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Elements of Successful Trade Show Messaging

Posted on 04, May, 2020

Last Modified on 04, May, 2020

Trade shows are all about trying to capture the attention of your audience. These high-traffic events include busy distractions like videos, magic shows, lights and signs in an effort for a company to draw a crowd to their 8', 10' or 20' booth space. With mere seconds or just one glance from an attendee to peak their interest, your trade show booth and messaging has to be intriguing, eye-catching and memorable. To create a successful marketing plan for your next expo, consider the following tips for effective booth messaging:

Know your market and personal branding: In order to present a cohesive company booth, you have to take into consideration your company's history, goals, competitors and current image. An effective marketing message relies on presenting a cohesive image and brand identity throughout your booth. Know what market you are looking to attract and make your brand image reflect that.

Establish measurable goals: Identifying exactly what you wish to get out of exhibiting at a trade show is the only way you will know if your convention experience was a beneficial one. Measurable objectives like receiving a certain amount of leads or contacts, selling a pre-determined amount of products at your booth or handing out a substantial number of samples enable you to focus your trade show marketing on the specific goal you wish to reach.

Point out what makes you stand apart from your competition: Standing out in a highly-populated convention center space can be tough and intimidating. However, stating and showing how your company is different than your competitors can help you make a lasting impression on visitors at your booth. What makes your company unique? What is something your business has or offers that is unlike anything your competitors do? Don't use broad, generalized language or cliches to describe your company. Be true to your business model and showcase why your company is naturally set apart from your competitors.

Target your audience's priorities: Is your target audience looking to hear technical knowledge about your products and services or rather what your company can do for them? What are your audience's priorities? Do they want to save money or time, be more effective or have a "greener" product? Identify what attendees would find most beneficial about your company's products, services or policies and then make your trade show message reflect that.

Work on personal connections with attendees: It's not just about the quantity of trade show leads you receive; it is about the quality as well! Instead of simply drawing a huge crowd to your booth, try connecting one-on-one with each individual who visits your exhibit space. Since it is oftentimes intimidating for attendees to pass by booths in which they feel they are simply being stared down by exhibitors, try incorporating a presentation like a product demonstration that attracts numerous people and then talk to each visitor after it is over.

Simplify your message: A common mistake when exhibiting at a convention is trying to say too much with your marketing displays and signage. Keeping your message simple with limited text and a few eye-catching graphics can draw visitors into your space where they can then inquire further about your company. Too much text or information is not visually appealing and can deter visitors from stopping by your booth.

Create stunning visuals: The visual presentation of your booth has much more to do with vibrantly printed signage and promotional materials. Instead of images of your products, show your product in use with product demonstrations within your booth. Instead of telling visitors about your company and the products and services you offer, simply show them for a more intriguing and compelling booth presentation!

Utilize technology and interactive devices: There is no denying that technology plays a vital role in today's trade show messaging. Utilize interactive tools like iPads, videos and touch-screen devices within your booth. This allows customers to interact with your company and peruse your business' website or watch customer testimonials and product tutorials.

Coordinate all marketing platforms outside of your booth: Make sure that you are building your professional brand by coordinating all of your marketing efforts together - from your trade show booth and signage to promotional flyers and website. Using a complementary color scheme or design throughout all of your promotional tools creates a cohesive image of your company and helps reinforce brand recognition.

Contact a trade show expert: To ensure your trade show messaging is on-point for your next expo, contact the experts at TRT Banners for design ideas, printed displays and booth accessories!

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