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Top Marketing Strategies To Get The Most Out Of This Christmas Season

Posted on 30, April, 2020

Last Modified on 30, April, 2020

When Christmas is coming, every small business is getting ready to maximize their holiday sales. Improving your marketing strategy is the key, so you can get the most out of this Christmas season.

  • Redecoration:To capture the Christmas atmosphere you first need to redecorate your business. Use beautiful lights and Christmas colors such as green and red. Play Christmas melodies. Recreate a snowing atmosphere and ask some of your employees to wear Christmas costumes and to interact with clients. Decorate your space with Christmas toys. The thing is to make customers feel that they are in a magical and fantastic world.
  • Special offers:Christmas season is all about discounts so you should reduce prices and promote special offers. Have discounts vouchers, promotional days and special discount days (similar to Black Friday). Offer a gift to people who buy certain products. Keep it fresh and change the offer every day, the idea is to keep shoppers coming back.Also offer customers free gift wrapping. Include a service that helps them think about gifts ideas and guides them to the right part of the store where they can find the best promotions. Make their shopping experience easier.
  • Advertising:Display your promotions discounts and special offers everywhere: place a banner in your business storefront or the window, announce it in your website and all your social media channels. Also, hand out flyers with your promotions. You should also send Christmas cards to your best customers where you include a brief description of your special offers as well as a special discount code for VIP clients.
  • Charity:Christmas is about a generous spirit that also reaches out to the less fortunate. Choose a charitable institution and donate part of your Christmas� sales. Inform your visitors about it. This will definitely attract more people if they know that part of their purchases go to charity.
  • Surprises:Everybody loves little gifts that they don't expect to receive. So, have two or three types of small wrapped gifts under the counter ready to hand out after a purchase. Simple things such as a really cute soap, a bottle of wine or a beautiful candle are perfect. Include a written-card wishing them Merry Christmas and thanking them for their visit. This is a perfect strategy to make a very good impression on customers and keep them talking about your business.

Christmas is the most special season of the year and everybody loves it. So, make people feel special in your business. Help them enjoy the Christmas atmosphere. Every visitor will appreciate it and your sales volume will increase accordingly.

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