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How To Employ Banner Stands To Boost Your Branding

Posted on 30, April, 2020

Last Modified on 30, April, 2020

A very popular advertising option is to use banners, especially because they can be printed with a variety of designs and slogans. Both small and large businesses can use brightly colored banners to catch potential customers' attention, and modern digital printing can render sophisticated banner designs at affordable prices. An advertising banner is often made from durable material such as vinyl, and it will last for many years if kept clean and stored properly.

Along with banners, business owners need to purchase banner stands to display them properly. Various types of stands are manufactured to hold a banner securely in place and display it to the best advantage. Banner stands can be fabricated from aluminum, fiber glass or similar material that will hold up to wear and tear. Some stands are retractable for easy transport and storage as well. One of the first questions among buyers is which type of stand is best for their particular banner. The answer depends on the size and shape of the banner along with where the buyer plans to display it.

Different types of banner stands

Retractable banner stands are some of the most frequent choices among buyers. These stands include a mechanism for rolling up the banner for storage. A good retractable banner stand is constructed in an easy way to pull the banner out and secure it in place in a similar manner to a window shade.

Portable banner stands are additional choices, and these are convenient for business owners who have several banners they plan to switch out on a regular basis. Changing a banner on a portable stand is quick and easy, and this type of stand can also be adjusted to various heights. Many have telescopic legs that lock in place at different heights, using a mechanism similar to that of a tripod.

X-frame banner stands contain two intersecting diagonal poles that hold a banner in place. The end of each pole attaches to one of the banner's four corners, often with a hook or grommet. An X-frame stand is a favorite choice because it pulls each banner somewhat tight so that it cannot ripple due to wind or floor vibrations.

An L-frame banner stand is designed with similar functionality to an X-frame stand. The difference is that the top and bottom of the banner need to be hooked in place at only two points instead of four. These types of stands are excellent for business owners who frequently set up booths at trade shows.Some newer developments in banner stand design include smaller table-top stands and motorized rotating stands. A table-top stand often has an L-frame or an X-frame, and it is a good option for presenters who do not have enough floor space for a full-height banner. A rotating banner can be a fun way to catch customer interest, particularly at a busy event. One of these stands is powered by a small motor that can be either electric or battery-powered.

Common uses for banner stands

Many store owners like to use banners on their sales floor to advertise their latest specials. Some also display banners on the outside of their storefronts as the weather and local ordinances permit. Outside of business locations, trade shows are the most popular places for presenters to display banners. Some trade shows are confined to a specific industry while others may have a broader scope. In either case, savvy exhibitors put time and thought into their banner stand displays because a successful trade show can make a big difference in later profits.

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