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Planning A New Display? Avoid These Critical Mistakes

Posted on 30, April, 2020

Last Modified on 30, April, 2020

You've registered early for the trade show and have staked out a great place on the exhibition floor. Make sure that your visitors receive a showcase worth attending by avoiding these common mistakes that companies often make when planning a successful display:

  • Failing to train your staffNo matter how sharp your materials or how amazing your graphics, your display is only as good as the staff members who interact with customers at your booth. Your staff should be trained to not only be friendly and polite but also to listen carefully to customers and to match your products and services to their needs. Under no circumstances should staff congregate with friends, read magazines or use their mobile phones for personal reasons while manning your display.
  • Using materials of poor qualityFar too many companies arrive at trade shows with banners that have been tacked to foam boards or with displays that have dents, dings or rips. Make sure that you use only the best materials for your display. If you are transporting your tradeshow display to multiple locations, then take time to make any necessary repairs between shows so that your materials don't look battered.
  • Using graphics of poor qualityA poorly designed logo, an undersized photo or a picture with poor resolution and color can all cause customers to feel underwhelmed by your display. You want graphics that suggest professionalism, good judgment and strong organizational skills. You don't want graphics that will make your customers wonder whether or not you know what you're doing.
  • Failing to promote the eventPromote your display via email, text message, direct mail and social media. Take out a small advertisement in a trade journal or issue a press release about a new product or service that you will have on display. Include a coupon or other incentive for customers who visit your display.
  • Overwhelming customers with textBusinesses often create displays that have far too much text. Large amounts of text will make your display look visually cluttered and will cause customers to look away. Keep your text short and meaningful and try to deliver more information with images than with text.
  • Having no plan for following up with leadsMake sure that you have a plan before the event for how you will follow up with the leads that you acquire at the trade show. Conversations initiated with customers near your display should include next steps, quotes and plans for future meetings. Your customers should leave expecting to hear from you within a reasonable timeframe.

If you avoid these six mistakes, then you will produce a booth with true visual appeal. Your booth will be populated with visitors, and you will generate productive leads. Best of all, you will present the best possible image of your brand to the world so that you can both attract and retain loyal customers.

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