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Banners Will Liven Up Church Advertising

Posted on 30, April, 2020

Last Modified on 30, April, 2020

Church events hold a great deal of possibility for banner use, and these forms of advertising can be effective for spreading the word about fundraisers, festivals, talent shows, guest sermons, youth activities, craft fairs and holiday celebrations. They can also be eye-catching means of attracting new members who may have just relocated to the local area. Banners can be screen-printed with custom colors and designs for all types of events, and opting for a set of retractable banner stands allows them to be stored easily when not in use. Vinyl retractable banners are suitable for both indoor and outdoor church events, and they can last for quite a while if maintained properly.

Using Retractable Banners for Church Events

Banners have numerous possible places at church events at all times of the year. They can be used to notify congregation members of milestone events, such as First Communion, Confirmation and Baptism. Placing a colorful indoor banner in the church front entryway can direct attendees to the correct room for these special events. Banners are also excellent for advertising general congregation celebrations, and you can order eye-catching banner designs for all kinds of church denominations and associated holidays, including:

  • Ash Wednesday
  • Good Friday
  • Lent
  • Advent
  • Easter
  • Pentecost
  • Palm Sunday

Banners can get the word out about church youth events as well, such as dances, community service opportunities, Sunday school and summer camp retreats. Designing banners with fun fonts and bright colors is a great way to catch the youngest congregation members' attention.

Custom Church Event Banner Design

Congregation members in charge of church banners have a couple of different options when selecting and ordering custom designs.They can upload a digital file - usually from graphic design software - of a finished church banner design. They can also use built-in graphic design tools; these allow easy selection of backgrounds, colors, lettering, clip art and anything else church members want to have included on the new banner. This latter option is especially convenient for busy congregation members without a great deal of extra time to use separate graphic design programs.

Effective Placement of Church Event Banners

Banners placed near the main church auditorium entry will immediately notify members of current and upcoming events. Placing retractable vinyl banners outside a church building is also an effective way to catch potential new congregants' attention. People of the same faith who have just moved to a new town or city are often looking for a new place of worship but may feel shy about approaching a whole new congregation sight unseen. An outdoor banner with messages such as "Join Us," "All Are Welcome," or "Come Worship With Us" can make all the difference. Adding some colorful outdoor flags to a church exterior will have even more of the same effect.

Banners can brighten up a church building and let passers-by know that the congregation within takes an active part in the local community. Advertising special events invites all active and not-as-active members to take part in the congregation throughout different times of the year. Retractable banners and outdoor flags are reasonably-priced advertising methods for meeting these objectives. Church banners can come in nylon, vinyl or similar sturdy fabrics that stand up well to nature elements when placed outdoors. Ordering a set of worship banners with coordinating holiday colors will help to brighten up each of these church events; common examples include reds and greens for Christmas or purple for Lent.

Banners for churches are worthwhile investments that will help to promote a congregation's events to the surrounding community and possibly attract higher numbers of worshipers.

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