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Advantages of Large Adjustable Banner Display

Posted on 30, April, 2020

Last Modified on 30, April, 2020

For your next big trade show or other promotional event, a large adjustable banner is well worth considering for your arsenal of marketing tools. Setting up an exhibit for your company is an exciting undertaking, but it can also be challenging in a few specific ways. You're usually competing with plenty of other business owners in the same or a similar industry. A large adjustable banner display will jump out visually from other, smaller banners. It will also add more visual interest and color to the rest of your trade show booth.Adjustable banners fit various spaces.

One of these banner kits includes frame hardware that adjusts in both height and width, which can be ideal for a trade show where you have limited space for your exhibit. Adjusting the width can allow you to display your banner within the allowed square footage and still catch visitor's attention. When taking your business' exhibit to outdoor events with more leeway in terms of set-up space, you can then pull out the telescopic frame and make your large vinyl banner stand out even more.Adjusting the height of your banner allows you to display it along with tables, backdrops and any other elements you want to include in your exhibit. If you don't wish to use your large banner as a backdrop itself, you can lower its height so it doesn't block your exhibit's additional wall backdrops. The same idea applies if you want to lower your banner and place it in front of your display tables.

Larger banners draw more interest. On average, more people will pay more attention to large, bright banners than they will to smaller ones. A taller, wider banner will have an impact because it will visually jump out among a lot of other trade show exhibits. Adding vivid images, graphics and colors to an extra large banner will make a difference in the foot traffic at your next marketing event. Modern print technology includes the use of fade-resistant inks for the banner design, and these finished large banners are also printed to look especially appealing under the artificial lighting used at most indoor trade shows.These banners are easy to assemble. Most adjustable banner frames have tripod hardware with locking mechanisms, making them very quick and simple to raise and lower. Putting the frame itself together also takes only a few minutes of locking the different parts together and inserting the poles into the banner sleeves. Other convenient features include stabilizing support feet, telescopic support bars and durable canvas tote bags to store banner kits when not in use.

When disassembling and storing an adjustable banner, we recommend carefully rolling the banner evenly to prevent unwanted creasing at any of the edges. Adjustable banners are convenient for travel. Even though they're fabricated with sturdy hardware, large adjustable banner displays are still lightweight and easy to transport even through crowded convention halls. Each banner kit's frame and support bars are fabricated from high quality aluminum that resists denting, scratches or other types of wear and tear. If you're planning on adding several trade shows to your company's yearly schedule, taking a large adjustable banner for your display is worth the initial investment. Your banner display will stand out in a busy exhibit hall, and it will not place extra trouble on your booth staff to transport it from one place to the next.

We at TRT Banners put top quality work into every large adjustable banner we create for our customers. For detailed spec sheets and to get started with your order, visit our adjustable banner displays web page.

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