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Giveaways - The Secret Ingredient Of Any Trade Show Success

Posted on 30, April, 2020

Last Modified on 30, April, 2020

While many people underestimate the real importance of giveaways, successful and experienced companies make the most out of these promotional items. People love receiving gifts, that's a fact, so there is no smarter strategy than using these items to act as permanent reminders of your brand and company. Offering giveaways is not optional, it's necessary. So, all that you need to know is what kind of item to choose.

  1. Always set a budget before choosing one item or another. Some of these objects may be more expensive than what you expect, so set a budget first in order to save yourself from future troubles. However, be careful. It is not advisable to choose low-quality items just because they are affordable. Giveaways represent your company and a low quality item with your brand printed on it is not exactly a great reminder of your business.
  2. If you are interested in promoting a specific product you should offer free samples, promotional discounts, and coupons to your targeted audience. If you are more interested in building your brand you should choose useful items that people can use every day: calendars, coffee mugs, tote bags, day planners etc. These functional objects have two purposes: reducing the chance to be thrown away and acting as a permanent reminder of your brand.
  3. If the trade show will last several days you can also select different items to give away each day. This is perfect to add a fresh and different touch to your daily exhibitions.
  4. In fact, you should choose two different types of freebies for different types of visitors. Have pens and other cheap items to give away to passersby and save those expensive giveaways to bestow on those potential clients that may lead into future customers.
  5. In order to improve your results, always train your staff properly about when to offer gifts. Make sure they know the importance of recognizing a good prospect before giving them one item or another. They must be wise and perceptive in order to get the most out of your giveaways.
  6. Research and find the best promotional companies that offer high-quality giveaways at reasonable prices. Ask for high-volume discounts that can make it more affordable for you. Make sure to print your company logo as well as the right messages on every item.

Giveaways represent a small piece of you company and that small piece will act as a constant reminder of your business and brand. So, choosing the right items to give away is not a trivial decision. Small details can make the difference and they can be the secret ingredient of your success.

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