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Five Reasons To Use Retractable Banner Stands

Posted on 30, April, 2020

Last Modified on 30, April, 2020

Using a retractable banner stand will drive more foot traffic to your business and generate more interest at your next trade show. These banners create a professional impression and are great ways to project your marketing message at a busy event. People have a lot competing for their attention at a trade show, and a retractable banner will grab their interest about your products. Other reasons to use a retractable banner include ease of assembly, portability, bright graphic design and durability.

  1. Simple set-up. Putting a retractable banner stand together doesn't require multiple tools or hardware. The rolled-up banner itself attaches securely to the frame; it can then be pulled up and locked in place with simple spring-loaded hardware. Frames are made from lightweight but sturdy aluminum parts that disassemble easily for transport. Retractable banner kits also come in compact, sturdy tote bags that are convenient to store in between trade shows.
  2. Colorful, bright graphics. Whether you opt for a vinyl or fabric banner, you can have vivid, eye-catching designs rendered on them. These can include your business logo, marketing message and intricate background images to catch the interest of passers-by. A retractable banner can be screen-printed with bright, multiple colors that resist fading or other wear and tear. Placing one of these banners in a high-traffic trade show area is sure to draw more visitors to your exhibit.
  3. Indoor and Outdoor Use. A retractable banner is a cost-effective marketing tool because you can use it at both indoor trade shows and outdoor special events. Banner material can stand up to strong sunlight and rough weather such as wind or rain. Strategically placing a large, colorful retractable banner at your indoor exhibit will visually invite visitors to check out the rest of your trade show booth.
  4. With proper care and storage, a retractable banner stand and frame can last for years before you will need to order a replacement. When it's time to update your marketing message or add a sales special, designing and ordering an additional banner is a quick and simple process. Keeping the same retractable banner stand and switching out your banners will help to keep your advertising costs lower while creating visual interest.
  5. Flexibility. You're definitely not limited to setting up a retractable banner only at trade shows. Banners and their retractable stands come in several available sizes, so you can fit one on your store's sales floor, in the lobby of your office space or even on the sidewalk just outside the front door of your place of business. Placing a banner in your potential customers' sightlines will alert them to any promotions and specials you're currently offering, and this tactic works especially well during holiday sales at various times of the year.

At TRT banners, we will work with your business' budget to find you a high quality affordable banner. We offer several banner dimensions to fit in different spaces, and each of our banners' designs is rendered on a professional-grade, large format printer. Ordering additional banners for your retractable stand will save you on the cost of an entirely new banner kit.

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