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Outstanding Advertising Ideas To Stand Out In Outdoor Events

Posted on 30, April, 2020

Last Modified on 30, April, 2020

There are many great displays to advertise your outdoor event in a way that passersby cannot ignore your presence. If you are taking part in an outdoor event you can have access to useful accessories that help you attract the attention of visitors and improve your performance. Here is a list of some of the most popular displays for your outdoor event.

Outdoor banners: Pole banners, outdoor roller banner stands, vinyl banners and tension banner stands are just a few examples of this effective display solution. Pole banners, for instance, are perfect to make a good use of the surrounding environment when advertising. Roller banner stands can be assembled in just a few seconds and printed double sized. Outdoor banners are generally made of strong and durable fabrics so they are resistant to the battering of sun, rain and wind. Exhibitors can find them in all kind of shapes and sizes, to fit any event and budget.

Feather flags: Feather flags are ideal to attract the attention of visitors since they are an in-motion advertisement. The human eye is programmed to notice the smallest movement and our brain immediately redirects the attention to it. So, this is the perfect tool to be noticeable. Always make sure to use attractive colors and just a few words that can be perfectly readable when they are waving in the wind.

Bow flags: They are also a great solution to help companies with branding, marketing and exposure during outdoor events. Since they don't flutter in the wind they are better for printing more text on them: short marketing message, the company's logo, the company's name etc. They are perfect to use at display tents or on table displays. Bow flags are offered in a variety of sizes and shapes. Some designs include a rotation system to grab the attention of bystanders easily.

Pavement displays: They include A-boards, pavement signs, swing signs, retractable banners, etc. All of them are perfect solutions to promote your company, to advertise your services and products and to display your brand. They are portable, lightweight and easy-to-store accessories. Pavement displays are really flexible advertising tools because they can provide permanent graphics or changeable graphics, depending on your needs. So, you can change the message on your display board from day to day if you need it.

Any of these displays are great for maximum exposure in high-traffic public areas. All of them are designed to transmit your marketing message successfully. All that you need to do is finding the best option for your outdoor event, so, make your choice and give your exhibition the chance to stand out.

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