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Differentiate Your Trade Show With Unique Promotional Products

Posted on 30, April, 2020

Last Modified on 30, April, 2020

Setting up a trade show exhibit for your business can be a considerable investment, but participating in one of these events can give you a possibly great return on that investment. Along with your backdrops, table throws and banners, adding free promotional items is an excellent means of getting your company name to stick in potential new customer' minds.

Due to the low wholesale bulk prices of promotional trade show items, it can be tempting to buy basic ones in bulk and focus on quantity over quality. Sticking to lower quality, low-priced items such as key chains or pens can be a mistake because a large percentage of takers are likely to throw them away or at least toss them in a drawer and forget about them. Spending a little more on your promotional gifts will avoid you this problem, and it can bring you noticeably higher sales lead numbers.

Benefits of Unique, Quality Promotional Items

Some ideas for better quality promotional items include cell phone cases, flash drives or protective computer tablet covers. Many of your customers are likely to be busy professionals who use technology on a frequent basis, so they are also quite likely to use these tech accessories for added convenience. Having your company name, logo and contact information printed or embossed on each of these items is also fairly quick and easy from a promotional item vendor. The cost per item is somewhat higher, but you can potentially make up the difference several times over in terms of future sales numbers.

The main benefit of offering useful, high quality promotional items is that it gives your booth visitors a positive impression of your company. They come away thinking that you're genuinely focused on meeting their needs or wants, solving one of their problems or making their day-to-day lives just a little easier with your products or services.

Unique Giveaways That Visitors Will Remember

In addition to giving away free promotional gifts, holding a raffle or similar drawing for a higher-ticket item is a proven way to attract large booth visitor numbers. Staging a drawing for a popular DVD or book related to your industry is one effective idea, particularly for a current bestseller. Other possible drawing or contest prizes include computer tablets or digital music players.

A drawing for a bigger-ticket promotional item can be tied to creating a list of new sales prospects. Booth visitors can receive an entry in exchange for leaving their contact information so that you can speak with them later about how your products or services can help them. This method is also a great way to build a larger list of email newsletter subscribers or social media contacts for your business.

Building Your Brand Awareness

Putting this kind of thought and planning into your trade show promotional items will help your company stand out as a brand name in your customers' minds. Branding is a marketing tactic that carries more credibility for you as an established business, and it's based on the impression you don't take your customers' continued loyalty for granted.

Investing a little more in quality, unique promotional gifts at your next trade show is a subtle but effective way to help strengthen that impression. Giving out items that will be used over and over long after the trade show will keep your brand name in your customers' day-to-day physical space. This method will therefore keep it in the backs of their minds as well for the next time they need products or services in your business niche.

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