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Is It A Good Idea To Give Away iPads at Trade Shows?

Posted on 30, April, 2020

Last Modified on 30, April, 2020

There's no doubt that announcing an iPad giveaway is a surefire method of grabbing large numbers of visitors' attention quickly. You can award an iPad as a raffle prize to exhibit visitors who place their business cards in a container, or you can offer a chance at winning to potential customers who agree to receive more information about your products and services.

The thing is, giving away an iPad at your trade show booth has both positive and negative aspects, and an important point is to determine your chances of getting a return on the initial investment for this expensive item. If you have a limited budget then this is very important to determine whether to invest in this promotional item or not.

Disadvantages of giving away an iPad

  • The most important aspect is that it presents an investment risk. iPads are quite expensive, and there is no guarantee that you will earn that investment back through future customer purchases. The size of this risk depends on several factors, like your average monthly sales figures and how much you aim to increase those numbers from new leads after the trade show.
  • It might increase the numbers of cold sales leads, as an iPad giveaway is likely to draw attendees who are only interested at the prize, not in your products or services. Requiring them to complete a task to be eligible may reduce this problem but not completely eliminate it. When following up with your new sales leads from an iPad giveaway, expect to get no responses from at least a certain percentage of them.
  • An iPad may not be the ideal choice for all types of booth visitors. While this prize may be very popular, it probably would not have the same lasting advertising effect as other giveaway items embossed with your business name and logo. People who see your name on items they use on a regular basis are more likely to remember your products and keep up with the latest news about your company.

Advantages of giving away an iPad

  • For starters, it increases booth traffic. The lure of a displayed iPad on an exhibit table is evident, both at retail stores and at industry trade shows. Particularly after a new iPad version hits the market, consumer interest in the device is quite high. Giving away a new iPad to one lucky winner at a trade show will generate a great deal of attention for your booth in a relatively short time.
  • More importantly, it often leads to better visitor engagement. Requiring participants to fill out a contact form or sign up for your company newsletter are good tactics for building possible sales leads. The chance at winning an iPad is a strong incentive for booth visitors to become possible sales leads and receive more information about your products and services at a later date.
  • An iPad giveaway can enhance your company's reputation since word spreads very quickly at trade shows about an exhibitor holding a drawing for an iPad. People will not only talk about the prize; they will also keep mentioning your business name and the types of services or products you offer. Holding this type of contest sends the message to potential customers that you are willing to invest some upfront capital in order to build rapport with new and existing customers.

All in all, giving away an iPad to one lucky visitor will help your booth stand out from your competitors, and ideally the recipient is a strong sales lead who is genuinely interested in making future purchases. To increase the likelihood of getting this good result from an iPad giveaway, take the time throughout the trade show to engage with as many visitors as possible and to build their interest in your products.

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