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Point Of Sale Banners Will Upgrade Your Appearance

Posted on 30, April, 2020

Last Modified on 30, April, 2020

A point-of-sale banner, or display, is a special type of sales promotion equipment that is located next to a checkout in a shop or supermarket. The checkout is the point of sale, and these point-of-sale banners are often seen along the conveyor belt (in the case of supermarkets) or the counter (in smaller shops and independent boutiques) to encourage either an impulse buy or a larger purchase of a more everyday item. Point-of-sale banners can also inform customers that an offer is beginning and ending soon, so even if the shopper can't act on impulse there and then, he or she will make a mental note to grab the items on the next shopping trip.

These banners usually advertise new products, or special offers that have a limited duration. Classic examples include seasonal items, like sunscreen, insect repellent and sunglasses for the summer, or holiday season items like wrapping paper, three-for-two gift promotions and greeting cards.There are also point-of-sale banners that you'll see all year round. These banners are often used in cycles, drawing attention to items that shoppers need throughout the year. Examples of these goods include batteries, sweets, blank CDs and magazines.

Smaller shops tend to get these banners from the makers of the goods themselves; these companies tend to be large businesses, and so they can bulk-buy these point-of-sale banners and distribute them to their outlets. Larger outlets, like supermarkets, tend to commission their own point-of-sale banners so that they include the supermarket's own corporate branding as well as details of the items and the maker's branding.

Any shop with a small amount of free floor space (after all, if the space isn't holding something that's for sale, it's effectively dead space!) would benefit from using point-of-sale banners to advertise. There's often a lot of space around a counter or a checkout, as shelves full of stock would block the path of customers. However, a thin, lightweight banner that draws the eyes in, is worth its weight in gold.

Point-of-sale banners are usually anchored in a lightweight aluminum frame so that the promotional material can be swapped over according to season. Sometimes the banners are free-standing and made of vinyl, so that they can be moved around the store.

All point-of-sale banners, however, have to be visually striking and appealing, with clear branding and concise information. Customers need to know how long the offer is running for, and how much they can save from it.

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