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How Can Restaurants Benefit From Banner Stands

Posted on 30, April, 2020

Last Modified on 30, April, 2020

Restaurants and banners go together a lot more than you would've thought. If an eatery wants to promote a new dish, or to draw attention to a special offer, then a banner is a good and unobtrusive way to get the message across. It's not always possible for busy waiting staff to let diners know about deals, so banners let customers find out in their own time.

Restaurant banners can be placed outside the premises, or just inside. A slick retractable banner can draw attention to a new offer or special of the day, especially if an attractive photo is placed right in the middle of the poster, surrounded by the necessary information.

Restaurant banners that tell people to wait to be seated, as well as about house rules are also incredibly useful. These signs are permanent, and can be moved around. It's always better to use vinyl or plastic signs than paper for this purpose, as it looks classier and more expensive. A tattered paper sign telling you not to smoke just looks low-rent.

Larger banners are usually used outside, but are occasionally found inside as well. These types of banners are often hung up by ropes and eyelets, and if you have a particular mission statement, then a big, bold vinyl banner will get this message across very clearly. "We serve the best Mexican in town!" gets the main idea across, then you can get down to the finer details once you've got a captive audience.

Special announcements can be proclaimed with a banner, too. If your restaurant is moving to a new location, or if you're expanding, then a banner is the best way to let customers know. If they're reading it inside your eatery, they're already fans, and if they haven't been in before, the fact that you're growing means you make good food! It's worth spending the money on these banners, as they can attract a lot of new customers. This kind of banner should be bright, breezy and carefully located.

Whether large or small, you can use banners to announce your special menus. It's often best to use one large banner stand that has details of several dishes or combos, as long as you include high-quality images of these choices. Inside is the best place, if you have enough room, as people are already seated or queuing by then. Outside the restaurant is also good, as a colorful banner can attract a lot of attention and point people to the right place.

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