these shops differ. A retractable banner can be placed out on the sidewalk during warm weather, and the same type of banner can be placed on the sales floor to advertise specific products. In addition to serving as an eye-catching ad medium, a retractable banner takes little room to store when not in use. As long as a store owner keeps one of these banners clean and stored in a cool, dry place, it should last for quite a while.

Best Practices for Small Business Banner Design

The first goal a small business owner needs to keep in mind for banner design is catching the attention of passers-by who typically have several other things vying for their interest. Adding bright-colored and well-placed lettering makes a difference, though a recommended practice for business owners is to still tailor their banner designs to their target customers' demographics.

A common complaint among some people is that outdoor banners create visual clutter among natural urban or suburban landscapes. To avoid becoming known as a small business owner who contributes to this problem, advertising experts recommend that first-time banner purchasers first scout their local neighborhoods for spots to place banners. Areas that are noticeable but not visually obtrusive are the best spots for banners. With these practices, banners are effective ways of advertising restaurants and small stores to the local community without a big strain on owners' ad budgets.

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