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Spread the Word with Banners for College Events

Posted on 30, April, 2020

Last Modified on 30, April, 2020

Few organizations host more numerous and diverse events than colleges and universities; even smaller schools have a range of them throughout each year. As students and faculty begin a new year each fall, they have numerous things competing for their attention and may not be aware of all the different events available for them. Particularly first-year students often want to get involved in their new higher education institution but are unsure where to find out quick information about events and activities. School administrators can help them along by placing banners in various well-trafficked spots on campus to let students know about everything that's going on throughout the college.

Advertising College Events

Residential college students spend a good deal of time walking or bike-riding around campus, whether they are going to classes or just exploring their new surroundings. Bright-colored banners with catchy slogans are excellent ways to grab their interest, especially when placed in common areas such as courtyards, outdoor dining areas and main center halls of large buildings. Some college outdoor events that can benefit from banner advertising include:

  • Sporting events
  • Fraternity and sorority recruiting
  • Community service opportunities
  • Special interest clubs
  • Student-run charities
  • Parent visiting days
  • Job fairs
  • Professional development classes
  • Career advice/job-searching workshops
  • Graduate school program recruiting

These represent just a small sampling of the diverse range of college events that will draw more student attention and attendance thanks to some well-placed outdoor banners. Retractable banners are economical in terms of storage space, and those made from durable vinyl have long shelf lives if kept clean and free from excess humidity.

Cost-Effectiveness of Banners

The average retractable banner is reasonably priced thanks to the reduction in fabrication costs from modern screen-printing technology. Banners are usually priced according to both size and the complexity of the desired design. Customers are typically quoted a base price for a banner that may go up in increments if more intricate colors, borders and graphics are submitted for a customized banner design. A high quality vinyl banner for an annual event normally represents a one-time purchase that will last for several years before school organizers need to buy a replacement.

College Banner Specialty Print Companies

Working with a banner screen-printing company that specializes in college event promotion is beneficial because these experts will be able to create custom banners that foster student enthusiasm. They will be able to make recommendation for slogans and lettering that fits with a particular college's culture and that catches students' interest. Using banners can also be a great way to build school spirit for major events such as sporting events.Promotional banners have no shortage of uses on college campuses, given the wide range of events and organizations for students. Well-designed banners with college colors and logos help to generate school spirit and create more cohesiveness, particularly at major college sporting events.

Outdoor banners can also inform students about all the academic and extracurricular activities available to them, whether those are internships, student clubs, job fairs or special guest lectures. Compared to some other forms of advertising, banners are quite economically practical for promoting college events. Well-placed outdoor banners and flags can also be instrumental in attracting future student interest in a given school.

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