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Reducing Stress and Saving Time: 6 Tips For Tradeshow Exhibitors

Posted on 30, April, 2020

Last Modified on 30, April, 2020

Exhibiting at trade shows usually takes a lot of time and efforts and it could be really exhausting for exhibitors. But a few pieces of advice can help you reduce the stress of these events. How can you save time at trade shows and create a successful display?

  1. Choosing the right events to exhibit. Don't waste efforts in events that are not returning the investment. Make a list of previous trade shows, track the sales you got from them and focus your attention on the most profitable events. Call some of your best customers to check if the trade shows you chose match with their preferences, so you can reduce the risk to put one foot wrong in your selection.
  2. Paying attention to advertisements: Make a research. Study your potential customers: gender, age, occupation, preferences, dislikes - everything! Create smart advertisements with creative hooks that really call their attention. Study your competitors and include in your advertisements what makes you different from them, this way you will attract targeted audience.
  3. Training staff. A competitive staff will help you reduce stress and time. Choose the right people to represent your company. Ensure they know what to do at all times. Track the leads they got from previous shows so you can select the best staff members for next events.
  4. Choosing an easy-to-use display. There are many portable displays: banner displays, acrylic displays, tabletop displays, pop-up exhibition stands etc. Ensure they are easy to assemble and disassemble so you can save time when arriving and leaving the show.
  5. Designing a trade show lead collection and follow-up plan: Create a sales lead for every visitor and record it. Qualify and record the lead onsite when things are still fresh to determine its quality (High, Medium and Low Interest). Have a good lead follow-up system based on phone calls, emails, direct mails and postcards to ensure your visitors will have the information they wanted and to ensure your sales staff gets the sales lead info they need to follow-up and close sales. You can also get a retrieval device to scan the attendees' badges so you won't need to write down information during the show.
  6. Booking early: Don't wait until the last minute to book. Also ensure you arrive at least three hours before the trade show starts. An hour before the opening, organize a meeting with your staff to ultimate details. Select an experienced employee to update other members that may arrive late to the trade show floor on the last details.

The key is very simple, plan ahead and make sure you are supported by a qualified staff and a great leads management system. Don't leave anything to chance. That's how experienced exhibitors can handle it.

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