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Reap The Benefits Of Pop-up Banners As A Winning Marketing Strategy

Posted on 30, April, 2020

Last Modified on 30, April, 2020

Pop-up fabric banners are lightweight and attractive additions to any trade show booth display or to your business location. These types of banners can be screen-printed with vibrant, high quality images and graphics to promote your company name to potential customers. Once you have selected the design elements for your banner, you will also need to order a stand to display it. Pop-up banner stands are manufactured to keep each fabric banner firmly in place without the banner wrinkling or rippling. These banner stands are collapsible so you can carry them back and forth without difficulty. Other advantages include design flexibility and a range of different stand sizes to fit with the rest of your display.

Easy Transport and Storage

Many pop-up stands fold up and extend in a similar manner to a camera tripod or lighting stand. They usually come with carrying cases for you to store them before and after each use. They are also lightweight, making exhibit display set-up a quick and simple task.

High Quality for Reasonable Costs

Pop-up banner stands are designed to hold up fabric panels without tipping or falling over. Some also come with end caps on the legs for added stability and to prevent marks or scratches on the floor. High quality stands come at reasonable prices according to your requested banner dimensions.The banners are available in a variety of dimensions and fabric weights depending on the type of digital printing and the graphics you select. Many fabric banners are available in shapes such as square, rectangular and even circular.One of the latest design trends is the inclusion of some LED lights positioned on the back of the fabric banner. The added illumination creates more visual impact when paired with a thicker, opaque banner.

Creative Banner Design

Adding a pop-up banner can help you achieve a more dynamic layout with your next display. One to three different fabric banners can showcase different services or products available from your business, giving your potential customers a more complete mental picture. This layout often has greater visual interest than many standard booth designs that include a display table with a single backdrop.Creative booth ideas with fabric banners include:** Featuring newly launched products rendered on a fabric banner** Including a fabric banner with printed details about promotional offers** Adding holders for brochures to a display stand** Changing out different fabric banners based on your target audience.This is a worthwhile investment for your trade show promotion efforts. Finished graphics and logos give booth visitors a professional impression and help you stand out among your competitors.

Advantages of Pop-up Banners

Easy assembly is a main selling point of these banner stands. Compared to some other types of display stands, they come with fewer small parts to put together and few if any tool requirements. Once you have it assembled, a good quality stand will not wobble or come loose while on display. These banner stands are also durable enough to support heavier weight fabric without it curling up at any of the edges. One pop-up banner stand will typically last for years as you purchase and add more fabric banners over time.

Banner stands bring more visual appeal to your trade show exhibit and serve as good mediums for your core marketing messages. Modern pop-up banners can be screen-printed with logos and graphics of your choice, presenting your business in an attractive and professional way.

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